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1932 Olympic Games Los Angeles, United States - Men's 10000 m



Host City: Los Angeles, United States Format: Final only.
Date Started: July 31, 1932
Date Finished: July 31, 1932
(Competitors: 16; Countries: 11)
Venue(s): Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
Overview by IAAF  1932_olympic_stadium.jpg
Iso-Hollo ran the first 400m in 65 and led through 1000m in 2:53, before Kusociński took over the pace. By halfway, reached by the Pole in 14:56.5, only Iso-Hollo and Virtanen were in tow, and the nearest pursuers – Savidan and Syring were 100m behind, some 18 seconds ahead of Lindgren (15:37). Virtanen lost contact shortly afterwards and was 80m behind by 8000m. The two principals stayed together until 200m to go when Kusociński sped away and led by 20m halfway down the finishing straight when he began to slow up. He nevertheless won by 8m after a last lap of 62 seconds; the times for Kusociński and Iso- Hollo were the second and third fastest of all-time. There was much confusion about the order after sixth place, but the above version is generally considered the most accurate.
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Paavo Nurmi, still considered by many athletics historians as the greatest distance runner ever, tried to enter the 1932 Olympics. He was planning on competing in the marathon, and possibly the 10K, but was declared a professional shortly before the Olympics and could not compete. That left the event wide open. In the race, Finns Volmari Iso-Hollo and Lauri “Lasse” Virtanen pulled away early with Poland’s Janusz Kusociński. By 8K, Virtanen was dropped. Kusociński won the gold medal when he kicked past Iso-Hollo on the final curve and was well ahead before slowing down in the stretch. Iso-Hollo would return six days later to win the steeplechase gold medal. The precise placements after 6th are disputed but the version we use is the most accepted. During World War II Kusociński worked for the Polish resistance. He was discovered by the Gestapo in March 1940 and was arrested and tortured, and eventually executed on 21 June 1940.
10000 m Men Final 31 July
Rank Mark Athlete Country NOC Age Records Notes
1 30.11.4 Janusz Kusociński Poland POL 25 OR
2 30.12.6 Volmari Iso-Hollo Finland FIN 25
3 30.35.0 Lasse Virtanen Finland FIN 27
4 31.09.0 Billy Savidan New Zealand NZL 30
5 31.35.0 Max Syring Germany GER 23
6 31.37.0 Jean-Gunnar Lindgren Sweden SWE 26
7 32.03.0 Juan Morales Mexico MEX 22
8 Cliff Bricker Canada CAN 28
9 Masamichi Kitamoto Japan JPN 23
10 Shoichiro Takenaka Japan JPN 19
11 José Ribas Argentina ARG 32
12 Fernando Chacarelli Argentina ARG 27
13 Adalberto Cardoso Brazil BRA 26
AC DNF Eino Pentti United States USA 25
AC DNF Tom Ottey United States USA 22
AC DNF Lou Gregory United States USA 30




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