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2005 World Championships in Athletics Helsinki, Finland

2005 10th IAAF World Championships - Helsinki - Women's 1500m



Host City: Helsinki, Finland Format: First round (First 5 & 2 fastest to final) (Aug 12)
Dates: 6–14 August 2005
Nations participating: 196
Athletes participating: 1,891
    Main venue: Helsinki Olympic Stadium
Overview by IAAF   Helsinki Olympic Stadium 
Undefeated Jamal and Russian Champion Chizhenko were the heat winners. Only Russia had more than one qualifier for the final…with four! Soboleva led the field through three laps in the final [66.28- 2:12.68-3:16.97], passing the bell in 2:59.44. Jamal, the frail Ethiopian-born Bahrain athlete, accelerated past in the back straight, but was quickly caught by the Russians. Chizhenko went by Jamal on the inside, catching her with her arm, and knocking her off stride. Tomashova caught Chizhenko with 50m to go and won by 4m, from her team-mate and Yegorova. Chizhenko was then disqualified after a Bahraini protest. Tomashova ran her last lap in 58.8, and became the first female 1500m runner to win consecutive titles. As she had finished eighth in her only completed race in 2005 prior to Helsinki, it was a remarkable triumph.
 The women's 1500 metres at the 2005 World Championships in Athletics was held on August 12 and 14 at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.
  1500m 14 August

Event Report - Men 1500m Final

Ramzi runs away with it

Rashid Ramzi lived up to his status as the fastest in the world this year when he won the men’s 1500m tonight in 3:37.88 giving Bahrain its first ever medal at an IAAF World Championships.

Ramzi attacked from 300m out and held off the challenge of Morocco’s Adil Kaouch and Portugal’s Rui Silva in the home straight. Those two fought a close battle for the silver, which Kaouch won in 3:38.00, two-hundredths ahead of Silva.

Bahrain has never even had a track finalist before at a world championships – its best position in any final was 44th in the women’s marathon two years ago. Indeed, it’s 22 years since it even had a semi-finalist.

“This medal is very important for me and my country,” said Ramzi. “I am very proud to be able to deliver this gold medal.”

The men’s 1500m has now been won by north Africans at every edition of the championships since Britain’s Steve Cram took the inaugural title here in Helsinki in 1983.

In the absence of Olympic gold and silver medallists, Hicham El Guerouj and Bernard Lagat, this was thought to be one of the most open events on the timetable. But Ramzi has been the best in the world this year and the field seemed to play into his hands, giving him an easy ride for the first half of the race then dragging the kick out of his rivals in the second half.

Spain’s Arturo Casado went to the front from the gun with USA’s Alan Webb on his shoulder. Then another Spaniard Reyes Estevez took over and led the bunched field through 400m in 60.73. Ramzi was comfortably off the pace in eighth place but away from the kerb so he could cover any movements up front.

After 700 metres Silva moved to Webb’s shoulder and Ramzi moved up the field. Then after two laps Webb took off, exploding from the front and immediately opening a gap of five metres on Estevez.

Kenya’s Alex Kipchirchir and then Ramzi followed with Ukraine’s Ivan Heshko also giving chase. Webb led at the bell, in 2:43.69, but Ramzi was now on his shoulder and poised to pounce. He attacked with 300m to go, dragging Heshko, Kipchirchir and Silva with him.

He kicked again 200m from home and led into the straight. Heshko began to fade as Kaouch and Silva – who had barely figured before now – moved to the outside. Ramzi was strong enough to hold them off but Heshko slipped back to fourth as Kaouch outdipped Silva on the line.

“I was hoping we would spread it out a little so I would have a bit more space to run my own race,” said Ramzi. “But I had to wait until the last lap to beat them with my speed.”

Silva had come from way down the field to take a bronze medal just as he did last year in last year’s Olympic final. Kaouch, once El Guerouj‘s pace maker, was now on the podium himself.

“I am not even tired at all,” he said.

“After a very difficult season I must be satisfied with this bronze medal,” said Silva. “I just tried to concentrate on my own race and not look at anyone else.”

1 Tatyana Tomashova RUS 1 Jul 75 4.00.35
2 Olga Yegorova RUS 28 Mar 72 4.01.46
3 Bouchra Benthami FRA 18 May 79 4.02.45
4 Yelena Soboleva RUS 3 Oct 82 4.02.48
5 Maryam Jamal BRN 16 Sep 84 4.02.49
6 Natalia Rodríguez ESP 2 Jun 79 4.03.06
7 Anna Jakubczak-Pawelec POL 2 Feb 73 4.03.38
8 Gelete Burka ETH 23 Jan 86 4.04.77
9 Carmen Douma-Hussar CAN 12 Mar 77 4.05.08
10 Helen Clitheroe GBR 2 Jan 74 4.05.19
11 Irina Krakoviak LTU 16 Nov 77 4.08.18
Yuliya Chizhenko RUS 30 Aug 79 DQ
  Heats 12 August

Event Report - Men 1500m Heats

Baala burns them off in 1500m heats

Mehdi Baala looks in form to turn his 2003 world 1500m silver medal into gold here in Helsinki. The Frenchman who finished second to Hiucham El Guerrouj in Paris was the fastest qualifier for the semi-finals on Monday evening, burning off his rivals in the first heat to clock the fastest time of the round, 3:36.56.

Baala benefited from the fast pace set by USA’s Alan Webb who hit the bell in 2:41.01. Baala took the lead 300m out and kicked ahead with ease, opening a gap of 10 metres as he entered the home straight and cruising through to the finish clear of the scramble for places behind him.

Bahrain’s Rashid Ramzi will also be a strong contender for medals, although he may have to learn to run in a straight line before Wednesday’s final.

The 25-year-old, who has the fastest time in the world this year, produced a devastating kick to win the third heat in 3:38.32. He burst to the front 200m from home and swept down the finishing straight, veering across the track as he did so before crossing the line in lane seven and heading immediately up the steps and out of the stadium through the mixed zone.

Behind Ramzi five other men also ran under 3:40 meaning that Kenya’s Daniel Kipchirchir Komen, who was sixth in heat two in 3:41.91, does not go through. Komen, who won at the Golden League meeting in Paris earlier this year and is only a second slower than Ramzi on the world list, paid the price for allowing the pace to slow.

Despite entering the home straight in second place, he was caught by the charge for five automatic qualifying places over the closing metres. The race was won by Spain’s Arturo Casado in 3:41.64 while Komen finished sixth and failed to go through by three hundredths of a second.

In heat one, Webb was unlucky to miss out on one of the five automatic qualifying places, clocking the same time as Britain’s Michael East, 3:36.64, but that was easily quick enough for one of the nine fastest qualifying places.
  Heat 1
1 Maryam Jamal BRN 16 Sep 84 4.10.58 Q
2 Tatyana Tomashova RUS 1 Jul 75 4.10.74 Q
3 Anna Jakubczak-Pawelec POL 2 Feb 73 4.11.28 Q
4 Olga Yegorova RUS 28 Mar 72 4.11.64 Q
5 Natalia Rodríguez ESP 2 Jun 79 4.11.82 Q
6 Hind Dehiba FRA 17 Mar 79 4.12.23
7 Alesia Turava BLR 6 Dec 79 4.14.21
8 Eleonora Berlanda ITA 6 Apr 76 4.14.54
9 Konstadína Efedáki GRE 1 Oct 78 4.15.00
10 Nelya Neporadna UKR 29 Jul 85 4.15.46
11 Nancy Langat KEN 22 Aug 81 4.16.13
12 Treniere Moser USA 27 Oct 81 4.16.51
13 Mestawat Tadesse ETH 19 Jul 85 4.20.20
  Heat 2
1 Yuliya Chizhenko RUS 30 Aug 79 4.07.26 Q
2 Gelete Burka ETH 23 Jan 86 4.07.35 Q
3 Yelena Soboleva RUS 3 Oct 82 4.07.69 Q
4 Bouchra Benthami FRA 18 May 79 4.07.87 Q
5 Carmen Douma-Hussar CAN 12 Mar 77 4.08.73 Q
6 Irina Krakoviak LTU 16 Nov 77 4.09.11 q
7 Helen Clitheroe GBR 2 Jan 74 4.09.13 q
8 Wioletta Frankiewicz POL 9 Jun 77 4.09.90
9 Daniela Yordanova BUL 8 Mar 76 4.11.64
10 Corina Dumbrăvean ROU 15 Apr 84 4.12.35
11 Maria Martins FRA 1 Apr 74 4.14.12
12 Nuria Fernández ESP 16 Aug 76 4.14.45
13 Johanna Lehtinen FIN 21 Feb 79 4.15.44
14 Trine Pilskog NOR 1 Dec 72 4.18.63
15 Sonia Lopes CPV 6 Apr 75 4.51.29

Heat 1 12 AUG 2005 20:15

1 196 Natalia Rodríguez ESP ESP 4:01.30 4:07.36
2 453 Nancy Jebet Langat KEN KEN 4:02.31 4:02.31
3 77 Maryam Yusuf Jamal BRN BRN 3:59.13 3:59.13
4 673 Olga Yegorova RUS RUS 3:59.47 3:59.47
5 59 Alesia Turava BLR BLR 3:59.89 4:02.21
6 4 Nahida Touhami ALG ALG 4:05.25 4:17.46
7 752 Nelya Neporadna UKR UKR 4:03.73 4:03.73
8 321 Konstadína Efedáki GRE GRE 4:05.63 4:08.73i
9 370 Eleonora Berlanda ITA ITA 4:07.54 4:07.54
10 668 Tatyana Tomashova RUS RUS 3:58.12 4:04.64
11 549 Anna Jakubczak Pawelec POL POL 4:00.15 4:05.76
12 213 Mestawot Tadesse ETH ETH 4:04.95 4:04.95
13 783 Treniere Moser USA USA 4:05.77 4:05.77
14 241 Hind Déhiba Chahyd FRA FRA 4:03.05 4:03.05

Heat 2 12 AUG 2005 20:24

1 95 Carmen Douma-Hussar CAN CAN 4:02.31 4:04.35
2 623 Yuliya Fomenko RUS RUS 3:58.68 3:58.68
3 89 Daniela Yordanova BUL BUL 3:59.10  
4 550 Wioletta Frankiewicz POL POL 4:03.09 4:03.68
5 590 Corina Dumbravean ROU ROU 4:04.56 4:04.56
6 265 Helen Clitheroe GBR GBR 4:01.10 4:05.74
7 252 Maria Martins FRA FRA 4:04.55 4:05.79
8 530 Trine Pilskog NOR NOR 4:05.75 4:07.76
9 141 Sonia Lopes CPV CPV 4:37.81 4:40.8
10 667 Elena Soboleva RUS RUS 4:01.14 4:01.14
11 250 Bouchra Ghézielle FRA FRA 4:01.90 4:01.90
12 232 Johanna Lehtinen FIN FIN 4:06.85 4:06.85
13 201 Gelete Burka ETH ETH 4:04.97 4:04.97
14 474 Irina Krakoviak LTU LTU 4:03.19 4:03.19
15 187 Nuria Fernández ESP ESP 4:03.57 4:07.57




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