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2013 World Championships in Athletics Moscow, Russia

2013 14th IAAF World Championships - Moscow - Men's Long Jump



Host City: Moscow, RussiaFormat: Qualifying round (8.10 or top 12 to final) (Aug 14)
Dates: 10 August 2013 – 18 August 2013
Nations participating: 203
Athletes participating: 1,784
  Main venue: Luzhniki Stadium
Overview by IAAF  
Menkov dominated the proceedings, producing the three longest jumps of the day with consecutive leaps of 8.52, 8.43 and finally 8.56. A simple hang technique with virtually no extraneous movement in the air was enough for Menkov to give the impression of being able to reach 8.75+ in the future. Reif led in the first round with 8.18, but was passed initially by Cáceres with 8.25 using a wild-looking hitchkick. Gaisah – Ghana’s silver medallist from 2005, who had since transferred to Holland in 2013 – reached a Dutch record of 8.29. That was enough to keep Rivera, Cáceres, and da Silva at bay for the silver medal. Taking toe-to-heel measurements the best jumps for the top athletes were by Menkov – 8.57 (on his 8.56 jump), Reif 8.39 (8.22), Rivera 8.34 (8.27), Cáceres 8.32 (8.25) and Gaisah 8.31 (8.29).




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