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2007 World Championships in Athletics Osaka, Japan

2007 11th IAAF World Championships - Osaka - Men's 110m Hurdles



Host City: Osaka, Japan Format: First round (First 3 & 9 fastest to semi-finals) (Aug 29)
Dates: 24 August - 2 September 2007 Format: Semi-finals (First 2 & 2 fastest to final) (Aug 30)
Nations participating: 200
Athletes participating: 1,978
    Main venue: Nagai Stadium
Overview by IAAF   nagai stadium01 
Liu and Trammell were the only sub-13 performers in 2007, with the Olympic Champion from China the marginal favourite in Osaka. It was his compatriot Shi who was the fastest in the heats with a personal best of 13.22. Behind him Payne ran 13.27. Three days before that race Payne was at home in Virginia, but flew to Osaka when Dominique Arnold had to withdraw with an Achilles injury. World record holder Liu was drawn in lane nine in the final because he had eased off in his semi-final and was only the secondquickest of those who placed second in that round. Despite a reaction more than 0.03 slower than any other finalist, Trammell was the leader at the first hurdle, with Payne and Robles just behind. Trammell moved away from Payne, but Liu began to move up, and was second by the sixth barrier. Liu’s momentum was irresistible, and he caught Trammell at the ninth hurdle, and won by almost half a metre with the first sub-13 at the World championships since 1997. Trammell also dipped below 13 seconds, and needed it to hold off the remarkable Payne who ran 13.02.
 The 110 metres hurdles at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Nagai Stadium in Osaka, Japan from August 29 to August 31.


World record  Liu Xiang (CHN) 12.88 Lausanne, Switzerland 11 July 2006
Championship record  Colin Jackson (GBR) 12.91 Stuttgart, Germany 20 August 1993
World leading  Liu Xiang (CHN) 12.92 New York City, United States 2 June 2007
  110m Hurdles 31 August 1.7

Event report: Men's 110m Hurdles Final

The next year is going to be very demanding of Liu Xiang, the tall young man with the expectations of the world's most populous country on his slender shoulders. A taste of what might be to come in the build-up to and during next summer's Beijing Olympics was there to be seen here in Osaka tonight, with an entire section of the stand beyond the finish line taken up with chanting, red flag-waving Chinese supporters.

Even the coolest of customers can find it affecting: "I was a little bit nervous at first," Liu conceded. "After my silver in Helsinki two years ago", when Ladji Dacoure, of France, had pipped China's first male Olympic track champion to the gold by the narrowest of margins, "I had to win the gold."

Liu ensured he will go to the Beijing Games not only as the world record-holder and the host nation's best chance of an athletics gold, but also as the reigning World champion - and nothing, it seems, not even the concerted pressure of the best that the rest of the world has to offer, fazes the 24-year-old once he gets going.

Liu was drawn in lane nine for this final, right up against the main stand, with the Jamaican Maurice Wignall to his immediate left. The big threats, Dayron Robles, of Cuba, and Terrence Trammell, the American, were in lanes four and five.

That was as far as Liu's rivals were able to get from him, though he seemed a little slow to get into his full stride. Wignall alongside him was matching him in rising to the first three flights, and the unheralded American, David Payne, in lane seven, was keeping pace, too.

Robles, the hottest threat after beating the Olympic champion in the semi-final, was not at the races this time around, and he struggled to keep pace with Trammell who, at the fourth flight, looked like he might have the edge on his Chinese rival.

In reality, Trammell didn't stand a chance. After what he conceded was a poor start, from somewhere, deep within himself, Liu summoned up some extra effort and awesome speed, so that off the final flight, he half turned his body - partly in curiousity, partly in bravado - to see his rivals over the last 10 metres, yelling in triumph. Liu must be the only World champion in Osaka to have seen his event finish before watching it on TV.

Despite his dreadful form at the finish, Liu still clocked 12.95, beating Trammell by 0.04sec, while Payne - who only knew he would be racing here two days ago - set a PB 13.02 as he out-ran a disappointing Robles (13.15).

Sergiy Demdyuk (UKR; 13.22) in sixth and Jackson Quinonez (ESP; 13.33) in seventh both set national records.

Liu was jubilant once across the line, skipping around the finish area and shouting for joy before giving the routine interviews. He pulled on one of his sponsor's T-shirts which had a slogan in Chinese script across the chest for the TV cameras. It may have read "I've just done it".

Certainly, Liu's self-confidence had not been damaged by his first World title. "There's nothing I can't do," he said.

"Now I will have even more pressure than before," he said, anticipating his next 12 months, "but this is something I will need to get over."

Osaka 2007 News Team/sd 

1 Liu Xiang CHN 13 Jul 83 12.95
2 Terrence Trammell USA 23 Nov 78 12.99
3 David Payne USA 24 Jul 82 13.02
4 Dayron Robles CUB 19 Nov 86 13.15
5 Shi Dongpeng CHN 6 Jan 84 13.19
6 Serhiy Demydyuk UKR 5 Jun 82 13.22
7 Jackson Quinonez ESP 12 Jun 80 13.33
8 Maurice Wignall JAM 17 Apr 76 13.39
  Semifinals 30 August

Event report: Men’s 110m Hurdles Semi-finals

The Olympic champion and world recordholder Liu Xiang looks on track to add the World Championship to his growing list of titles as he cruised into tomorrow night’s final at the Nagai Stadium this evening.

Liu’s task was made easier when the defending champion, Ladji Doucoure of France, was eliminated, looking decidedly race rusty after an injury-ravaged season.

Xiang means ''spreading wings to fly'', but the Chinese sprint hurdler kept his feet on the ground, metaphorically at least, in the last of the three semis to secure his place in the final in second place without expending unnecessary energy or risking a fall.

He didn’t exactly need to fly, running 13.25, 0.04s behind the Cuban Dayron Robles, some way short of the blistering world record he set last year and the 12.92 world leading time he ran in New York at the beginning of June.

His time placed him fifth among the list of qualifiers headed by David Payne of the United States with 13.19, though it was Terence Trammell, the American whom Liu beat to the Olympic title, who looks like his closest challenger again. Trammell looked sharp in the second heat which he won in 13.23.

Payne, the Pan-American silver medallist, won the first heat in 13.19 with a late surge that took him past the Commonwealth champion Maurice Wignall, with Liu’s teammate Shi Dongpeng, grabbing the second qualifying place in 13.24.

Wignall was rewarded for his great start – he led to hurdle eight – with a season’s best 13.29, while Jackson Quinonez broke the Spanish record with 13.33 for fourth. Both made it into the final as the two fastest losers.

The second heat pitched Doucoure against Trammell, twice an Olympic silver medallist, but it was no contest. The US champion led from the start for an easy win in 13.23, as Doucoure was run out of it in fourth.

After a poor start, the Frenchman could never make up the ground although a desperate lean pushed him above Cuba’s Yoel Hernandez into third. With only the first two guaranteed to go through, his time of 13.36 was not quick enough to take him through.

The third race was all about Liu and Robles. They pulled clear of the rest at the fourth hurdle and ran perfectly in step, like synchronised hurdlers, until two steps from the line. Liu looked around, saw he was safe, and eased up allowing Robles to take the tape in 13.21.

“The race was easier than yesterday’s,” said Liu. “But it is tomorrow’s race that matters.”

Osaka 2007 News Team/mkb

  Heat 1 -0.4
1 David Payne USA 24 Jul 82 13.19 Q
2 Shi Dongpeng CHN 6 Jan 84 13.24 Q
3 Maurice Wignall JAM 17 Apr 76 13.29 q
4 Jackson Quinonez ESP 12 Jun 80 13.33 q
5 Anselmo Gomes da Silva BRA 22 Mar 81 13.53
6 Robert Kronberg SWE 15 Aug 76 13.58
7 Adrien Deghelt BEL 10 May 85 13.70
8 Dudley Dorival HAI 1 Sep 75 13.82
  Heat 2 -0.3
1 Terrence Trammell USA 23 Nov 78 13.23 Q
2 Serhiy Demydyuk UKR 5 Jun 82 13.35 Q
3 Ladji Doucoure FRA 28 Mar 83 13.36
4 Yoel Hernandez CUB 12 Dec 77 13.37
5 Xing Yanan CHN 17 Jun 83 13.59
6 Tasuku Tanonaka JPN 23 Sep 78 13.62
7 Stanislav Olijar LAT 22 Mar 79 13.78
8 Ryan Brathwaite BAR 6 Jun 88 13.87
  Heat 3 -1,0
1 Dayron Robles CUB 19 Nov 86 13.21 Q
2 Liu Xiang CHN 13 Jul 83 13.25 Q
3 Andy Turner GBR 19 Sep 80 13.38
4 David Oliver USA 24 Apr 82 13.42
5 Gregory Sedoc NED 16 Oct 81 13.58
6 Masato Naito JPN 31 Jul 80 13.58
7 Jared MacLeod CAN 3 Apr 80 13.66
8 Thomas Blaschek GER 5 Apr 81 13.77
  Heats 29 August

Event report: Men’s 110m Hurdles 1st Round

There were no major casualties in the opening exchanges, although reigning champion Ladji Doucoure finished an unconvincing second in a four-way photo finish. On this evidence the Frenchman faces an uphill struggle to mount a successful defence of his title.

World No2 Terrence Trammell qualified with something to spare as a comfortable heat one winner in 13.41. As soon as the two-time Olympic silver medallist from the USA passed the quick-starting Gregory Sedoc at 60m the result was a formality. Sedoc, the European Indoor 60m hurdles champion from Holland, hung on for second in 13.48.

World record-holder Liu Xiang was similarly impressive in the second heat. Running a controlled race the Chinese athlete enjoyed a trouble-free race, crossing the finish beam in 13.36 just ahead of Spanish record-holder Jackson Quinonez (13.39).

European champion Stanislav Olijars punched the air in celebration such was his joy in taking heat three in a season’s best of 13.39. Cuba’s Yoel Hernandez secured second in 13.46 but US bronze medallist David Oliver finished a distant fifth in 13.66 and only scrambled into the semi-finals as the ninth and final fastest loser by 0.01.

Pan American champion Dayron Robles of Cuba cruised into the semi-finals by winning heat four in 13.41. But a lacklustre Doucoure looked unimpressive in 13.61.

The Frencman has been out of sorts this season, and had to dig deep over the final three hurdles to squeeze into one of the three automatic qualifying positions. He was credited with exactly the same time as Japan’s Tasuku Tanonaka, Adrian Deghelt of Belgium and Canada’s Jared McLeod.

The second-string Chinese hurdler, Donpeng Shi, headed the qualifiers after winning heat five in a personal best 13.22. Shi recovered from a poor start to edge US athlete David Payne and Britain’s Andy Turner, who both recorded 13.27.

The 110m hurdles semi-finals are scheduled to take place tomorrow night at 21:30 local time.

Osaka 2007 News Team/sl

  Heat 1 0.4
1 Terrence Trammell USA 23 Nov 78 13.40 Q
2 Gregory Sedoc NED 16 Oct 81 13.48 Q
3 Robert Kronberg SWE 15 Aug 76 13.51 Q
4 Xing Yanan CHN 17 Jun 83 13.56 q
5 Thomas Blaschek GER 5 Apr 81 13.56 q
6 Konstadinos Douvalidis GRE 10 Mar 87 13.74
7 Eder Antonio Souza BRA 15 Oct 86 13.86
8 Tarmo Jallai EST 30 Jan 79 14.16
  Heat 2 -0.6
1 Liu Xiang CHN 13 Jul 83 13.36 Q
2 Jackson Quinonez ESP 12 Jun 80 13.39 Q
3 Maurice Wignall JAM 17 Apr 76 13.47 Q
4 Serhiy Demydyuk UKR 5 Jun 82 13.53 q
5 Anselmo Gomes da Silva BRA 22 Mar 81 13.58 q
6 Selim Nurudeen NGR 1 Feb 83 13.78
7 Kenji Yahata JPN 4 Nov 80 13.92
8 Abdul Hakeem Abdul Halim SIN 9 Feb 87 14.94
  Heat 3 -0.2
1 Stanislav Olijar LAT 22 Mar 79 13.38 Q
2 Yoel Hernandez CUB 12 Dec 77 13.46 Q
3 Masato Naito JPN 31 Jul 80 13.54 Q
4 Ryan Brathwaite BAR 6 Jun 88 13.62 q
5 David Oliver USA 24 Apr 82 13.66 q
6 Mohammed Aissa Al-Thawadi QAT 18 Nov 81 13.67
7 Joseph Berlioz Randriamihaja MAD 30 Nov 75 13.83
Felipe Vivancos ESP 16 Jun 80 DQ
  Heat 4 0.6
1 Dayron Robles CUB 19 Nov 86 13.41 Q
2 Ladji Doucoure FRA 28 Mar 83 13.61 Q
3 Tasuku Tanonaka JPN 23 Sep 78 13.61 Q
4 Adrien Deghelt BEL 10 May 85 13.61 q
5 Jared MacLeod CAN 3 Apr 80 13.61 q
6 Shaun Bownes RSA 24 Oct 70 13.81
7 David Ilariani GEO 20 Jan 81 13.82
8 Igor Peremota RUS 14 Jan 81 13.84
  Heat 5 0.6
1 Shi Dongpeng CHN 6 Jan 84 13.22 Q
2 David Payne USA 24 Jul 82 13.27 Q
3 Andy Turner GBR 19 Sep 80 13.27 Q
4 Dudley Dorival HAI 1 Sep 75 13.63 q
5 Andreas Kundert SUI 1 Oct 84 13.68
6 Shamar Sands BAH 30 Apr 85 13.72
7 Damjan Zlatnar SLO 16 Dec 77 13.77
8 Bano Traore FRA 25 Apr 85 13.84

Heat 1 29 AUG 2007 11:40

2 523 Tarmo Jallai EST EST 13.62 14.28
3 446 Yanan Xing CHN CHN 13.54 13.54
4 851 Gregory Sedoc NED NED 13.37 13.37
5 1145 Terrence Trammell USA USA 12.95 12.95
6 647 Konstantinos Douvalidis GRE GRE 13.49 13.49
7 403 Éder Antonio Souza BRA BRA 13.58 13.58
8 615 Thomas Blaschek GER GER 13.31 13.33
9 1029 Robert Kronberg SWE SWE 13.35 13.57

Heat 2 29 AUG 2007 11:48

2 1069 Serhiy Demydyuk UKR UKR 13.33 13.33
3 392 Anselmo da Silva BRA BRA 13.31 13.52
4 441 Xiang Liu CHN CHN 12.88 12.92
5 988 Abdul Hakeem Abdul Halim SGP SGP 14.87 14.87
6 868 Selim Nurudeen NGR NGR 13.59 13.59
7 517 Jackson Quiñónez ESP ESP 13.34 13.35
8 759 Kenji Yahata JPN JPN 13.58 13.58
9 725 Maurice Wignall JAM JAM 13.17 13.49

Heat 3 29 AUG 2007 11:56

2 521 Felipe Vivancos ESP ESP 13.41 13.56
3 462 Yoel Hernández CUB CUB 13.23 13.23
4 358 Ryan Brathwaite BAR BAR 13.61 13.61
5 1124 David Oliver USA USA 13.14 13.14
6 807 Joseph-Berlioz Randriamihaja MAD MAD 13.46 13.55
7 799 Stanislavs Olijars LAT LAT 13.08 13.44
8 919 Mohamed Issa Al-Thawadi QAT QAT 13.62 13.62
9 751 Masato Naito JPN JPN 13.43 13.43

Heat 4 29 AUG 2007 12:04

2 360 Adrien Deghelt BEL BEL 13.57 13.57
3 467 Dayron Robles CUB CUB 13.00 13.11
4 563 Ladji Doucouré FRA FRA 12.97 13.27
5 758 Tasuku Tanonaka JPN JPN 13.55 13.59
6 933 Shaun Bownes RSA RSA 13.26 13.39
7 961 Igor Peremota RUS RUS 13.37 13.47
8 427 Jared MacLeod CAN CAN 13.54 13.55
9 610 David Ilariani GEO GEO 13.69 13.81

Heat 5 29 AUG 2007 12:12

2 356 Shamar Sands BAH BAH 13.47 13.47
3 1128 David Payne USA USA 13.12 13.12
4 577 Bano Traoré FRA FRA 13.54 13.54
5 998 Damjan Zlatnar SLO SLO 13.56 13.56
6 1009 Andreas Kundert SUI SUI 13.59 13.59
7 608 Andrew Turner GBR GBR 13.38 13.43
8 664 Dudley Dorival HAI HAI 13.25 13.64
9 445 Dongpeng Shi CHN CHN 13.24 13.24

Event preview: Men’s 110m Hurdles

Reigning world champion Ladji Doucoure faces a tough task to successfully defend his title after a mediocre season.

The French athlete’s best clocking this year is 0.30 down on his lifetime best of 12.97. After a succession of injury issues over the past couple of seasons he needs a major turnaround in fortunes to repeat his Helsinki gold.

Waiting to profit is world record-holder and reigning Olympic champion Liu Xiang. The one gong missing from his sizeable medal cabinet is a World title, but with the world’s fastest time this year of 12.92, the Chinese athlete will be the one the opposition fear.

Terence Trammell, the two time World Indoor champion, has found the best form of his life this summer aged 28 and could be Liu’s chief danger. The experienced US athlete recorded a new lifetime best of 12.95 to finish second behind Liu in New York, and the Atlanta resident was also an impressive winner of the US title in June.

The second and third place finishers behind Trammel at the US nationals will also feature. US record-holder Dominique Arnold, 33, will seek to go at least one better than two years ago, when he finished fourth in Helsinki, while Pan-American silver medallist David Payne (13.12) hopes to make an impact in his first major global competition.

Recently crowned Pan American Games champion Dayron Robles is another who should not be dismissed. The 20-year-old rising Cuban star has a season’s best of 13.11 and is a class act.

Osaka 2007 News Team/sl




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