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1997 World Championships in Athletics Athens, Greece

1997 6th IAAF World Championships - Athens - Women's 4 x 400m



Host City: Athens, Greece Format: First round (First 3 & 2 fastest to final) (Aug 9)
Dates: August 1–10, 1997
Nations participating: 198
Athletes participating: 1882
    Main venue: Olympic Stadium
Overview by IAAF   oaka7 
Races don’t come much more exciting than this one as four teams were still in contention at the last change-over. As the runners entered the final straight it was Alekseyeva of Russia leading from Richards of Jamaica, Miles-Clark of USA and Breuer of Germany. Based on form in the individual 400m it looked as though Richards (2nd) and MilesClark (3rd) would fight it out, as indeed they did, but for silver. It was Breuer, only fourth in the 400m but always a notch better in relays, who dug deepest. She powered past a struggling Alekseyeva on the inside and stole a march on the other two to complete her leg in 48.69. Having been suspended at the time of the last two editions, these were her first World Championships since, as a junior, she finished second in the 400m in 1991. Miles-Clark ran her anchor in 49.19 and Richards 49.45.
 These are the results of the Women's 4 x 400 metres relay event at the 1997 World Championships in Athletics in Athens, Greece.
  4 x 400m 10 August

Event Report Women 4x400m relay

Germany won an exciting fourway battle for gold in the women’s 4x400m relay thanks to a stirring last leg by Grit Breuer who came from fourth place to push USA and Jamaica into silver and bronze positions. Germany recorded 3:20.92, the fastest time of the year. USA, Russia and Germany all went off hard and were almost exactly together at the first change with Jamaica about a second behind. Russia’s Olga Kotlyarova was the first to break from her lane on the second leg and opened up a slight lead, running 49.8. Jamaica were brought back into contention by a 50.0 second leg by Lorraine Graham, although they were still fourth behind Germany and the USA. Kim Batten ran 50.4 on the third leg but Russia’s Yekaterina Kulikova, running 50.5, held her off and handed over in the lead. A 49.5 leg by Deon Hemmings brought Jamaica close onto USA’s heels. Germany were just adrift in fourth at the final change but Grit Breuer rapidly closed the gap and all four teams came into the home straight together. It looked as if Jearl Miles-Clark would take the gold as Russia’s Tatyana Alekseyeva faded. Jamaica’s Sandie Richards was also passing the Russian when Breuer stole through on the inside with a tremendous finishing burst. Her split time of 48.7 was the fastest of the race. Miles-Clark’s 49.2 was the second quickest split and Richards’ 49.4 the third.
1 Anke Feller 51.7, Uta Rohländer-Fromm 50.2, Anja Rücker 50.38, Grit Breuer 48.69 GER 3.20.92
2 Maicel Malone-Wallace 51.2, Kim Graham 50.2, Kim Batten 50.51, Jearl Miles-Clark 49.19 USA 3.21.03
3 Inez Turner 52.4, Lorraine Fenton 49.9, Deon Hemmings 49.58, Sandie Richards 49.45 JAM 3.21.30
4 Tatyana Chebykina 51.2, Olga Kotlyarova 49.8, Yekaterina Kulikova 50.43, Tatyana Alekseyeva 50.17 RUS 3.21.57
5 Nadezda Kostovalová 52.0, Ludmila Formanová 51.7, Hana Benešová 50.21, Helena Fuchsová 49.83 CZE 3.23.73
6 Allison Curbishley 51.5, Michelle Pierre 51.6, Michelle Thomas 52.27, Donna Fraser 50.95 GBR 3.26.27
7 Bisi Afolabi 51.30, Fatima Yusuf-Olukoju 54.20, Doris Jacob 52.74, Falilat Ogunkoya 51.80 NGR 3.30.04
8 Patrizia Spuri 52.4, Francesca Carbone 52.1, Carla Barbarino 54.16, Virna De Angeli 51.96 ITA 3.30.63

Event Report women 4x400 semi finals

Germany posted the fastest time of the 4x400m semi-finals, 3:24.70, thanks partly to a last leg effort by Grit Breuer timed at 50.4. Running in the first heat they pulled the Czech Republic to a national record of 3:25.11 in second place. Great Britain took the third automatic qualifying spot from the first heat in 3:25.78, defeating Nigeria, whose team included Falilat Ogunkoya, the individual 400m bronze medallist in Atlanta. Nigeria still qualified taking one of the two fastest time places. In the second heat, three teams likely to challenge for medals - USA, Jamaica and Russia - came home in that order as the three automatic qualifiers. It was a slower race than the first, with USA winning in 3:25.37. Italy, in fourth position, ran 3:30.34 and also qualified.
  Semifinals 9 August
  Heat 1
1 Anke Feller, Uta Rohlander, Anja Rucker, Grit Breuer GER 3.24.70
2 Naděžda Koštovalová, Hana Benešová, Ludmila Formanová, Helena Dziurova-Fuchsová CZE 3.25.11
3 Allison Curbishley, Michelle Pierre, Michelle Thomas, Donna Fraser GBR 3.25.78
4 Doris Jacob, Olabisi Afolabi, Saidat Onanuga, Falilat Ogunkoya NGR 3.27.94
5 Annamária Bori, Barbara Petráhn, Alice Kun, Judit Szekeres HUN 3.35.56
  Heat 2
1 Michele Collins, Kim Graham, Natasha Kaiser-Brown, Maicel Malone-Wallace USA 3.25.37
2 Nadia Graham-Hutchinson, Lorraine Graham, Inez Turner, Sandie Richards JAM 3.25.53
3 Tatyana Chebykina, Yuliya Tarasenko, Yekaterina Kulikova, Olga Kotlyarova RUS 3.25.83
4 Danielle Perpoli, Patrizia Spuri, Francesca Carbone, Virna De Angeli ITA 3.30.34
5 Chrysoula Goudenoudi, Maria Pachatouridou, Christina Panagou, Marina Vasarmidou GRE 3.37.14

Heat 1 09 AUG 1997 20:10 

2 Great Britain & N.I. GBR GBR 3:22.01 3:32.25i
3 Hungary HUN HUN 3:27.86 3:34.90
4 Czech Republic CZE CZE 3:26.27 3:28.47i
5 Germany GER GER 3:21.14 3:28.39i
6 Nigeria NGR NGR 3:21.04  

Heat 2 09 AUG 1997 20:19 

2 Italy ITA ITA 3:28.24 3:28.24
3 Jamaica JAM JAM 3:23.13  
4 United States USA USA 3:15.51 3:27.66i
5 Greece GRE GRE 3:39.74  
6 Russia RUS RUS 3:18.38 3:26.84i




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