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2005 World Championships in Athletics Helsinki, Finland

2005 10th IAAF World Championships - Helsinki - Women's Pole Vault



Host City: Helsinki, Finland Format: Qualifying round (4.45 or top 12 to final) (Aug 7)
Dates: 6–14 August 2005
Nations participating: 196
Athletes participating: 1,891
    Main venue: Helsinki Olympic Stadium
Overview by IAAF   Helsinki Olympic Stadium 
The level of Isinbaeva’s domination of women’s vaulting can be gauged by the fact that the biggest margin of victory in an Olympic or Worlds had been 39cm – by Frank Foss in 1920 – until the Russian’s margin of 41cm in Helsinki. Her second jump of 4.60 would have been enough to win on countback, but she then cleared 4.70 before one failure at 5.01. Her second attempt left the bar untouched, as she had cleared with a margin of some 15cm! The final had been postponed for two days because of gale force winds. Even so, conditions had been less than perfect, with just one other jumper (Gao) managing a seasonal best, and with only Pyrek able to jump higher than 4.50. It was Isinbaeva’s 14th world record outdoors.
 These are the official results of the Women's Pole Vault event at the 2005 World Championships in Helsinki, Finland, held on August 7 and August 12, 2005.


World Record  Yelena Isinbayeva (RUS) 5.00 London, England 22 July 2005
Championship Record  Stacy Dragila (USA) 4.75 Edmonton, Canada 6 August 2001
 Svetlana Feofanova (RUS) 4.75 Edmonton, Canada 6 August 2001
Paris, France 25 August 2003
  Pole Vault 12 August

Event Report - Women Pole Vault Final

Isinbayeva Dazzles With Eighteenth World Record

The biggest news of the week could have occurred in the women’s pole vault had Yelena Isinbayeva (RUS) failed to win.  But it didn’t happen, so this was simply another of those routine days at the vaulting pit for the Russian. 

“Routine”, of course, means World Record in Isinbayeva’s case.

Even the spectators seemed to agree, biding their time by practicing the “wave” as they awaited Isinbayeva’s anticipated record attempt.   Even former champion Stacy Dragila was one of the intense fans, snapping pictures with a digital camera from her seat in the tribune. 

Finally, with all others eliminated at 4.75, the bar went up to 5.01, almost 2½ hours after the event started.   Glancing to the south tribune where her coach was semaphoring wind directions, the Russian nudged the bar off on the way up during her first attempt, but the second jump brought her world-record total to eighteen, half of which have occurred this season.  

It also brought her past the halfway point in her drive to match the thirty-five world records set by Sergey Bubka in the men’s pole vault.   And of course, it was accompanied by her trademark back-flip in the vaulting pit. 

For Isinbayeva, a five-jump night is a long one, but this one carried her biggest single paycheck so far, with a $60,000 first-place prize coupled with a $100,000 world-record bonus.   The victory also represented her first World Championships win, an upward move from the bronze she captured two years ago in Paris. 

“Tonight the world record height seemed to be extremely high,” said the Russian in looking back on her achievement.  “It was really difficult to jump at that height.  But I’m sure I’ll be able to clear 5.02 yet this season.” 

In reflecting on her gold medal, she noted that “becoming world champion was not a dream, but the target.” 

The qualifying round of the women’s pole vault last Sunday seemed like a distant memory, as the already unusually long three-day gap between the preliminaries and final was stretched another two days for a weather-related schedule adjustment.  Even on Tuesday, the organizers predicted that heavy rains would make vaulting impossible on the original Wednesday date.   Not coincidentally, it would also have doomed this record. 

The thirteen finalists tonight demonstrated that the extra wait in the Athletes’ Village was not detrimental.  Ten of them survived the first three heights as the bar went to 4.50, where Isinbayeva took her first jump.   

That height proved to be a major barrier, however, as half the remaining field was skimmed away.  Among them were the Athens bronze medallist, Anna Rogowska (POL) and two additional Olympic finalists, Vanessa Boslak (FRA) and Nora Agirre (ESP). 

At 4.60, Isinbayeva now found herself in an unfamiliar position at the top of the vaulting order.  But the 23-year-old wonder used that to her advantage as she flaunted her superiority with a massive margin of more than 30 centimetres in her first-round clearance, as if to say to the four others, “Match this”.  

Only Monika Pyrek (POL) did, as Isinbayeva’s teammate Tatyana Polnova, Gao Shuying (CHN) and former world and European indoor champion Pavla Hamácková (CZE) made their exits, the Czech taking the bronze by virtue of her first-jump success at 4.50. 

Isinbayeva’s first-round 4.70 clearance surprisingly did not bring an immediate pass from Pyrek.  The bronze medallist four years ago in Edmonton took two unsuccessful tries at that height before moving to would-be PB 4.75 for her final miss on her silver-medal night. 

“Yesterday was my 25th birthday, and they call it the silver birthday,” noted the Polish jumper.  “Tonight I was second, so silver is my colour!”

“This is like a victory for me,” she continued.  “Isinbayeva is technically so good, like Sergey Bubka, that I don’t really think I could beat her.” 

Despite the fact Isinbayeva found her record height difficult tonight, she apparently did not end the evening totally exhausted.  “Maybe I’ll go to a night club and dance!” she said as she exited the stadium into a rare, dry Helsinki night.

1 Yelena Isinbayeva RUS 3 Jun 82 5.01
2 Monika Pyrek POL 11 Aug 80 4.60
3 Pavla Rybová CZE 20 May 78 4.50
4 Tatyana Polnova RUS 20 Apr 79 4.50
5 Gao Shuying CHN 28 Oct 79 4.50
6 Dana Ellis CAN 7 Dec 79 4.35
6 Anna Rogowska POL 21 May 81 4.35
8 Vanessa Boslak FRA 11 Jun 82 4.35
9 Naroa Agirre ESP 15 May 79 4.35
10 Carolin Hingst GER 18 Sep 80 4.35
11 Jillian Schwartz USA 19 Sep 79 4.20
12 Tatiana Grigorieva AUS 8 Oct 75 4.00
Tracy O'Hara USA 20 Jul 80 NH
Final 18:10h Team Height 400 420 435 450 460 470 475 501
1 Yelena Isinbayeva RUS 5.01m - - - O O O - XO
2 Monika Pyrek POL 4.60m - O O XO O XX- X
3 Pavla Hamackova CZE 4.50m - XO O O XXX
4 Tatyana Polnova RUS 4.50m - O O XXO XXX
5 Shuying Gao CHN 4.50m XO O XO XXO XXX
6 Anna Rogowska POL 4.35m - - O XXX
6 Dana Ellis CAN 4.35m - O O XXX
8 Vanessa Boslak FRA 4.35m - XO XO XXX
9 Naroa Agirre ESP 4.35m O O XXO XXX
10 Carolin Hingst GER 4.35m XO O XXO XXX
11 Jillian Schwartz USA 4.20m - XO XXX
12 Tatiana Grigorieva AUS 4.00m O XXX
- Tracy O'Hara USA NM - XXX
  Qualification 7 August

Event report - Women Pole Vault Qualification

Waiting Advance To Pole Vault Final

So long as world-record holder Yelena Isinbayeva succeeded in advancing to the women’s pole vault final on Wednesday, there really could not be any shocking news attached to the qualifying round.

And from that aspect, there was none. 

Passing the opening three heights, the Russian patiently waited for seventy minutes after the others started jumping.  Then, with 16 seconds of her one minute of allotted time remaining, she took her opening jump of the day, clearing 4.40 with at least forty centimetres to spare.

She probably thought she was done for the day. 

But the decision to open at 4.40, rather than at the automatic qualifying height of 4.45, may have been a small but inconsequential bit of miscalculation on the part of the Olympic champion.   When 14 of the other 29 competitors also succeeded at 4.40, additional jumping was needed to pare the field to the desired dozen finalists. 

Instead of passing the next height and relying on the failure of others, Isinbayeva took charge of her own fate and jumped the automatic height of 4.45, again with much room between body and bar. 

The competition, which started under a blue sky punctuated with fleecy white clouds but ended under decidedly grey heavens, found all but two of the competitors clearing a height.  As a result, the eliminations were slow in coming. 

After more than 55 minutes of jumping at the first two heights—4.00 and 4.15—only five of the 30 competitors had been eliminated.   Nine more fell out at 4.30, but those who remained were a determined lot, as no one exited at 4.40. 

Joining Isinbayeva and her teammate Tatyana Polnova at 4.45 were the two Polish vaulters, Edmonton bronze winner Monika Pyrek and the Athens bronze medallist Anna Rogowska, plus Jillian Schwartz (USA), Gao Shuying (CHN) and Carolin Hingst (GER).

Among those qualifying on a countback at 4.40 were Sydney silver medallist Tatiana Grigorieva (AUS) .   

The most notable exit was that of the winner of the first two world championships, Stacy Dragila (USA), whose fate was sealed when she needed three attempts at 4.40.

  Group A
1 Anna Rogowska POL 21 May 81 4.45 Q
2 Jillian Schwartz USA 19 Sep 79 4.45 Q
2 Tatyana Polnova RUS 20 Apr 79 4.45 Q
4 Carolin Hingst GER 18 Sep 80 4.45 Q
5 Vanessa Boslak FRA 11 Jun 82 4.40 q
6 Tracy O'Hara USA 20 Jul 80 4.40 q
6 Naroa Agirre ESP 15 May 79 4.40 q
8 Janine Whitlock GBR 11 Aug 73 4.40
9 Thórey Edda Elísdóttir ISL 30 Jun 77 4.15
9 Takayo Kondo JPN 17 Nov 75 4.15
9 Kirsten Belin SWE 2 May 81 4.15
12 Melina Hamilton NZL 15 Jun 76 4.15
13 Nataliya Mazuryk UKR 5 Mar 83 4.15
14 Kelsie Hendry CAN 29 Jun 82 4.00
14 Zhao Yingying CHN 15 Feb 86 4.00
  Group B
1 Monika Pyrek POL 11 Aug 80 4.45 Q
1 Yelena Isinbayeva RUS 3 Jun 82 4.45 Q
3 Gao Shuying CHN 28 Oct 79 4.45 Q
4 Dana Ellis CAN 7 Dec 79 4.40 q
4 Pavla Rybová CZE 20 May 78 4.40 q
6 Tatiana Grigorieva AUS 8 Oct 75 4.40 q
7 Fabiana Murer BRA 16 Mar 81 4.40
8 Stacy Dragila USA 25 Mar 71 4.40
9 Anzhela Balahonova UKR 18 Dec 72 4.15
9 Krisztina Molnár HUN 8 Apr 76 4.15
9 Afrodíti Skafída GRE 20 Mar 82 4.15
12 Elisabete Ansel POR 7 Mar 80 4.00
13 Teja Melink SLO 23 Mar 80 4.00
Anna Fitidou CYP 22 Apr 77 NH
Nadine Rohr SUI 29 Jun 77 NH
Group A Team Height 400 415 430 440 445
1 Anna Rogowska POL 4.45m - - XO O O
2 Jillian Schwartz USA 4.45m - XO O XO O
2 Tatyana Polnova RUS 4.45m - XO XO O O
4 Carolin Hingst GER 4.45m - O XXO XO XXO
5 Vanessa Boslak FRA 4.40m - O O O XXX
6 Tracy O'Hara USA 4.40m - O O XXO XXX
6 Naroa Agirre ESP 4.40m O O O XXO XXX
8 Janine Whitlock GBR 4.40m - O XO XXO XXX
9 Thorey Edda Elisdottir ISL 4.15m - O XXX
9 Takayo Kondo JPN 4.15m O O XXX
9 Kirsten Belin SWE 4.15m O O XXX
12 Melina Hamilton NZL 4.15m O XO XXX
13 Natalya Kushch UKR 4.15m XO XXO XXX
14 Yingying Zhao CHN 4.00m XO - XXX
14 Kelsey Hendry CAN 4.00m XO XXX
Group B Team Height 400 415 430 440 445
1 Monika Pyrek POL 4.45m - - O O O
1 Yelena Isinbayeva RUS 4.45m - - - O O
3 Shuying Gao CHN 4.45m O O XXO XO O
4 Dana Ellis CAN 4.40m - O O XO XXX
4 Pavla Hamackova CZE 4.40m - O O XO XXX
6 Tatiana Grigorieva AUS 4.40m XO O XO XO XXX
7 Fabiana Murer BRA 4.40m O XO XO XXO XXX
8 Stacy Dragila USA 4.40m - XO XXO XXO XXX
9 Anzhela Balakhonova UKR 4.15m - XO XXX
9 Krisztina Molnar HUN 4.15m O XO XXX
9 Afroditi Skafida GRE 4.15m O XO XXX
12 Elisabete Tavares POR 4.00m O XXX
13 Teja Melink SLO 4.00m XO XXX
- Anna Fitidou CYP NM XXX
- Nadine Rohr SUI NM XXX

Group A 07 AUG 2005 13:30 

1 814 Tracy O'Hara USA USA 4.60 4.60
2 301 Carolin Hingst GER GER 4.66 4.65i
3 123 Yingying Zhao CHN CHN 4.45i 4.45i
4 749 Natalya Kushch-Mazuryk UKR UKR 4.50 4.40
5 825 Jillian Schwartz USA USA 4.60 4.55
6 287 Janine Whitlock GBR GBR 4.47 4.47
7 178 Naroa Agirre ESP ESP 4.47 4.35
8 704 Kirsten Belin SWE SWE 4.51 4.45
9 98 Kelsie Hendry CAN CAN 4.46 4.46
10 535 Melina Hamilton NZL NZL 4.40 4.31
11 365 Thórey Edda Elisdóttir ISL ISL 4.60 4.50
12 238 Vanessa Boslak FRA FRA 4.60 4.60
13 433 Takayo Kondo JPN JPN 4.35 4.10
14 565 Anna Rogowska POL POL 4.80 4.80
15 652 Tatyana Polnova RUS RUS 4.78 4.60i

Group B 07 AUG 2005 13:30 

1 158 Anna Fitídou CYP CYP 4.40i 4.40i
2 788 Stacy Dragila USA USA 4.83 4.60
3 349 Krisztina Molnár HUN HUN 4.53 4.45
4 9 Tatiana Grigorieva AUS AUS 4.56 4.47
5 334 Afrodíti Skafída GRE GRE 4.48 4.48
6 740 Anzhela Balakhonova UKR UKR 4.57 4.40
7 108 Shuying Gao CHN CHN 4.52 4.45
8 690 Teja Melink SLO SLO 4.30 4.20
9 579 Elisabete Tavares Ansel POR POR 4.30i 4.30i
10 699 Nadine Rohr SUI SUI 4.30 4.30
11 162 Pavla Rybová CZE CZE 4.60 4.55i
12 564 Monika Pyrek POL POL 4.72 4.70
13 96 Dana Ellis CAN CAN 4.51 4.51
14 632 Elena Isinbaeva RUS RUS 5.00 5.00
15 75 Fabiana Murer BRA BRA 4.40 4.40




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