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2013 World Championships in Athletics Moscow, Russia

2013 14th IAAF World Championships - Moscow - Men's High Jump



Host City: Moscow, RussiaFormat: Qualifying round (2.31 or top 12 to final) (Aug 13)
Dates: 10 August 2013 – 18 August 2013
Nations participating: 203
Athletes participating: 1,784
  Main venue: Luzhniki Stadium
Overview by IAAF  
This event had suddenly proved to be one of the strongest in athletics in 2013 with two men (Bondarenko and Barshim) over 2.40. A further indication of standards came when Grabarz cleared 2.29 – as he had done in London 2012 for the bronze – only to finish eighth in Moscow. Seven men cleared 2.32, of which four made 2.35 the first time. The best of those clearances was by the Ukrainian, whose 2.35 looked good enough to make 2.45. He passed at 2.38, which Barshim then Drioun made to temporarily place 1-2. Olympic Champion Ukhov, returning from injury, was eliminated at this point. Watched by his father and coach, Bondarenko went over 2.41 with his second try. With no failures by the Ukrainian at earlier heights, Barshim and Drouin were forced to try 2.44 with their remaining two attempts. Both failed, leaving the victor to try a world record of 2.46. Two of his three attempts were respectable. As at July 31, 2019, Ukhov’s fourth place hangs in the balance, as does his 2012 Olympic title. In February 2019, he was one of 12 Russians sanctioned by the Court of Arbitration of Sport for doping offences related to an investigation conducted by Professor Richard McLaren into allegations of systemic doping practices in Russian sport. They ruled that he should be suspended for four years, starting from the date the ban was announced (February 1), with his results achieved from July 16, 2012, to December 31, 2015, to be disqualified. Ukhov’s appeal against the judgement was active at the time this book was finalised, so his results and not been amended here.




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