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2015 World Championships in Athletics Beijing, Russia

2015 15th IAAF World Championships - Beijing - Men's Long Jump



Host City: Beijing, ChinaFormat: Qualifying round (8.15 or top 12 to final) (Aug 24)
Dates: 22 August 2015 — 30 August 2015
Nations participating: 205
Athletes participating: 1,781
  Main venue: Beijing National Stadium
Overview by IAAF  
Wang (18) led the competition after the first round with 8.14, which he improved to 8.18 in the second stanza. Rutherford quickly settled matters with a jump of 8.29, followed two rounds later with an 8.41 featuring a plasticine gap of only 1.5cm. The major change in the last two rounds came with Lapierre’s medal-winning efforts of 8.20 and then 8.24. Henderson – who qualified with 8.36 – had a miserable day, managing one valid jump of 7.95. His compatriots fared much worse. Hartfield fouled out in the final while Dendy went out in qualifying. For Rutherford it gave him a full house of championships – World, Olympic, Commonwealth and European – the fifth to complete such a collection only available to Britons and Cypriots.




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