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1953 World Student Games (Pre-Universiade) - Bucharest

Athletics at the 1953 World Festival of Youth and Students






The 4th World Festival of Youth and Students featured an athletics competition among its programme of events. The events were contested in Bucharest, Romania in August 1953. Mainly contested among Eastern European athletes, it served as an alternative to the more Western European-oriented 1953 Summer International University Sports Week held in Dortmund the same year.

The event reached new peaks, in particular with men's long-distance battles between multiple Olympic champion Emil Zátopek and future Olympic champion Vladimir Kuts (Zátopek won both contests). Ardalion Ignatyev, Yevgeniy Bulanchik, Anatoliy Yulin, Josef Doležal, Ödön Földessy, Leonid Shcherbakov all went on to claim gold medals at the 1954 European Athletics Championships a year later. The men's hammer throw saw European champion Sverre Strandli take on and defeat the reigning Olympic champion József Csermák.

The women's events contained similarly high profile athletes. Aleksandra Chudina defended three of her four titles from the previous edition and won a different fourth title in the javelin throw (having won the 80 metres hurdles in 1951 instead). Nina Otkalenko won the 800 metres – a feat she would repeat at the 1954 European Championships – and Maria Golubnichaya did the same in the 80 m hurdles. The 1948 Olympic championOlga Gyarmati returned but was again held off the long jump podium by Chudina. Having won the Olympic title since her previous runner-up performance at the tournament, shot putter Galina Zybina went on better and won the world student title. Nina Ponomaryova defended her discus throw title, having also become Olympic champion in the meantime.

Yevgeniy Bulanchik (110 m hurdles), Leonid Shcherbakov (triple jump), Ferenc Klics (discus) and Aleksandra Chudina (high jump) became the first athletes to win three consecutive titles in a discipline at the World Festival of Youth and Students. The Soviet Union and East Germany won most of the women's medals, while the men's events were dominated by Soviet, Czechoslovak and Hungarian athletes.


Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Angel Gavrilov (BUL)
 Václav Janecek (TCH)
10.6 Not awarded  Vladimir Sukharev (URS) 10.7
200 metres  Václav Janecek (TCH) 21.0  Ardalion Ignatyev (URS) 21.1  Ewald Schröder (GDR) 21.3
400 metres  Ardalion Ignatyev (URS) 46.8  Milan Fillo (TCH) 48.0  Edmund Pilag (URS) 48.3
800 metres  Stanislav Jungwirth (TCH) 1:51.4  Jenõ Bakos (HUN) 1:51.8  Edmund Potrzebowski (POL) 1:51.9
1500 metres  Stanislav Jungwirth (TCH) 3:46.2  Ernõ Beres (HUN) 3:46.6  Sándor Iharos (HUN) 3:48.8
5000 metres  Emil Zátopek (TCH) 14:03.0  Vladimir Kuts (URS) 14:04.0  József Kovács (HUN) 14:04.2
10,000 metres  Emil Zátopek (TCH) 29:25.8  Vladimir Kuts (URS) 29:41.4  Aleksandr Anufriyev (URS) 30:03.4
3000 metres steeplechase  Fyodor Marulin (URS) 8:56.2  László Jeszenszky (HUN) 8:57.4  József Apró (HUN) 9:03.0
110 m hurdles  Yevgeniy Bulanchik (URS) 14.4  Jan Mrázek (TCH) 14.7  Sergey Popov (URS) 14.7
400 m hurdles  Yuriy Lituyev (URS) 51.5  Anatoliy Yulin (URS) 51.8  Antal Lippay (HUN) 52.4
10,000 m walk  Josef Doležal (TCH) 44:09.8  Sándor László (HUN) 46:09.8  Ion Baboie (ROM) 46:15.4
50 km walk  Antal Róka (HUN) 4:26:19  Ion Baboie (ROM) 4:29:41  Ivan Yarmish (URS) 4:35:36
4×100 m relay  Hungary (HUN) 41.5  Czechoslovakia (TCH) 41.5  Soviet Union (URS) 41.6
4×400 m relay  Soviet Union (URS) 3:10.8  Hungary (HUN) 3:11.2  East Germany (GDR) 3:13.8
High jump  Ion Söter (ROM) 2.00 m  Jaroslav Kovár (TCH) 1.93 m  Yuriy Ilyasov (URS) 1.93 m
Pole vault  Pyotr Denisenko (URS) 4.25 m  Tamás Homonnay (HUN) 4.20 m  Vladimir Brazhnik (URS) 4.20 m
Long jump  Ödön Földessy (HUN) 7.63 m  Viktor Leskyevich (URS) 7.34 m  Horst Ihlenfeld (GDR) 7.33 m
Triple jump  Leonid Shcherbakov (URS) 15.63 m  Martin Rehák (TCH) 15.02 m  Georg Frister (GDR) 14.90 m
Shot put  Jirí Skobla (TCH) 16.76 m  Otto Grigalka (URS) 16.23 m  Georgiy Fyodorov (URS) 16.09 m
Discus throw  Ferenc Klics (HUN) 49.27 m  Mikhail Krivosonov (URS) 48.90 m  Karel Merta (TCH) 48.43 m
Hammer throw  Sverre Strandli (NOR) 58.49 m  József Csermák (HUN) 58.49 m  Mikhail Krivosonov (URS) 57.90 m
Javelin throw  Vladimir Kuznetsov (URS) 74.76 m  Viktor Tsybulenko (URS) 73.47 m  Zbigniew Radziwonowicz (POL) 69.51 m
Decathlon  Vladimir Volkov (URS) 6308 pts  Walter Meier (GDR) 6194 pts  Gheorghe Zimbresteanu (ROM) 6188 pts


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Christa Seliger (GDR) 11.7  Nadezhda Dvalishvili (URS) 11.8  Alice Karger (GDR) 11.9
200 metres  Christa Seliger (GDR) 23.9  Nadezhda Dvalishvili (URS) 24.1  Alice Karger (GDR) 24.5
400 metres  Polina Solopova (URS) 56.3  Nina Otkalenko (URS) 56.7  Ursula Jurewitz (GDR) 57.1
800 metres  Nina Otkalenko (URS) 2:10.5  Nina Chernoshchuk (URS) 2:12.7  Aranka Kazi (HUN) 2:13.5
80 m hurdles  Mariya Golubnichaya (URS) 11.2  Olga Gyarmati (HUN) 11.3  Zlata Lobintseva (URS) 11.4
4×100 m relay  East Germany (GDR) 46.5  Soviet Union (URS) 47.8  Hungary (HUN) 47.9
4×200 m relay  Soviet Union (URS) "A" 1:36.4  East Germany (GDR) 1:37.0  Soviet Union (URS) "B" 1:40.1
High jump  Aleksandra Chudina (URS) 1.64 m  Olga Modrachová (TCH) 1.61 m  Nina Kosova (URS) 1.58 m
Long jump  Aleksandra Chudina (URS) 5.98 m  Galina Segen (URS) 5.76 m  Olga Gyarmati (HUN) 5.69 m
Shot put  Galina Zybina (URS) 15.34 m  Tamara Tyshkevich (URS) 15.16 m  Mariya Kuznetsova (URS) 13.91 m
Discus throw  Nina Ponomaryova (URS) 52.63 m  Yevgeniya Arzumanova (URS) 46.75 m  Valentina Sbitnyeva (URS) 44.38 m
Javelin throw  Aleksandra Chudina (URS) 49.39 m  Lyudmila Vasilyeva (URS) 47.53 m  Nadezhda Korneyeva (URS) 46.70 m
Pentathlon  Aleksandra Chudina (URS) 4888 pts  Galina Segen (URS) 4109 pts  Lyudmila Aralova (URS) 4043 pts



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