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1995 World Championships in Athletics Gothenburg, Sweden

1995 5th IAAF World Championships - Gothenburg - Women's 4 x 100m



Host City: Gothenburg, Sweden Format: First round (First 3 & 2 fastest to final) (Aug 12)
Dates: 5–13 August 1995
Nations participating: 191
Athletes participating: 1804
    Main venue: Ullevi Stadium
This event was given an extra edge after Torrence’s 200m disqualification, from which Ottey was the main beneficiary. The two would each run the anchor leg. It was Germany who got the best start. The USA and Jamaica had excellent third legs and both Ottey and Torrence received their batons simultaneously. The USA had the sharper exchange, giving Torrence an advantage which she held despite a determined effort by Ottey. The Jamaican’s silver was a record 13th World Championship medal. “We are a great team despite the fact that we couldn’t practise very much,” said Torrence
 These are the results of the women's 4 × 100 metres relay event at the 1995 World Championships in Athletics in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  4 x 100m 13 August
1 Celena Mondie-Milner, Carlette Guidry, Chryste Gaines, Gwen Torrence USA 42.12
2 Mixed nationalities: Dahlia Duhaney, Juliet Cuthbert, Beverly McDonald, Merlene Ottey SLO JAM 42.25
3 Melanie Paschke, Silke Lichtenhagen, Silke Knoll, Gabriele Becker GER 43.01
4 Eldece Clarke-Lewis, Debbie Ferguson McKenzie, Savatheda Fynes, Pauline Davis-Thompson BAH 43.14
5 Odile Singa, Frédérique Bangué, Patricia Girard, Delphine Combe FRA 43.35
6 Jutta Kemilä, Sanna Kyllönen, Heidi Suomi, Heli Koivula-Kruger FIN 44.46
7 Elia Mera, Felipa Palácios, Patricia Rodríguez, Mirtha Brock COL 44.61
  Semifinals 12 August
  Heat 1
1 Celena Mondie-Milner, Carlette Guidry-White, Chryste Gaines, D'Andre Hill USA 42.44
2 Odile Singa, Frederique Bangue, Patricia Girard, Delphine Combe FRA 42.56
3 Eldece Clarke-Lewis, Debbie Ferguson, Sevatheda Fynes, Pauline Davis-Thompson BAH 42.74
4 Jutta Kemila , Sanna Hernesniemi-Kyllonen , Heidi Suomi , Heli Koivula FIN 43.71
5 Hsu Pei-Chin, Liu Shu-Hua, Chen Shu-Chen, Wang Huei-Chen TPE 45.18
Idalia Hechavarria, Aliuska Lopez, Virgen Benavides, Liliana Allen CUB DQ
Myriam Mani, Georgette Nkoma, Agnes Egbe Ndeh, Sylvie Mballa Eloundou CMR DQ
  Heat 2
1 Michelle Freeman, Dahlia Duhaney, Beverly McDonald, Merlene Ottey JAM 42.36
2 Natalya Pomoshchnikova-Voronova, Galina Malchugina, Marina Trandenkova, Yekaterina Leshchova RUS 42.49
3 Melanie Paschke, Silke Lichtenhagen, Silke-Beate Knoll, Gabriele Becker GER 42.83
4 Elia Manuela Mera, Felipa Palacios, Patricia Rodriguez, Mirtha Brock COL 43.42
5 Marcia Richardson, Catherine Murphy, Simmone Jacobs, Paula Dunn-Thomas GBR 43.90
  Carla Tuzzi, Rossella Farina, Laura Ardissone, Manuela Levorato ITA DNF

Heat 1 12 AUG 1995 19:40 

2 Bahamas BAH BAH 44.76 45.00
3 Finland FIN FIN 43.37  
4 Chinese Taipei TPE TPE 44.58  
5 Cuba CUB CUB 42.89  
6 United States USA USA 41.49  
7 Cameroon CMR CMR 44.97  
8 France FRA FRA 42.67  

Heat 2 12 AUG 1995 19:49 

2 Russia RUS RUS 41.49  
3 Jamaica JAM JAM 41.94  
4 Germany GER GER 41.91  
5 Colombia COL COL    
6 Italy ITA ITA 43.67  
7 Great Britain & N.I. GBR GBR 42.43




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