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1998 IAAF Golden League - Moscow Final


05/09/1998 Moscow


Luznicki Stadium    

Jones is the richest in the realm

Published in the September 6, 1998 edition
FROM OUR REPORTER MOSCOW - The drama of Bryan Bronson, who died like a candle while chasing a millionaire mirage, made Marion Jones richer, first in terms of box office because he won the 100 and the jump in addition to the Golden League and the Grand Prix by and large, totaling 1,088 million (the change depends on the fluctuations of the dollar), Hicham El Guerrouj (1,007 million), and Haile Gebrselassie (830 million). Athletics had never circulated so much money in a single day, a total of almost 10 billion. And the great thing is that there are still some managers who turn up their noses. Even bad weather offered respite. The air was cold, but bearable. Moscow did not respond to the invitation for this final, but it was the feast day of the metropolis and at 20 in the evening the Ukraine - Russia football was scheduledthe first real big derby, so the public preferred a walk in the center and then dinner with the match live. Better to save a few ruble in these difficult days. Bryan Bronson, the first to enter the race, probably thought of moving into a nightmare he had already experienced, when on his right, after landing first on the last obstacle of 400 hs, he saw the silhouette of Diagana passing in front of him . Last year the Frenchman chastised him at the Athens World Cup and this time he lost a fortune. Yes, because Bryan lost almost 600 million in the last 5 seconds of the race ... His disappointment was so devastating that he didn't even fight to defend second place, which would have allowed him at least to take home 30,000 dollars, that isabout 52 million from 400 hs. Instead he finished sixth ($ 7,000) and consoled himself with 3rd place ($ 50,000) in the overall Grand Prix ranking ... Bronson returned to Europe after the August break of the Golden League with little beer in body and his narrow success on Tuesday in Berlin, 1 / 100th of a second on Diagana, had been the alarm bell. In this final he made the wrong tactic, or rather he thought he still had enough energy to go below 48 ", so he started much faster than Diagana, who was in the furthest lane. The Frenchman did instead. the opposite choice and skewered him with a final time of 48 "30, the result of ordinary administration. The Russian Mashchenko, who spent precious resources in a thousand races,in front of his audience he moved like an extra, fifth at the end right in front of Bronson in shock. Hicham El Guerrouj was flown out of the fray of the group of men who animated the 1,500 by Kenyan Kibet. Once before the race he had no more history. The young Moroccan administered the benefit as an accountant. His opponents were really in the fruit, they left already resigned. Haile Gebrselassie had never found himself running in the middle of a group all season. He was forced to push to prevent the nails from the shoes of those in front of him from tearing his shins. He left the task of leading to Kipkosgei, the most dangerous opponent and waited for the last lap to launch the attack. Haile iscapable of unleashing a sudden and burning acceleration. Nobody was able to hint at an answer and for him the catwalk became triumphal. He ran the last straight with his eyes fixed on the big screen to check the position of the others. At the end with the usual broad smile he thought that maybe finally this year he will also be the Athlete of the year, because with three world championships, two outdoors and one indoors, who can claim to be better he? Marion Jones is truly exceptional in monotony. It looks like a robot programmed to run at a speed defined in the laboratory. No matter what the environmental conditions may be, she travels safely. At first he gathers the air, then when he raises his head and focuses thearrival leaves the company and goes. Also this time 10 "82. Monstrous. She caused wrinkles to appear on all other faces. You saw after the arrival, no one kissed her. But she only cares about the love of her big man CJHunter, who doesn't throw the weight far away, but it fascinated her. This is the sweetest mystery of the athletic circus. Marion, before the last royal sprint, made it clear once again that in the long run she is the present and the future, while Drechsler and May seem destined to be his bridesmaids. Marion felt a certain pleasure in plunging the knife into Fiona and Heike's pride. She smiled, moved with absolute ease on the platform. She slipped two nulls, very long for the truth, then a mediocre 6.46, but she didn't care at all,in fact on the fourth attempt it flew to 7.13, followed by 7.08. Her opponents were stuck at 6.99, Drechsler and 6.89, May. Jones still hasn't managed to fine-tune the landing, but the rest is well calibrated. In the run-up, its center of gravity seems to slide on a track. The strides are precise, powerful and loads pretty well at the deadlift. It has a nice mass to project upwards, but its engine is capable of projecting it very far. The May, on the other hand, seems to disperse energy with an accentuated running aerial phase. He will have to find a solution because in these conditions he will probably remain constant between 6.80 and 7 meters, but he could find it difficult to reach 7.20, a measure from which we must start to hope to beat Jones.Gianni Merlo ------------------------------------------------ ----------------- THE RESULTS The May only third in the long MOSCOW - These are the results of the final held yesterday in Moscow of the Iaaf Grand Prix. The order of arrival is equivalent to the final ranking of specialties which assigns a prize of 50,000 dollars (86 million lire) to the first classified, 30,000 (51,600,000) to the second, 20,000 (34,400,000) to the third, 10,000 ( 17,200,000) to the fourth, 8,000 (13,760,000) to the fifth, 7,000 (12,040,000) to the sixth, 6,000 (10,320,000) to the seventh and $ 5,000 (8,600,000) to the eighth


IAAF Grand Prix Final - Moscow, 5-Sep-98
100 METRES MEN Wind: +0.1
1 FREDERICKS Frank NAM 10.11
2 THOMPSON Obadele BAR 10.11
3 HARDEN Tim USA 10.12
4 OGUNKOYA Seun NGR 10.15
5 OBIKWELU Francis NGR 10.15
6 LEWIS Brian USA 10.16
7 SURIN Bruny CAN 10.20
8 HENDERSON Vincent USA 10.30
2 YOUNG Jerome USA 44.96
3 THOMAS Iwan GBR 44.96
4 WASHINGTON Tyree USA 45.47
5 PETTIGREW Antonio USA 45.48
6 HARRISON Alvin USA 45.57
7 MARTIN Roxbert JAM 45.67
8 MCDONALD Michael JAM 45.82
1 EL GUERROUJ Hicham MAR 3:32.03
2 ROTICH Laban KEN 3:33.04
3 TANUI William KEN 3:33.30
4 KIBOWEN John KEN 3:33.64
5 NGENY Noah KEN 3:33.81
6 KOMEN Daniel KEN 3:33.86
7 DIAZ Andres ESP 3:34.02
8 MAAZOUZI Driss FRA 3:34.59
9 MAYOCK John GBR 3:34.60
10 SHABUNIN Vyacheslav RUS 3:39.36
1 GEBRSELASSIE Haile ETH 7:50.00
2 KIPKOSGEI Luke KEN 7:50.87
3 GITAHI Julius KEN 7:51.49
4 MEZEGEBU Assefa ETH 7:51.62
5 KOECH Paul KEN 7:51.95
6 LAHLAFI Brahim MAR 7:52.44
7 KENNEDY Bob USA 7:52.89
8 NYARIKI Thomas KEN 7:53.36
9 ESSAID Mustapha FRA 7:54.22
1 DIAGANA Stephane FRA 48.30
2 MORGAN Dinsdale JAM 48.60
3 MATETE Samuel ZAM 48.73
4 THOMAS Eric USA 48.84
5 MASHCHENKO Ruslan RUS 48.93
6 BRONSON Bryan USA 48.94
7 WOODY Joey USA 49.58
8 ROBINSON Rohan AUS 49.72
1 SOTOMAYOR Javier CUB 2.31
2 STRAND Staffan SWE 2.28
3 AUSTIN Charles USA 2.28
4 KLYUGIN Sergey RUS 2.28
5 BUSS Martin GER 2.25
6 HOLM Stefan SWE 2.25
7 HOEN Steinar NOR 2.20
7 BROWN Brian USA 2.20
1 TARASOV Maksim RUS 5.95
2 GALFIONE Jean FRA 5.90
3 ECKER Danny GER 5.80
4 MARKOV Dmitriy BLR 5.80
5 BOTHA Riaan RSA 5.60
6 MANSON Pat USA 5.60
7 HARTWIG Jeff USA 5.60
1 FRIEDEK Charles GER 17.33
2 KAPUSTIN Denis RUS 17.01
3 GLOVATSKIY Aleksandr BLR 16.98
4 QUESADA Yoelbi CUB 16.57
5 CARTER LaMark USA 16.57
6 OWUSU Andrew GHA 16.49
7 ROMAIN Jerome DMN 16.33
8 CZINGLER Zsolt HUN 16.15
1 GODINA John USA 21.21
2 BELONOG Yuriy UKR 20.62
3 BUDER Oliver-Sven GER 20.53
4 HUNTER C.J. USA 20.34
5 BAGACH Aleksandr UKR 20.21
6 TOTH Kevin USA 19.90
7 VIRASTYUK Roman UKR 19.61
8 LAMBRECHTS Burger RSA 19.58
1 GECSEK Tibor HUN 81.21
2 KISS Balazs HUN 79.71
3 ABDUVALIEV Andrey UZB 78.30
5 KONOVALOV Ilya RUS 77.59
6 SKVARUK Andrey UKR 77.35
7 WEIS Heinz GER 77.03
8 SIDORENKO Vasiliy RUS 68.94
100 METRES WOMEN Wind: +0.4
1 JONES Marion USA 10.83
2 FYNES Sevatheda BAH 11.10
3 MILLER Inger USA 11.15
4 PINTUSEVICH Zhanna UKR 11.15
5 STURRUP Chandra BAH 11.19
6 GAINES Chryste USA 11.23
7 PRIVALOVA Irina RUS 11.27
8 MCDONALD Beverly JAM 11.34
1 OGUNKOYA Falilat NGR 49.73
2 OPARA Charity NGR 50.09
3 RICHARDS Sandie JAM 50.44
4 BREUER Grit GER 50.60
5 FUCHSOVA Helena CZE 51.02
6 TIRLEA Ionela ROM 51.04
7 GRAHAM Lorraine JAM 51.09
8 DAVIS Pauline BAH 53.83
1 MASTERKOVA Svetlana RUS 4:03.79
2 DULECHA Kutre ETH 4:04.72
3 SACRAMENTO Carla POR 4:05.82
4 SZABO Gabriela ROM 4:05.82
5 MARANGA Jackline KEN 4:06.53
6 MUGO Naomi KEN 4:09.20
7 WEYERMANN Anita SUI 4:11.48
8 BECLEA SZEKELY Violeta ROM 4:13.08
1 WAMI Gete ETH 8:40.11
2 OUAZIZ Zohra MAR 8:40.45
3 PANTYUKHOVA Maria RUS 8:47.77
4 VAQUERO Julia ESP 8:53.70
5 O'SULLIVAN Sonia IRL 9:03.22
6 KOMYAGINA Olga RUS 9:03.46
7 ZHELEZNYAK Oksana RUS 9:07.41
8 LLADO Joalsiae FRA 9:13.52
1 FREEMAN Michelle JAM 12.56
2 MORRISON Melissa USA 12.63
3 ALOZIE Glory NGR 12.72
4 RUSSELL Gillian JAM 12.82
5 ROSE Dionne JAM 12.84
6 BUKOVEC Brigita SLO 12.89
7 ANDERSON Katie CAN 13.03
8 VAUGHN Angie USA 13.10
1 JONES Marion USA 7.13
2 DRECHSLER Heike GER 6.99
3 MAY Fiona ITA 6.89
5 MONTALVO Niurka CUB 6.70
6 WILLIAMS Shana USA 6.70
7 GALKINA Lyudmila RUS 6.58
8 BURRELL Dawn USA 6.53
9 TIEDTKE Susen GER 6.51
1 SADOVA Natalya RUS 68.50
2 DIETZSCH Franka GER 65.24
3 GRASU Nicoleta ROM 65.10
4 FAUMUINA Beatrice NZL 63.44
5 YATCHENKO Irina BLR 63.30
6 KELESIDOU Anastasia GRE 62.14
7 VIZANIARI Lisa-Marie AUS 59.36
1 DAMASKE Tanja GER 68.40
2 SHIKOLENKO Tatyana RUS 67.84
3 HATTESTAD Trine NOR 67.26
4 MAKAROVA Oksana RUS 64.48
5 MENENDEZ Osleidis CUB 63.78
6 INGBERG Mikaela FIN 63.34
7 TILEA Felicia ROM 62.52
8 NERIUS Steffi GER 61.78
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