2011 World Championships in Athletics Daegu, South Korea

2011 13th IAAF World Championships - Daegu - Men's 50km Race Walk



Host City: Daegu, South Korea
Dates: 27 August – 4 September 2011
Nations participating: 204
Athletes participating: 1848
  Main venue: Daegu Stadium
Overview by IAAF  
Double European champion Diniz was the early leader, passing 15Km in 66:20. Then, as had happened in 2005, the Frenchman was disqualified for “lifting.” The 2007 winner Deakes took over, passing 20Km in 1:28:03, and 30Km in 2:11:33. The Australian then slowed up, bothered by hamstring problems, and Bakulin, 31 seconds behind at 30Km was in front at 35Km. The Russian maintained 3:40 pace until the last 5Km, which he covered in 23:08. Behind him another Australian, Tallent, gained until 46Km then lost 48 seconds in the last 4Km and was passed by Nizhegorodov in the closing stages. The Daegu walks were all held on a 2Km loop in Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park. Bakulin, like his predecessor Kirdyapkin, was caught doping under the IAAF Athlete Biological Passport programme. In January 2015, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency declared that he would be stripped of his Daegu gold, but the otherwise selective nature of the RUSADA’s punishment in his and five other cases was disputed by the IAAF. The Court of Arbitration for Sport settled things in the IAAF’s favour in March 2016. Bakulin was utimately banned for three years and two months to February 2016, with the annulment of all his results from February 25, 2011. Kirdyapkin was also disqualified from this race, though he failed to finish anyway