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2017 World Championships in Athletics London, United Kingdom

2017 16th IAAF World Championships - London - Men's 800m



Host City: London, UKFormat: First round (First 3 & 6 fastest to semi-finals) (Aug 5)
Dates: 4–13 August 2017Format: Semi-finals (First 2 & 2 fastest to final) (Aug 6)
Nations participating: 205
Athletes participating: 2038
  Main venue: London Stadium
Overview by IAAF  
The final was not a vintage race, but it did produce a great surprise. As expected, McBride forced the pace, reaching 200m in 24.19, while Bett and Amos behind him bounced off each other like pinballs. McBride led from Amos at 400m in 50.76 by photo-cell (or 50.78 transponder). Bett and Amos moved by McBride at 550m but dramatically sweeping past both was Bosse with his 12.54 100m to 600m. The Frenchman increased his lead with another sub-13 100m around the last bend, which gained another 3m over the field. It looked as if he might be reeled in, but the African challenge receded, Kszczot left his finishing effort too late and the gold went to France. Finishing faster than anyone (13.11) was Langford, who was warmly greeted by the home crowd for his unexpected fourth place. The entertaining Bosse happily reflected. “I could not understand why no-one was going past me. Even when I crossed the line I couldn’t believe it”.




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