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1936 Olympic Games Berlin, Germany - Men's 10000 m



Host City: Berlin, Germany Format: Final only.
Date Started: August 2, 1936
Date Finished: August 2, 1936
(Competitors: 30; Countries: 18)
Venue(s): Olympic Stadium, Imperial Sports Field, Berlin
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Murakoso, with 30:41.6, was the fastest man of 1936 before the Games, but was not considered to be a great danger to the Finns. However, the little Japanese star led for most of the first half, passing the kilometre points in 2:46, 5:45, 8:53, 11:56 and 15:01. With him were the three Finns, Noji of Poland, Potts and Eaton of Britain and Syring of Germany. Gradually the stocky Japanese burnt off the opposition, other than the Finns, with Józef Noji the last to lose touch. The Finns then took turns with Murakoso to lead, frequently jostling the smaller man, increasing crowd sympathy for the Japanese. The pace slowed imperceptibly in the second half, with kilometre splits of 18:06, 21:12, 24:19, 27:29 and Askola leading from 8000m onwards. The Finns accelerated at the bell, and Murakoso could not respond; Askola led until 150m to go when Salminen attacked and Iso-Hollo fell back. Salminen could not get away and Askola came up on the outside, just failing to get past in the finishing straight. Salminen had won the European title from Askola two years earlier by 4m, but this time the margin was barely a metre, as the Finns scored the only medals sweep in the history of the event.
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The three Finns in the race, Ilmari Salminen, Arvo Askola, and Volmari Iso-Hollo, ran a team race. The only runner to stay with them was Japan’s Kohei Murakoso, who led the year lists going into the Olympics. At the bell, Murakoso was dropped and the Finns contested the medals amongst themselves, with Salminen winning the gold. It remains thru 2004 the only medal sweep in this event. In 1937 Ilmari Saminen ran a world record 30:05.6, removing from the record books the final world record set by the legendary Paavo Nurmi.
10000 m Men Final 4 August
Rank Mark Athlete Country NOC Age Records Notes
1 30.15.4 Ilmari Salminen Finland FIN 33
2 30.15.6 Arvo Askola Finland FIN 26
3 30.20.2 Volmari Iso-Hollo Finland FIN 29
4 30.25.0 Kohei Murakoso Japan JPN 30
5 30.58.2 Alec Burns Great Britain GBR 28
6 31.22.0 Juan Carlos Zabala Argentina ARG 24
7 31.29.6 Max Gebhardt Germany GER 32
8 31.39.4 Don Lash United States USA 23
9 31.40.4 Odd Rasdal Norway NOR 25
10 31.52.6 Harry Siefert Denmark DEN 25
11 31.57.0 Giuseppe Beviacqua Italy ITA 21
12 32.01.0 János Kelen Hungary HUN 25
13 32.11.8 Henning Sundesson Sweden SWE 27
14 32.13.0 Józef Noji Poland POL 26
15 32.22.0 Rudolf Wöber Austria AUT 24
16 32.23.0 Eino Pentti United States USA 29
17 32.24.0 Ludvík Bombík Czechoslovakia TCH 23
18 32.24.2 Lucien Tostain France FRA 26
19 32.25.0 André Sicard France FRA 21
20 32.58.0 André Lonlas France FRA 26
21 32.59.0 Walter Schönrock Germany GER 24
22 No Time Josef Siegers Germany GER 28
AC Pierre Bajart Belgium BEL 22
AC Scotty Rankine Canada CAN 27
AC Milton Wallace Canada CAN
AC William Eaton Great Britain GBR 27
AC Stanley Wudyka United States USA 26
AC Fusashige Suzuki Japan JPN 22
AC DNF Raunaq Singh Gill India IND 26
AC DNF Jack Potts Great Britain GBR 29




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