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2001 World Championships in Athletics Edmonton, Canada

2001 8th IAAF World Championships - Edmonton - Women's Triple Jump



Host City: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Format: Qualifying round (14.05 or top 12 to final) (Aug 8)
Dates: August 3–12, 2001
Nations participating: 189
Athletes participating: 1677
    Main venue: Commonwealth Stadium
Lebedeva made up for her fourth place in Seville with a crushing victory, which was sealed with her first-round effort of 15.11. By the halfway point Olympic Champion Marinova was second (14.58) and Martínez – a Cuban adopted by Italy – third on 14.52. The Russian followed her big jump with 14.93 and three fouls. In the final round, Mbango leapt 14.60 and rose to second spot. Marinova responded with 14.57, then it was up to Lebedeva to finish the contest in the knowledge that she was the champion. She hit the board perfectly to hop 5.52, step 4.21 and jump 5.52 for a total distance of 15.25, the third-longest ever and arguably the greatest of all the women’s performances in Edmonton. In her celebration she almost tripped on a cable when rushing to meet her coach. Afterwards, she paid special thanks to the crowd and joked that the attempt at dying her hair in the three colours of the Russian flag had not worked as her natural hair colour was too dark.
 These are the results of the women's triple jump event at the 2001 World Championships in Athletics in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which occurred August 3–12. At the 2001 World Championships there were a total of twenty two events that women competed in, eight of which were in the same category, field events, as the triple jump. Twenty four total women competed in the qualification round which contained Group A and Group B, composed of twelve athletes each. The athletes came from nineteen different nationalities including two from the United States and Romania, and three from Russia. Out of the twenty four women in the qualification round, twelve got to move on to the final round where the gold, silver, and bronze medals were given out.
  Triple Jump 10 August
Women’s triple jump, final
Already leading the world this year with her 14.91m from Athens in June, the Olympic silver medallist last year at Sydney, Tatyana LEBEDEVA (RUS) decided to make her big impact as the fifth jumper of the competition. Her first round effort of 15.11m, the world leading mark, was made into a headwind of -1.1 m/s. Olympic champion Tereza MARINOVA (BUL), impressive in the qualification with a wind assisted mark of 14.89m, was clearly affected by the Russians big jump, only managing 14.36m with her first jump.
Magdelin MARTINEZ, competing in her first major championships for Italy, also started well. The former Cuban, already bettering her personal best in the qualification with 14.59m, came close to that mark with her first jump of 14.52m in the final, enough for second place after round one. Olympic champion MARINOVA, still far away from leader LEBEDEVA, moved to silver medal position with her second round jump of 14.58.
Also a medal candidate in this competition, Cameroon’s Francoise MBANGO got close to a medal jumping 14.43m in the second round. Cristina NICOLAU (ROM), jumped her season’s best (14.60m) at the Francophone Games at Ottawa, but was now struggling, only reaching 14.10m with her third jump to make it to the last three rounds. Also reaching the top eight after three rounds, Heli KOIVULA (FIN), with already a season’s best of 14.28m in the qualification, improved to 14.14m with her third effort.
In an extremely close competition for the eighth spot, there was only 10cm between eighth and 12th. Olga BOLSHOVA (13.86m), Yelena GOVOROVA (13.85m), Camilla JOHANSSON (13.84m) and Natalya SAFRONOVA (13.82m) were the ones not making it to the last three rounds.
With leader LEBEDEVA fouling another jump in round four, it was only NICOLAU moving to fifth (14.17m) and Ashia HANSEN (GBR) improving to 14.10m, her best in the competition today. Round five didn’t see any changes at all, with only MARINOVA getting close to her best, missing by only 4cm with her jump of 14.54m. But this was only building up to changes in the last round. First it was KOIVULA of Finland, equalling her season’s best of 14.28m and moving to fifth place in the final, missing her national record of 14.34m by only 6cm.
Only four competitors left in the last round, MBANGO did her big jump of the evening. Having already jumped 14.43m and 14.44m, the African record holder achieved the distance of 14.60m with her last jump, only 5cm short of her season’s best 14.65m and 10cm from her national record of 14.70m. With now MBANGO in the silver medal position and Italy’s MARTINEZ dropped down to fourth place, the Italian made another good jump of 14.28m, but not enough to improve her best mark of 14.52m from first round. Olympic champion MARINOVA again came close to her best missing it only by 1cm with her last effort of 14.57m.
Tatyana LEBEDEVA, having already won the World Championship, came up with the fourth longest women’s triple jump in history with her sixth round performance. The distance 15.25m, only bettered twice by world record holder Inessa Kravets and once by LEBEDEVA herself last year, was achieved into a headwind of -0.8 m/s
Noted also for her stylish hair here at Edmonton, LEBEDEVA was able to better her silver medal performances from last year’s Olympics and Lisboa World Indoor Championships earlier this year. Winner at both these competitions was silver medallist today, Tereza MARINOVA.
1 Tatyana Lebedeva RUS 21 Jul 76 15.25 -0.8
2 Françoise Mbango CMR 14 Apr 76 14.60 -0.6
3 Tereza Marinova BUL 5 Sep 77 14.58 -1.3
4 Magdelin Martinez ITA 10 Feb 76 14.52 0.9
5 Heli Koivula-Kruger FIN 27 Jun 75 14.28 -0.2
6 Cristina Nicolau ROU 9 Aug 77 14.17 -1.1
7 Ashia Hansen GBR 5 Dec 71 14.10 -0.6
8 Trecia Smith JAM 5 Nov 75 13.92 -1.3
9 Olga Bolshova MDA 16 Jun 68 13.86 -0.5
10 Olena Hovorova UKR 18 Sep 73 13.85 -1.5
11 Camilla Johansson-Gustafsson SWE 3 Nov 76 13.84 -0.2
12 Natallia Safronava BLR 11 Jul 74 13.82 -1.5
Final 20:00 Distance wind 1 2. 3. 4 5. 6.
1 Tatyana Lebedeva RUS 15.25m -0.8 15.11 14.93 X X X 15.25
2 Francoise Mbango Etone CMR 14.60m -0.6 14.26 14.43 X 14.23 14.44 14.60
3 Tereza Marinova BUL 14.58m -1.3 14.36 14.58 14.33 14.12 14.54 14.57
4 Magdelin Martinez ITA 14.52m +0.9 14.52 13.83 14.04 X 14.29 14.28
5 Heli Koivula FIN 14.28m +0.2 13.70 13.85 14.14 X 14.05 14.28
6 Cristina Nicolau ROU 14.17m -1.1 X 14.09 14.10 14.17 13.94 12.32
7 Ashia Hansen GBR 14.10m -0.6 14.00 X 13.76 14.10 13.95 14.07
8 Trecia Smith JAM 13.92m -1.3 13.75 13.92 11.11 X 13.85 X
9 Olga Bolshova MDA 13.86m -0.5 X 13.79 13.86
10 Olena Hovorova UKR 13.85m -1.5 X 13.85 X
11 Camilla Johansson SWE 13.84m -0.2 13.71 13.84 13.71
12 Natalya Safronova BLR 13.82m -1.5 13.65 13.43 13.82
Women's Triple Jump Qualification
All twelve qualifiers for Friday's final surpassed the automatic standard of 14.05m with some ease. The overall best qualifier from the two pools combined was Olympic champion Tereza MARINOVA of Bulgara in group "A" with a 14.89m first attempt.
Four other qualifiers also came from this half of the draw. Francoise Etone MBANGO (CMR) the African record holder, jumped 14.64m with her first try, a feat that Finnish record holder Heli KOIVULA also managed with a season's best 14.28m. The only other qualifier from "A" was Jamaica's Trecia SMITH with 14.15m.
Group "B" was headed by Italy's Magdelin MARTINEZ whose 14.59m in the first round was a season's best. Second in this group was Cristina NICOLAU the former double European Under 23 champion, whose 14.56m (w) was again set with her first jump. Also qualifying in the first round, was Britain's world indoor record holder Ashia HANSEN who produced a season's best of 14.51m, Natalia SAFRONOVA of Belarus (14.20m) and Russia's Sydney Olympic silver medallist Tatyana LEBEDEVA (14.35m). The Russian is also the current world season's leader with 14.91m.
Ukraine's Yelena GOROROVA, the Olympic bronze medallist from Sydney, needed two attempts to qualify but her second round was a solid 14.48m (w) which put her in fifth place in the group. Sweden's Camilla JOHANSSON (14.17m w) and Olga BOLSHOVA (14.1m) both qualified on their second attempts.
  Qualification 8 August
Tereza Marinova BUL 5 Sep 77 14,89 3.0 Q
Françoise Mbango CMR 14 Apr 76 14.64 0.1 Q
Magdelin Martinez ITA 10 Feb 76 14.59 1.9 Q
Cristina Nicolau ROU 9 Aug 77 14,56 2.5 Q
Ashia Hansen GBR 5 Dec 71 14.51 1.1
Olena Hovorova UKR 18 Sep 73 14,48 2.2 Q
Tatyana Lebedeva RUS 21 Jul 76 14.35 -0.9 Q
Heli Koivula-Kruger FIN 27 Jun 75 14.28 -0.2 Q
Natallia Safronava BLR 11 Jul 74 14.20 1.7
  Camilla Johansson-Gustafsson SWE 3 Nov 76 14,17 3.3 Q
Trecia Smith JAM 5 Nov 75 14,15 2.5 Q
Olga Bolshova MDA 16 Jun 68 14.11 1.3
Tiombé Hurd USA 17 Aug 73 13,96 2.1
Yelena Oleynikova RUS 9 Dec 76 13.95 0.8
Adelina Gavrilă ROU 26 Nov 78 13,91 3.1
Olga Pankova RUS 13 Aug 76 13.87 1.6
Nicole Herschmann GER 27 Oct 75 13.81 1.4
Yuliana Perez USA 21 Jul 81 13,69 2.7
Liliana Zagacka POL 28 Jan 77 13.65 -0.5
Yelena Parfyonova KAZ 26 Jan 74 13,63 3.0
Michelle Cowell-Hastick CAN 10 Sep 73 13,54 2.8
Anja Valant Velepec SLO 8 Sep 77 13.16 0.3
Carlota Castrejana ESP 25 Apr 73 DNS
Viktoriya Brigadnaya TKM 4 Aug 80 NM
Group A Distance wind Rk. 1. 2.
1 Tereza Marinova BUL 14.89m w +3.0 14.89
2 Francoise Mbango Etone CMR 14.64m +0.1 14.64
3 Heli Koivula FIN 14.28m -0.2 14.28
4 Trecia Smith JAM 14.15m w +2.5 13.47 14.15
5 Tiombe Hurd USA 13.96m w +2.1 13.96 13.72 13.69
6 Yelena Oleynikova RUS 13.95m +0.8 13.94 13.95 13.95
7 Adelina Gavrila ROU 13.91m w +3.1 13.86 13.63 13.91
8 Olga Yershova RUS 13.87m +1.6 12.79 X 13.87
9 Nicole Herschmann GER 13.81m +1.4 X 13.81 X
10 Liliana Zagacka POL 13.65m -0.5 13.53 X 13.65
11 Yelena Parfenova KAZ 13.63m w +3.0 13.63 13.22 12.62
- Carlota Castrejana ESP DNS
Group B Distance wind Rk. 1. 2.
1 Magdelin Martinez ITA 14.59m +1.9 14.59
2 Cristina Nicolau ROU 14.56m w +2.5 14.56
3 Ashia Hansen GBR 14.51m +1.1 14.51
4 Olena Hovorova UKR 14.48m w +2.2 X 14.48
5 Tatyana Lebedeva RUS 14.35m -0.9 14.35
6 Natalya Safronova BLR 14.20m +1.7 14.20
7 Camilla Johansson SWE 14.17m w +3.3 14.02 14.17
8 Olga Bolshova MDA 14.11m +1.7 13.79 14.11
9 Yuliana Martinez-Perez USA 13.69m w +2.7 13.48 13.69 13.63
10 Michelle Hastick CAN 13.54m w +2.8 X 13.54 13.34
11 Anja Valant SLO 13.16m +0.3 13.16 X 12.96
- Viktoriya Brigadnaya TKM NM X X X




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