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2005 World Championships in Athletics Helsinki, Finland

2005 10th IAAF World Championships - Helsinki - Women's High Jump



Host City: Helsinki, Finland Format: Qualifying round (1.93 or top to final) (Aug 6)
Dates: 6–14 August 2005
Nations participating: 196
Athletes participating: 1,891
    Main venue: Helsinki Olympic Stadium
Overview by IAAF   Helsinki Olympic Stadium 
During the outdoor season there had been seven jumps of 2.00 or better, with Bergqvist owning four of them. A favourite both of the crowd and the pundits, Bergqvist took the lead with a first-time clearance at 1.96. Howard, twice over 2.00 two weeks earlier, was no surprise as the second jumper over 1.96, but Sweden’s Green, improving her lifetime best, was a revelation. At 1.98 Bergqvist and Howard repeated their first and second-time clearances, which became second and third-time successes at 2.00. The Swede then poured herself over 2.02 to make certain of the gold medal, before three speculative attempts at 2.10. Her win capped a remarkable comeback after having ruptured an Achilles tendon in July 2004.
 The Women's High Jump event at the 2005 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on August 6 and August 8.
  High Jump 8 August

Event Report - Women High Jump Final

After capturing a pair of world indoor championship titles earlier in the decade, Kajsa Bergqvist (SWE) finally moved to the top step of an outdoor global award podium with a world-leading 2.02 performance as she won the World Championships crown in the women’s high jump.

It was a stunning performance tonight for the 28-year-old Swede, whose future career was in doubt only a year ago after a severe Achilles injury which left her unable to jump for six months. 

After her victory was assured, Bergqvist asked for a would-be world-record 2.10, and at least one of her three unsuccessful attempts at that landmark height was very respectable. 

Pushing Bergqvist to the end and finishing with the silver medal was Chaunte Howard (USA) at 2.00, the third time in the past three weeks she has jumped this career best.  Only a 1.89 performer two years ago, the 21-year-old has seen her career take off noticeably under the tutelage of former international high jumper and hurdler Nat Page. 

Also making a significant upward move in tonight’s “youth movement” was another Swede, 20-year-old Emma Green, whose PB 1.96 left her with the bronze medal on a countback against reigning European indoor champion Anna Chicherova (RUS) at the same height.  

Sharing the credit for much of tonight’s Swedish high jump success was Yannick Tregaro, the coach of both Bergqvist and Green.  Also the mentor of Olympic triple jump champion Christian Olsson, Tregaro has been able to shift much of his focus back to his own original event this season while awaiting Olsson’s recovery from an ankle injury.    

Bergqvist, with her injuries of last year seemingly in the past, was once again under the media magnifying glass.  Always a part of the mix at global championships, she had won a share of the bronze in Sydney and had added further bronzes at the last two World Championships, plus a win at the 2002 European Championships.   Only an outdoor gold was missing from her cabinet, a deficiency she corrected here tonight.

“I felt this was my chance to get the gold medal at the World Championships, and I did,” said the ebullient Swede before a phalanx of journalists.  “Howard was jumping very well, so I knew that I also had to clear every height on my first attempt.” 

As a relative neophyte at the international level, Howard was understandably grateful for what she achieved tonight.  “It couldn’t have gone any better today,” she said.  “The gold would have been nice, but I am only 21 years old, and I have plenty of time to improve.”

For bronze medallist Green, a similar feeling of overachievement was evident.  “Before the final, I never thought I could get a bronze medal,” she admitted, adding that “I’ve had these heights in my body for a while, but I haven’t been able to jump them in a competition.” 

Bergqvist started at 1.85 and achieved her goal of a clean jumping record up through 1.98.  But she still had Howard to deal with at the end, as the American leaped 1.98 on her second attempt.

The Swede’s first miss of the night came on her initial try at 2.00, but her second jump had many centimetres of space.   Howard again applied pressure with a third-round 2.00 to send the bar up to 2.02, a height no one had jumped yet this season. 

By now, the adrenalin was pumping through the Swede, who was jumping ahead of the American in the order.  A splendid first-attempt clearance at 2.02 by Bergqvist left Howard with a challenge she could not meet, and the medal assignment was finally complete. 

The heavy rains from earlier in the day suddenly stopped shortly before the competiton began, but the weather system left some strong, gusty winds.  For the most part, it appeared that they were acting as tailwinds for the jumpers.  

In spite of the uninviting conditions, the twelve jumpers grasped the importance of the evening and proceeded through the opening two heights (1.80 and 1.85) without any casualties.

Even at 1.89, only three made an exit, one of them Irina Mikhalchenko, the fifth placer in Athens.

1 Kajsa Bergqvist SWE 12 Oct 76 2.02
2 Chaunté Lowe USA 12 Jan 84 2.00
3 Emma Green SWE 8 Dec 84 1.96
4 Anna Chicherova RUS 22 Jul 82 1.96
5 Vita Palamar UKR 12 Oct 77 1.93
6 Tia Hellebaut BEL 16 Feb 78 1.93
7 Viktoriya Styopina UKR 21 Feb 76 1.93
8 Amy Acuff USA 14 Jul 75 1.89
9 Dóra Győrffy HUN 23 Feb 78 1.89
10 Venelina Veneva-Mateeva BUL 13 Jun 74 1.85
11 Iva Straková CZE 4 Aug 80 1.85
12 Iryna Myhalchenko UKR 20 Jan 72 1.85
Final 19:10h Team Height 180 185 189 193 196 198 200 202 210
Kajsa Bergqvist SWE 2.02m - O O O O O XO O XXX
Chaunte Howard USA 2.00m O O O O XO XO XXO XXX
Emma Green SWE 1.96m O O O XO XO XXX
Anna Chicherova RUS 1.96m O O O O XXO XXX
Viktoriya Palamar UKR 1.93m - O O O XXX
Tia Hellebaut BEL 1.93m O O XXO O XXX
Viktoriya Styopina UKR 1.93m O O O XXO XXX
Amy Acuff USA 1.89m O XO O XXX
Dora Gyorffy HUN 1.89m O O XXO XXX
Venelina Veneva BUL 1.85m O O XXX
Iva Strakova CZE 1.85m XO O XXX
Iryna Mykhalchenko UKR 1.85m O XO XXX
  Qualification 6 August

Event Report - Women High Jump Qualification

Season Leaders Bergqvist and Howard Lead Women’s High Jump Finalists

Two-time world indoor champion Kajsa Bergqvist (SWE) and relatively unheralded Chaunte Howard (USA)—two of the three competitors to achieve two-metre jumps this season—were among the twelve who advanced to Monday’s evening’s final.  But they achieved their goals by different paths.

Howard did it the safe way, by leaping the automatic qualifying standard of 1.93.  Bergqvist, however, relied on her clean record through 1.91 and passed 1.93, confident that the thirteen others who had negotiated 1.91 would not all suddenly become super-human. 

The event lost a medal contender as Olympic champion Yelena Slesarenko (RUS), the third of the three two-metre jumpers, was forced to withdraw from the competition shortly after beginning her warmup.  “I’ve had problems with my ankle, and I hurt it in the Athletes’ Village,” she reported.  “I received medication for it, but I cannot run.” 

Besides Howard, successes at 1.93 came to reigning European indoor champion Anna Chicherova (RUS), Athens finalists Irina Mikhalchenko (UKR) and Tia Hellabaut (BEL), plus Vita Palamar (UKR), who reached the world championships final for the third consecutive time.  The Ukrainian was also the only one of the quintet of 1.93 jumpers with a perfect slate for the evening. 

Along with Bergqvist, reigning Universiade champion Dóra Györffy (HUN) and 20-year-old Emma Green (SWE) both put their unblemished records through 1.91 on the line and moved ahead to the final although bypassing 1.93. 

Athens bronze medallist Viktoriya Styopina (UKR) and Iva Straková (CZE) had the same perfect records through 1.91, but their failure to clear 1.93 had no impact on their qualification, and they will return on Monday evening. 

Taking the last two spots with second-attempt jumps at 1.91 were Athens fourth placer Amy Acuff (USA) and Venelina Veneva (BUL), who placed fourth at the last two World Championships.

The list of those not advancing contained some familiar names, including Tatyana Kivimyagi (formerly Novoseltseva) (RUS), reigning world indoor bronze winner Blanka Vlasic (CRO), Sydney bronze medallist Oana Pantelimon (ROM) and her teammate, former European indoor and outdoor champion Monica Iagar, plus two-metre jumper Ruth Beitia (ESP).

  Group A
1 Anna Chicherova RUS 22 Jul 82 1.93 Q
2 Iryna Myhalchenko UKR 20 Jan 72 1.93 Q
2 Chaunté Lowe USA 12 Jan 84 1.93 Q
4 Emma Green SWE 8 Dec 84 1.91 q
4 Iva Straková CZE 4 Aug 80 1.91 q
4 Viktoriya Styopina UKR 21 Feb 76 1.91 q
7 Corinne Müller SUI 20 Nov 75 1.91
8 Mélanie Skotnik FRA 8 Nov 82 1.88
8 Marta Mendía ESP 18 May 75 1.88
10 Ina Gliznuţa MDA 18 Apr 73 1.84
11 Caterine Ibargüen COL 12 Feb 84 1.84
12 Monica Iagăr ROU 1 Apr 73 1.84
13 Hanna Grobler FIN 15 Jan 81 1.80
Tatyana Efimenko KGZ 2 Jan 81 NH
- Yelena Slesarenko RUS DNS
  Group B
1 Vita Palamar UKR 12 Oct 77 1.93 Q
2 Tia Hellebaut BEL 16 Feb 78 1.93 Q
3 Dóra Győrffy HUN 23 Feb 78 1.91 q
3 Kajsa Bergqvist SWE 12 Oct 76 1.91 q
5 Venelina Veneva-Mateeva BUL 13 Jun 74 1.91 q
6 Amy Acuff USA 14 Jul 75 1.91 q
7 Oana Pantelimon ROU 17 Sep 72 1.91
8 Erin Aldrich USA 27 Dec 77 1.88
9 Tatyana Kivimyagi RUS 23 Jun 84 1.88
10 Ruth Beitia ESP 1 Apr 79 1.88
10 Blanka Vlašić CRO 8 Nov 83 1.88
12 Levern Spencer LCA 23 Jun 84 1.84
13 Romary Rifka MEX 8 Apr 73 1.84
14 Zheng Xingjuan CHN 20 Mar 89 1.84
15 Juana Arrendel DOM 26 Sep 78 1.80
Group A Team Height 180 184 188 191 193
1 Anna Chicherova RUS 1.93m O O O XXO O
2 Iryna Mykhalchenko UKR 1.93m O O XO XXO XO
2 Chaunte Howard USA 1.93m O XO XO XO XO
4 Emma Green SWE 1.91m - O O O -
4 Iva Strakova CZE 1.91m O O O O XXX
4 Viktoriya Styopina UKR 1.91m O O O O XXX
7 Corinne Muller SUI 1.91m O O XO XXO XXX
8 Melanie Skotnik FRA 1.88m O O O XXX
8 Marta Mendia ESP 1.88m O O O XXX
10 Inna Gliznutsa MDA 1.84m O O XXX
11 Caterine Ibarguen COL 1.84m O XO XXX
12 Monica Iagar ROM 1.84m O XXO XXX
13 Hanna Mikkonen FIN 1.80m O XXX
- Tatyana Efimenko KGZ NM X
- Yelena Slesarenko RUS DNS
Group B Team Height 180 184 188 191 193
1 Viktoriya Palamar UKR 1.93m - O O O O
2 Tia Hellebaut BEL 1.93m O O O XO O
3 Dora Gyorffy HUN 1.91m O O O O -
3 Kajsa Bergqvist SWE 1.91m - O O O -
5 Venelina Veneva BUL 1.91m O O O XO XXX
6 Amy Acuff USA 1.91m O XO O XO XXX
7 Oana Pantelimon ROM 1.91m O O O XXO XXX
8 Erin Aldrich USA 1.88m O XO O XXX
9 Tatyana Kivimyagi RUS 1.88m O O XO XXX
10 Ruth Beitia ESP 1.88m O O XXO XXX
10 Blanka Vlasic CRO 1.88m O O XXO XXX
12 Levern Spencer LCA 1.84m XO O XXX
13 Romary Rifka MEX 1.84m O XO XXX
14 Xingjuan Zheng CHN 1.84m XO XO XXX
15 Juana Rosario Arrendel DOM 1.80m O XXX

Group A 06 AUG 2005 18:55 

1 257 Melanie Melfort FRA FRA 1.97i 1.95
2 757 Vita Styopina UKR UKR 2.02 1.95i
3 593 Monica Iagar ROU ROU 2.03i 1.92
4 139 Caterine Ibarguen COL COL 1.93 1.93
5 190 Marta Mendía ESP ESP 1.96i 1.95i
6 800 Chaunté Lowe USA USA 2.00 2.00
7 491 Inna Gliznuta MDA MDA 1.95 1.92
8 622 Anna Chicherova RUS RUS 2.04i 2.01i
9 706 Emma Green SWE SWE 1.95 1.95
10 666 Elena Slesarenko RUS RUS 2.06 2.00
11 229 Hanna Grobler FIN FIN 1.92 1.92
12 697 Corinne Müller SUI SUI 1.93 1.93
13 751 Iryna Mykhalchenko UKR UKR 2.01 1.97
14 168 Iva Straková CZE CZE 1.96i 1.94i
15 462 Tatyana Efimenko KGZ KGZ 1.97 1.95

Group B 06 AUG 2005 18:55 

1 88 Venelina Veneva-Mateeva BUL BUL 2.04 1.98
2 37 Tia Hellebaut BEL BEL 1.95 1.90
3 172 Juana Rosario Arrendel DOM DOM 1.97 1.93
4 639 Tatyana Kivimyagi RUS RUS 1.98 1.98
5 347 Dóra Györffy HUN HUN 2.00 1.93
6 472 Levern Spencer LCA LCA 1.94 1.94
7 500 Romary Rifka MEX MEX 1.97 1.90
8 773 Amy Acuff USA USA 2.01 1.93
9 596 Oana Pantelimon ROU ROU 1.99 1.95
10 180 Ruth Beitia ESP ESP 2.00 1.99i
11 775 Erin Aldrich USA USA 1.97i 1.95
12 144 Blanka Vlašic CRO CRO 2.03 1.95
13 753 Vita Palamar UKR UKR 2.01 1.95
14 705 Kajsa Bergqvist SWE SWE 2.06 2.01
15 124 Xingjuan Zheng CHN CHN 1.92 1.92




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