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1928 Olympic Games Amsterdam, Netherlands - Men's 10000 m



Host City: Amsterdam, Netherlands Format: Final only.
Date Started: July 29, 1928  
Date Finished: July 29, 1928  
(Competitors: 24; Countries: 12)  
    Venue(s): Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam
Overview by IAAF    Olympic_Stadium_Amsterdam_1928.jpg
Walter Beavers (GBR) raced into the lead, and passed 400m in 62 seconds, 15m clear of the field. A lap of 74 followed, and a group of five (Ritola, Nurmi, Beavers, Wide and Joie Ray (USA)) broke away, with Ray leading at 1000m in 2:52 before Ritola took over. By halfway (15:11.0) Ritola, Nurmi and Wide were 100m clear of Lindgren, Beavers and Muggridge. Wide began to lose ground and was 60m behind by 8000m. Ritola led at every kilometre marker from 2000m to 9000m, and the laps ranged from 71 to 76 seconds, until the final lap. Ritola built up the tempo, but Nurmi burst past Ritola with 80m to go, to win by 3m after a last lap of 64.8, becoming the first man to regain a m title.
Summary by      
The three greatest distance runners of the 1920 were Paavo Nurmi, Ville Ritola, and Edvin Wide – in that order. In this race, they pulled into the lead early and had 100 metres on the field at the halfway point. Wide was dropped by the Finns at 8K. Ritola was the official leader at every kilometer checkpoint from 2K to 9K. On the final lap, Nurmi pulled ahead with less than 100 metres remaining and won by three metres. This was his ninth and final gold medal. This was the third Olympic distance running event in which Nurmi, Ritola, and Wide had been the medalists, including the 5K in 1924 and 1928.


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in minutes) prior to the 1928 Summer Olympics.

World Record 30:06.2 Finland Paavo Nurmi Kuopio (FIN) August 31, 1924
Olympic Record 30:23.2 Finland Ville Ritola Paris (FRA) July 6, 1924

Paavo Nurmi set a new Olympic record with 30:18.8 minutes.

10000 m Men     Final 29 July        
Rank Mark     Athlete Country NOC Age Records Notes
1 30.18.8     Paavo Nurmi Finland FIN 30 OR  
2 30.19.4     Ville Ritola Finland FIN 32    
3 31.00.8     Edvin Wide Sweden SWE 32    
4 31.26.0     Jean-Gunnar Lindgren Sweden SWE 22    
5 31.31.8     Arthur Muggridge Great Britain GBR      
6 31.37.2     Ragnar Magnusson Sweden SWE 26    
7 31.39.0     Toivo Loukola Finland FIN 25    
8 31.45.0     Kalle Matilainen Finland FIN 28    
9 31.48.0     Wally Beavers Great Britain GBR 24    
10 31.50.0     Suttie Smith Great Britain GBR 22    
11       Robert Marchal France FRA 26    
12       George Constable Great Britain GBR      
13 32.21.8     Arturo Peña Spain ESP 24    
14 No Time     Joie Ray United States USA 34    
15 No Time     Staņislavs Petkevičs Latvia LAT 19    
16 No Time     Seghir Beddari France FRA 26    
17 No Time     Karel Nedobitý Czechoslovakia TCH 22    
18 No Time     Julien Serwy Belgium BEL      
19 No Time     Juichi Nagatani Japan JPN 25    
20 No Time     Danie Jacobs South Africa RSA 24    
AC DNF     Henri Lauvaux France FRA 27    
AC DNF     Macauley Smith United States USA 23    
AC DNF     John Romig United States USA 29    
AC DNF     Chavan Singh India IND      




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