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Doping Violations at Olympic Games (Athletics)

This list shows all Olympic athletes who have had their Olympic performances annulled by the IAAF due to doping violations, committed either at (IAAF rule 40.1) or before (rule 40.9, formerly 40.8) Games, admissions included. Only closed cases are given in the main lists. Names shown in bold to 2008 are newly-concluded cases since this last edition of this book
  Montreal 1976 (1)          
Women/1 Danuta Rosani POL DT dns/final - 11q/57.78
  Los Angeles 1984 (4)          
Men/3 Vésteinn Hafsteinnsson ISL DT 7qB 59.58  
  Gian Paolo Urlando ITA HT 4 75.96 4qA/72.42
  Martti Vainio FIN 5000m dns/final - 8s2/13:30.48
  Vainio   10,000m silver 27:51.10 6h3/28:19.25
Women/1 Anna Verouli GRE JT 7qB 58.62  
* In January 2016, Ria Stalman NED admitted on a Dutch TV programme that “In the last two and a half years of my career I used a light dosage of anabolic steroids” at the time she won the Discus Throw gold in Los Angeles Olympics with 65.36 (also 1qA 58.28). As at June 10, 2016 neither the IAAF or IOC have announced any sanction
  Seoul 1988 (1)          
Men/1 Ben Johnson CAN 100m gold 9.79 1h8/10.37, 3q1/10.17, 1s2/10.03
  Barcelona 1992 (4)          
Men/1 Jud Logan USA HT 4 79.00 1qA/78.40
Women/3 Madina Biktagirova BLR/RUS EUN Marathon 4 2:35:39  
  Bonnie Dasse USA SP 8qB 16.68  
  Nijolė Medvedeva LTU LJ 4 6.76 5qB/6.71
  Atlanta 1996 (7)          
Men/2 Dean Capobianco AUS 200m 7q2 21.03 4h8/20.76
  Daniel Plaza ESP 20km Walk 11 1:22:05  
Women/5 Mary Slaney USA 5000m 7h2 15:41.30  
  Nataliya Shekhodanova RUS 100mH 7 12.80 6h1/13.24, 2q3/12.68, 3s1/12.67
  Sandra Farmer-Patrick USA 400mH 5s2 54.73 2h1/55.55
  Antonella Bevilacqua ITA HJ 4 1.99 =1qA/1.93
  Iva Prandzheva BUL LJ 7 6.82 1qB/6.62
  Prandzheva   TJ 4 14.92 1qA/14.61
  Sydney 2000 (4)          
Men/2 Antonio Pettigrew USA 400m 7 45.42 1h9/45.62, 2q2/45.35, 1s2/45.24
  Pettigrew USA 4x400mR gold 2:56.35  
  Jerome Young USA 4x400mR gold - 1h3/3:03.52, 1s1/2:58.78
  United States USA 4x400mR gold 2:56.35  
Women/2 Marion Jones USA 100m gold 10.75 1h6/11.20, 1q2/10.83, 1s2/11.01
  Jones   200m gold 21.84 1h1/22.75, 2q2/22.50, 1s1/22.40
  Jones   LJ bronze 6.92 2qB/6.78
  Jones*   4x100mR bronze 42.2  
  Jones*   4x400mR gold 3:22.62  
  Svetlana Pospelova RUS 400m 4h8 53.34  
* The Court of Aribtration for Sport ruled in 2010 that “at the time of the Sydney Olympic Games there was no specific IOC or IAAF Rule in force that clearly allowed the annullment of the relay team results if one team member was found to have committed a doping offence”. This meant that only Jones was disqualified from the medal-winning relay teams and the collective team result in each race was allowed to stand.
  Athens 2004 (14)          
Men/7 Adrián Annus HUN HT gold 83.19 1qA/79.59
  Yuriy Belonog UKR SP gold 21.16 3qA/20.61
  Robert Fazekas HUN DT gold 70.93 1qB/68.10
  Anton Galkin RUS 400m 4s2 45.34 1h3/45.43
  Aleksey Lesnichiy BLR HJ nh/q -  
  Duane Ross USA 110mH 5s1 13.30 2h5/13.39, 4q1/13.50
  Ivan Tikhon* BLR HT silver 79.81 1qB/80.78
Women/7 Zhanna Block UKR 100m 6s2 11.23 2h6/11.25, 5q2/11.27
  Block UKR 4x100mR 7h1 43.77  
  Crystal Cox€ USA 4x400mR gold - 1h2/3:23.79
  Marion Jones USA LJ 5 6.85 3qA/6.70
  Jones USA 4x100mR dnf/Final - 1h1/41.67
  Irina Korzhanenko RUS SP gold 21.06 1qA/19.43
  Svetlana Krivelyova* RUS SP 4th, then bronze 19.49 3qB/18.57
  Olga Shchukina UZB SP 19qB 14.44  
  Irina Yatchenko UKR DT bronze 66.17 3qB/63.04
* The IOC have confirmed that these athletes have been stripped of their medals, but as at June 10, 2016 have yet to announce details of any re-allocations
€ Despite the disqualification of Cox, the IOC decided in June 2013 not to disqualify the US team which went on to win gold in the 4x400m final (in 3:19.01)
  Beijing 2008 (7)          
Men/2 Rashid Ramzi BRN 1500m gold 3:32.94 1h4/3:32.89, 1s2/3:37.11
  Andrei Mikhnevich BLR SP bronze 21.05 2qB/20.48
Women/5 Lyudmila Blonska UKR Heptathlon silver 6700  
  Blonska UKR LJ 3qA 6.76  
  Alissa Kallinikou CYP 400m 5h7 52.40  
  Tezdzhan Naimova BUL 100m 5h9 11.70  
  Vanja Perišić CRO 800m 6h3 2:06.82  
  Athanasía Tsoumeléka GRE 20km Walk 9th 1:27:54  
• In April 2016, the Turkish Athletics Federation announced the suspension Elvan Abeylegesse following adverse findings after re-testing of her samples from the 2005 and 2007 World Championships. She had gone on to win silver medals at both 5000m (15:42.74, 5h2 14:58.79) and 10,000m (29:56.34) in Beijing. As at June 10, 2016 her case is still the subject of disciplinary investigations of the IAAF
• Not included in this list are athletes who may have returned positive results after IOC re-testing of samples from 2008 as announced on May 17, 2016. Investigations into these cases were continuing as at June 10, 2016
Men/12 London 2012 (41)          
  Hussain Jamaan Al-Hamdah KSA 5000m 19h1 14:00.43  
  Sergey Bakulin RUS 50km Walk 6 3:38:55  
  Valeriy Borchin RUS 20km Walk dnf    
  Abderrahime Bouramdane MAR Marathon dnf    
  Hamza Driouch QAT 1500m 11s1 3:49.40 2h2/3:39.67
  Tyson Gay USA 100m 4 9.80 1q1/10.08, 2s3/9.90
  Gay USA 4x100mR silver 37.04  
  Hassan Hirt FRA 5000m 11h1 13:35.36  
  Vladimir Kanaykin RUS 20km Walk dq    
  Sergey Kirdyapkin RUS 50km Walk* gold 3:35:59  
  Andrei Mikhnevich BLR SP 8qB 19.89  
  Mohamed Othman Shahween KSA 1500m 7s1 3:43.39 1h2/3:39.42
  Igor Yerokhin RUS 50km Walk 5 3:37:54  
  By association with T. Gay€ USA 4x100mR 1h2 37.38  
Women/29 9 Aslı Çakir Alptekin TUR 1500m* gold 4:10.23 3h2/4:13.64, 1s1/4:05.11
  Yelena Arzhakova RUS 800m¶ 6 1:59.21 2h5/2:08.39, 2s2/1:58.13
  Yolanda Caballero COL Marathon dnf    
  Bahar Doğan TUR Marathon 62 2:36:35  
  Marta Domínguez ESP 3000mSC 12 9:36.45 4h2/9:29.71
  Tetyana Gamera-Shmyrko UKR Marathon 5 2:24:32  
  Yelizaveta Grechishnikova RUS 10,000m 19 32:11.32  
  Semoy Hackett TTO 100m 5s1 11.26 2h6/11.04
  Hackett   200m 8 22.87 2h1/22.81, 3s2/22.55
  Hackett   4x100m dnf/final 2h1/42.31  
  Olga Kaniskina RUS 20km Walk* silver 1:25:09  
  Natallia Kareiva BLR 1500m 7 4:11.58 3h3/4:06.87, 6s2/4:02.37
  Ümmü Kiraz TUR Marathon 88 2:43:07  
  Yekaterina Kostetskaya RUS 1500m 9 4:12.90 4h3/4:06.94, 2s1/4:05.32
  Zalina Marghieva MDA HT 8 74.06 5qB/72.19
  Karin Melis Mey TUR LJ dns/final 2qA/6.80  
  Anna Mishchenko UKR 1500m 11h3 4:13.63  
  Ghofrane Mohammad SYR 400mH 8h2 58.09  
  Semiha Mutlu TUR 20km Walk 47 1:35:33  
  Nadezhda Ostapchuk BLR SP gold 21.36 1qA/20.76
  Darya Pishchalnikova RUS DT silver 67.56 2qA/65.02
  Meliz Redif TUR 4x400m 8h2 3:34.71  
  Pınar Saka TUR 400m 4h4 52.38  
  Saka   4x400m 8h2 3:34.71  
  Anzhela Shevchenko UKR 1500m 13h1 4:12.97  
  Svitlana Shmidt UKR 3000mSC 12h3 10:01.09  
  Liliya Shobukhova RUS Marathon dnf    
  Binnaz Uslu TUR 3000SC 15h1 10:31.00  
  Wang Jiali CHN Marathon 58 2:35:46  
  Nevin Yanıt TUR 100mH 5 12.58 1h4/12.70, 2s3/12.58
  Lyudmyla Yosypenko UKR Heptathlon 4 6618  
  Yuliya Zaripova RUS 3000mSC* gold 9:06.72 2h3/9:25.68
* At at June 10, 2016, the IOC have yet to publicly confirm the stripping or re-allocation of medals in these cases (Men’s 50km Walk, Women’s 1500m, 3000mSC, 20km Walk)
€ The team of Ryan Bailey, Jeffrey Demps, Justin Gatlin, Trell Kimmons, Darvis Patton were disqualified from the heats under IAAF rule 41.1 as Tyson Gay was part of their squad
¶ In November 2015, an independent commission set up by the World Anti-Doping Agency to investigate claims of Russian doping violations recommended life bans for Russian 800m medallists Mariya Savinova (gold, 1:56.19; 1h2, 2:01.56; 1s3, 1:58.57) and Yekaterina Poistogova (bronze, 1:57.53; 2h6, 2:01.08; 2s1, 1:59.45). Investigations into their cases were continuing as at June 10, 2016
• Not included in this list are athletes who may have returned positive results after IOC re-testing of samples from 2012 as announced on May 17, 2016. Investigations into these cases were continuing as at June 10, 2016
  Rio de Janeiro 2012 (1)          
Women/1 Anastassya Kudinova KAZ 400m 7 56,03 7h8 56.03


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