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2003 World Championships in Athletics Paris, France

2003 9th IAAF World Championships - Paris - Men's 5000m



Host City: Saint-Denis, Paris, France Format: First round (First 5 & 5 fastest to final) (Aug 28)
Dates: 23 August – 31 August
Nations participating: 198
Athletes participating: 1679
    Main venue: Stade de France
Overview by IAAF   Paris Saint Denis stadium 
El Guerrouj and Bekele each were bidding for a second Paris gold. The former had won at 1500m four days before this final, while the Ethiopian had taken the 10,000m title one week earlier. It was Bekele who attacked at the start, covering the first three kilometres in 2:31.94, 2:35.33 and 2:38.17 (7:45.44 at 3000m). In the seventh lap, with eight men in contention, the pace slowed with Bekele a reluctant leader. World junior record holder Kipchoge took over and presided over a 2:43.02 fourth kilometre. El Guerrouj then repeated his tactic from the 1500m final, to wear down the opposition with a kick 800m from home. He ran the penultimate lap in 59.7 and the race was down to five: himself, Kipchoge, Bekele, Kibowen and Chebii. The two elder Kenyans lost touch, but Kipchoge and Bekele closed in on the Moroccan on the final bend. Could El Guerrouj hold on like in the 1500m final? No, because the 18 year-old Kipchoge edged past in the final 50m. Bekele’s finishing sprint wasn’t quite as quick as in the 10,000m and he settled for the bronze.

These are the official results of the Men's 5000 metres event at the 2003 IAAF World Championships in Paris, France. There were a total number of 29 participating athletes, with two qualifying heats and the final held on Sunday 31 August 2003 at 18:40h.

This race had the 1500 meter champion/world record holder, Hicham El Guerrouj and the 10,000 meter champion Kenenisa Bekele. This was considered a meeting ground half way. From the start, Bekele took the race out to let his endurance burn off the faster opponent. El Guerrouj immediately marked his move. Also along for the ride were two more Ethiopians and a pack of four Kenyans, including defending champion Richard Limo. While the group broke away from the field, the fast early pace slowed. With two laps to go, it was El Guerrouj who took out the lead. The next lap burnt off a couple of Ethiopians but the Kenyans were all there with Bekele, still in contact with El Guerrouj. As the final lap quickened, world junior record holder, eighteen year old Eliud Kipchoge rode on El Guerrouj's shoulder, with Bekele chasing in third. El Guerrouj opened up a gap of 3 metres down the back stretch, with Bekele gaining on Kipchoge, the rest of the Kenyan team strung out behind. Challenged by Bekele, Kipchoge accelerated through the turn, moving up to El Guerrouj's shoulder. With Bekele moving onto Kipchoge's shoulder, it was three abreast coming off the turn and John Kibowen tailing closely behind. El Guerrouj accelerated again but Kipchoge didn't go away. On the outside Bekele made up some ground, the three separated by a metre. But El Guerrouj and Kipchoge were dead even. As Bekele couldn't make up any more ground, Kipchoge gained a few inches on El Guerrouj. Over the last few steps, El Guerrouj struggled and lost his form, trying to make a desperate dive at the line, but it was too little too late. The final lap was 53 seconds.

By this point in time, none of the three medalists had achieved an Olympic Gold Medal, though ultimately all three would. The same three would match up the following year in the 2004 Olympics with El Guerrouj taking gold.

  5000m 31 August

Event Report Men 5000m Final

In a race billed as a battle between Ethiopia's Kenesisa BEKELE and Morocco's Hicham EL GUERROUJ, a surprise came in the form of Kenyan Eliud KIPCHOGE.
Kipchoge ran down the race favourites to steal the gold medal in a championship record 12:52.79 with a desperate dip for the line.
El Guerrouj and Bekele, both looking to be crowned dual gold medallists having won the 1500m and 10000m respectively, had to settle for silver and bronze.
Bekele set the early pace, going through the first kilometre in a fast 2:31.94, world record pace. Following his every move was El Guerrouj, running in his first championship 5000m.
The four Kenyans - Richard LIMO, Abraham CHEBII, John KIBOWEN and Kipchoge - were also in the mix as the field began to string out.
At 2000m (crossed in a slower 5:07.27) Bekele still led but was watching the action behind him on the big screen.
The placings remained much the same until the third kilometre when Kipchoge moved to the front. Bekele jumped back in front after nine laps with El Guerrouj once again following.
The Ethiopian tried to get another runner to take the lead but no-one seemed interested until finally, with the pace slowing, Kipchoge took charge going through 4000m in 10:28.46.
Here El Guerrouj made his move and now it was Bekele who was the shadow with Kipchoge, Limo and Chebii not far behind.
On the bell lap El Guerrouj and Kipchoge forged ahead while Bekele and Chebii followed. It was now a race in four as they went down the back straight.
It was Chebii, known for his fast finish, was the first to wilt, as he didn't quite have the pace to challenge.
El Guerrouj led into the home straight but Kipchoge and Bekele were staying with him. Bekele out in lane three couldn't match the speed of the 1500m world champion but Kichoge was able to reach El Guerrouj's shoulder. Pressured to hang onto his lead, El Guerrouj began to falter and Kipchoge out-dipped him for the world title, giving Kenya just it's second gold medal of these championships.
El Guerrouj's time of 12:52.83 would have won him gold at any other World Championship. Bekele, considered to be the heir to world record-holder Haile GEBRSELASSIE's (ETH) throne, clocked 12:53.12 for the bronze medal.
Back in fourth place was John KIBOWEN, bronze medallist in 2001, who ran a personal best 12:54.07.
1 Eliud Kipchoge KEN 5 Nov 84 12.52.79
2 Hicham El Guerrouj MAR 14 Sep 74 12.52.83
3 Kenenisa Bekele ETH 13 Jun 82 12.53.12
4 John Kibowen KEN 21 Apr 69 12.54.07
5 Abraham Chebii KEN 23 Dec 79 12.57.74
6 Gebregziabher Gebremariam ETH 10 Sep 84 12.58.08
7 Richard Limo KEN 18 Nov 80 13.01.13
8 Zersenay Tadese ERI 1 Jan 82 13.05.57
9 Juan Carlos de la Ossa ESP 25 Nov 76 13.21.04
10 Abderrahim Goumri MAR 21 May 76 13.23.67
11 Abiyote Abate ETH 20 Nov 80 13.23.81
12 Alejandro Suárez MEX 30 Nov 80 13.24.51
13 Christian Belz SUI 11 Sep 74 13.26.02
14 Moukhled Al-Outaibi KSA 20 Jun 76 13.38.92
15 Jorge Torres USA 22 Aug 80 13.43.37
  Heats 28 August

Event Report Men 5000m Heats

Ethiopia's 10,000m champion Kenenisa BEKELE is clearly suffering no after-effects from his epic struggle with countryman Haile GEBRSELASSIE, for he ensured his place in Sunday's 5,000m final by winning the heat comfortably this evening, putting in an ominous 54.7 last lap after a slow race.
But he could be in for another tense battle in the final for Morocco's 1500m champion Hicham EL GEURROUJ also appears to be in great form, despite only getting three hours sleep after his gold medal-winning performance yesterday. He finished fourth in the second heat, won by Ethiopia's Gebre-egziabhe GEBREMARIAM in 13:32.46, jogging across the line after turning up the pace over the final lap ' as if to say, 'Anything you can do, I can do too'.

El Guerrouj, at second, is one place above Bekele on this year's world list, and Sunday afternoon could well see a fantastic tussle between the double-chasers.
The first heat started slowly (2:58.83 after one kilometre) but increased gradually as the big names made their moves. Bekele went to the front and stretched his legs with six laps to go, but at 3000m (8:32.33) there were still 10 in the bunch behind him, including the Kenyan pair, Eliud KIPCHOGE, fifth fastest this year, and John KIBOWEN, plus Morocco's Abderrahim GOUMRI.
At 4000m (11:08.12) the leading group was down to eight, with five due to qualify automatically. Kipchoge made his move 600m from home, but Bekele came to his shoulder at the bell, and he, plus the two Kenyans, moved clear of the rest.

Bekele kicked again in the finishing straight to ensure his victory. Kipchoge was second (13:38.73), followed by Kibowen, Goumri, and Spain's Juan Carlos DE LA OSSA. The only other qualifier from this race was Zersenay TADESSE (ERI), while Morocco's 1999 world champion Salah HISSOU misses the final after finishing eighth in 13:44.27.
In the second semi, it was Gebremariam who made the running after 3000m (8:21.06), followed by Kenya's reigning champion, Richard LIMO, and Abraham CHEBII, who beat both Bekele and Haile Gebrselassie in Rome this year. At 4000m (11:04.49) Limo lead from Gebremariam with El Guerrouj poised. The Moroccan took it on at the bell, with Chebii in hot pursuit, plus Limo and two Ethiopians.

These five were the automatic qualifiers, and the next four finishers from this race got through by virtue of their times.

  Heat 1
1 Kenenisa Bekele ETH 13 Jun 82 13.38.03 Q
2 Eliud Kipchoge KEN 5 Nov 84 13.38.73 Q
3 John Kibowen KEN 21 Apr 69 13.40.72 Q
4 Abderrahim Goumri MAR 21 May 76 13.42.09 Q
5 Juan Carlos de la Ossa ESP 25 Nov 76 13.42.23 Q
6 Zersenay Tadese ERI 1 Jan 82 13.42.41 q
7 Boniface Kiprop UGA 12 Oct 85 13.42.88
8 Salah Hissou MAR 16 Jan 72 13.44.27
9 Erik Sjöqvist SWE 4 Dec 72 13.55.89
10 Khoudir Aggoune ALG 5 Jan 81 13.56.41
11 Yawo Kloutse TOG 1 Dec 83 14.45.85
Cathal Lombard IRL 12 Feb 76 DNS
Michael Aish NZL 24 Jul 76 DNS
Fabiano Joseph Naasi TAN 24 Dec 85 DNS
  Heat 2
1 Gebregziabher Gebremariam ETH 10 Sep 84 13.32.46 Q
2 Abraham Chebii KEN 23 Dec 79 13.32.54 Q
3 Richard Limo KEN 18 Nov 80 13.32.82 Q
4 Hicham El Guerrouj MAR 14 Sep 74 13.32.88 Q
5 Abiyote Abate ETH 20 Nov 80 13.33.24 Q
6 Moukhled Al-Outaibi KSA 20 Jun 76 13.33.91 q
7 Christian Belz SUI 11 Sep 74 13.36.54 q
8 Alejandro Suárez MEX 30 Nov 80 13.41.97 q
9 Jorge Torres USA 22 Aug 80 13.42.42 q
10 Abdulhak Zakaria BRN 20 Jul 74 13.44.15
11 Hassan Mourhit BEL 2 Jan 82 14.09.14
12 Eduardo Buenavista PHI 13 Oct 79 14.12.55
Kamiel Maase NED 20 Oct 71 DNS
John Yuda Msuri TAN 9 Jun 79 DNS
Abdullah Ahmad Hassan QAT 29 Jul 81 DNS

Heat 1 28 AUG 2003 18:45

1 915 Salah Hissou MAR MAR 12:50.80 12:59.15
2 1291 Erik Sjöqvist SWE SWE 13:23.24 13:23.24
3 382 Juan Carlos de la Ossa ESP ESP 13:20.46 13:20.46
4 373 Zersenay Tadese ERI ERI 13:09.27 13:09.27
5 13 Khoudir Aggoune ALG ALG 13:15.91 13:15.91
6 806 John Kemboi Kibowen KEN KEN 12:58.61 12:59.74
7 423 Kenenisa Bekele ETH ETH 12:52.26 12:52.26
8 913 Abderrahim Goumri MAR MAR 13:00.76 13:05.81
9 1038 Michael Aish NZL NZL 13:22.64 13:55.98
10 1304 Fabiano Joseph TAN TAN 13:22.89 13:22.89
11 1324 Yawo Kloutse TOG TOG 15:01.19 15:14.25
12 1348 Boniface Toroitich Kiprop UGA UGA 13:16.21 13:16.21
13 668 Cathal Lombard IRL IRL 13:19.22 13:19.22
14 807 Eliud Kipchoge KEN KEN 12:52.61 12:52.61

Heat 2 28 AUG 2003 19:05

1 941 Alejandro Suárez MEX MEX 13:18.13 13:18.13
2 816 Richard Kipkemei Limo KEN KEN 12:56.72 13:14.75
3 425 Gebregziabher Gebremariam ETH ETH 13:03.19 13:03.19
4 1264 Christian Belz SUI SUI 13:12.16 13:12.16
5 1118 Ahmad Hassan Abdullah QAT QAT 12:56.27 12:56.27
6 1436 Jorge Torres USA USA 13:24.17 13:24.17
7 795 Abraham Chebii KEN KEN 12:52.99 12:52.99
8 179 Abdulhak Elgorche Zakaria BRN BRN 13:18.19 13:18.19
9 420 Abiyote Abate ETH ETH 13:00.36 13:05.13
10 1069 Eduardo Buenavista PHI PHI 13:58.43  
11 908 Hicham El Guerrouj MAR MAR 12:50.24 12:50.24
12 985 Kamiel Maase NED NED 13:13.06 13:29.46
13 1306 John Yuda Msuri TAN TAN 13:03.62  
14 843 Mukhlid Alotaibi KSA KSA 13:21.11 13:21.11
15 108 Hassan Mourhit BEL BEL 13:21.97 13:21.97




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