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2015 World Championships in Athletics Beijing, Russia

2015 15th IAAF World Championships - Beijing - Men's 5000m



Host City: Beijing, ChinaFormat: First round (First 5 & 5 fastest to final) (Aug 26)
Dates: 22 August 2015 — 30 August 2015
Nations participating: 205
Athletes participating: 1,781
  Main venue: Beijing National Stadium
Overview by IAAF  
The final started so slowly that Farah was able to veer off for a drink on lap three and lose almost no ground. Merga stopped the photo-cell timer at 3000m in only 8:47.28. The Ethiopian increased the tempo slightly, then Farah took over with three laps to go. A sharper burst of pace was finally injected by Ndiku just before 4200m. The Kenyan ran the penultimate lap in 56.2, but still had Farah, Gebrihiwet, Kejelcha and Rupp within striking distance. Ndiku then completed the lap to 4800m in 54.34, leaving all but Farah adrift. The Briton waited until the final 75m, then surged to become the first three-time World Champion at this event. Farah’s last kilometre had taken 2:19.20 and his last 800m took 1:49.4 (just 0.7 slower than his personal best for the event), with a last lap of 52.6. Ndiku’s finishing figures were also of high world class: 2:20.29, 1:50.3 and 54.04. “I knew that Farah is like a 100m runner in the finish,” the Kenyan reflected, “so my plan to kill him was to push him a bit earlier, but maybe it was already too late.”




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