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1947 World Student Games (Pre-Universiade) - Prague

Athletics at the 1947 World Festival of Youth and Students






The 1st World Festival of Youth and Students featured an athletics competition among its programme of events. The events were contested in Prague, Czechoslovakia in August 1947. Mainly contested among Eastern European athletes, it served as an alternative to the more Western European-oriented 1947 International University Games held in Paris the same year.

Prominent competitors included Ivan Gubijan, Waclaw Kuzmicki and Olga Šicnerová, all of whom later participated at the 1948 Summer Olympics. Double sprint gold medallist Ion Moina's feats later led to the Stadionul Ion Moina being named in his honour. Přemysl Hajný won a shot put and discus throw double in the men's section and later won an Olympic silver medal in ice hockey at the 1948 Winter Olympics. Only one medallist in the women's section was from outside of Poland and Czechoslovakia.


Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Ion Moina (ROM) 10.7  Giuseppe Guzzi (ITA) 10.9  Karel Lambert (TCH) 10.9
200 metres  Ion Moina (ROM) 21.9  Bogdan Lipski (POL) 22.5  Zvonimir Sabolovic (YUG) 22.6
400 metres  Zvonimir Sabolovic (YUG) 50.4  Zygmunt Buhl (POL) 50.9  Giuseppe Rocca (ITA) 51.0
800 metres  Karel Vomácka (TCH) 1:57.5  Rinaldo Molina (ITA) 1:59.5  Antonín Bechyne (TCH) 2:00.1
1500 metres  Rinaldo Molina (ITA) 4:11.4  Jaroslav Slavícek (TCH) 4:17.0  Nowak (POL) 4:18.2
5000 metres  Djordje Stefanovic (YUG) 15:29.4  Karel Zabloudil (TCH) 15:41.6  Napoleon Dzwonkowski (POL) 15:41.6
110 m hurdles  Danilo Pacchini (ITA) 15.5  Belul Hatibi (ALB) 16.1  Giuseppe Siletto (ITA) 16.1
High jump  Ion Söter (ROM) 1.90 m  Italo Gabbiazzi (ITA) 1.75 m  Waclaw Kuzmicki (POL) 1.70 m
Pole vault  Zeno Dragomir (ROM) 3.60 m Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Long jump  Waclaw Kuzmicki (POL) 6.70 m  Karel Hilský (TCH) 6.57 m  Davorin Marcelja (YUG) 6.33 m
Shot put  Přemysl Hajný (TCH) 13.53 m  Eduard Cestr (TCH) 12.81 m  Edward Adamczyk (POL) 12.39 m
Discus throw  Přemysl Hajný (TCH) 40.48 m  Waclaw Kuzmicki (POL) 39.06 m  Davorin Marcelja (YUG) 38.58 m
Hammer throw  Jaroslav Knotek (TCH) 54.48 m  Ivan Gubijan (YUG) 50.48 m Unknown Unknown
Javelin throw  Mirko Vujacic (YUG) 61.75 m  Ludvík Wunsch (TCH) 57.45 m  Davorin Marcelja (YUG) 55.12 m
4×100 m relay  Italy (ITA) 43.7  Poland (POL) 44.1  Czechoslovakia (TCH) 44.3


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Olga Šicnerová (TCH) 12.5  Jadwiga Slomczewska (POL) 12.7  Danuše Klesnilová (TCH) 12.8
200 metres  Olga Šicnerová (TCH) 27.1  Jadwiga Slomczewska (POL) 27.5  Wasilewska (POL) 31.0
80 m hurdles  Aniela Mitan (POL) 12.6  Kveta Volšíková (TCH) 12.9  Anna Plšková (TCH) 13.0
High jump  Kveta Volšíková (TCH) 1.45 m  Aniela Mitan (POL)
 Olga Modrachová (TCH)
1.40 m Not awarded
Long jump  Sona Reichová (TCH) 5.27 m  Danuše Klesnilová (TCH) 5.18 m  Olga Modrachová (TCH) 4.91 m
Shot put  Adéla Machácková (TCH) 11.82 m  Anna Cieslewicz (POL) 11.68 m  Danica Marincek (YUG) 11.04 m
Discus throw  Hana Ženíšková (TCH) 34.38 m  Adéla Machácková (TCH) 33.43 m  Helena Stachowicz (POL) 33.23 m
Javelin throw  Helena Stachowicz (POL) 38.26 m  Marta Komínová (TCH) 29.16 m  Hana Ženíšková (TCH) 26.50 m
4×100 m relay  Poland (POL) 52.4 Only one finishing team


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