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2015 World Championships in Athletics Beijing, Russia

2015 15th IAAF World Championships - Beijing - Men's High Jump



Host City: Beijing, ChinaFormat: Qualifying round (2.31 or top 12 to final (Aug 28)
Dates: 22 August 2015 — 30 August 2015
Nations participating: 205
Athletes participating: 1,781
  Main venue: Beijing National Stadium
Overview by IAAF  
Of the big four favourites, only Barshim had any failures before 2.33, but this failure (at 2.29) proved decisive when he and four others all failed three times at 2.36. Of those five, three men had no earlier misses. So Drouin, Bondarenko and Zhang commenced three-way jumpoff, the first time this had happened at a World Championship. All three failed on a fourth attempt at 2.36, but then Drouin cleared 2.34, leaving Bondarenko and Zhang in a tie for second when they missed at that height. “I hoped to make a medal,” said the Canadian, “but hoping for and making it actually happen are two different things. I was first on the line-up [to jump], that was good to keep the pressure on the field.” For the first time a jump of 2.29 did not guarantee a place in the final.




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