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1936 Olympic Games Berlin, Germany - Men's 4 x 400 m



Host City: Berlin, Germany Format: Top two in each heat advanced to the final.
Date Started: August 8, 1936  
Date Finished: August 9, 1936  
(Competitors: 49; Countries: 12; Finalists: 24/6)  
    Venue(s): Olympic Stadium, Imperial Sports Field, Berlin
Overview by IAAF    1936_olympic_stadium.jpg
Having changed their policy in the 4 x 100m relay and used their top men, the USA inexplicably did not use Williams and LuValle in the 4 x 400m relay. As a result, the gold was virtually handed to the British. After Limon led the first leg by 6m from Cagle, Rampling took over for Britain, running a storming leg of 46.7 to take a 3m lead. With Roberts (fourth in the 400m) and Brown (silver medallist) to follow the Britons were not to be denied, and with laps of 46.4 and 46.7 they came home more than 15m clear of the USA. The subsequently great Rudolf Harbig just held off Loaring of Canada for the bronze medal.
Summary by      
For some reason, the American chose not to run Archie Williams and Jimmy LuValle, gold and bronze medalists in the 400 metres. Without them, the British were stronger and won fairly comfortably. The early lead was set by Canada and Marshall Limon, but Godfrey Rampling stormed ahead on the second leg for Britain, and they took the lead for good.
4 x 400 m Men     Final 9 August      
Rank Mark     Team Country NOC Records Notes
1 3.09.0     Freddie Wolff 49.2, Godfrey Rampling 46.7, Bill Roberts 46.4, Godfrey Brown 46.7 Great Britain GBR    
2 3.11.0     Harold Cagle 48.7, Robert Young 47.6, Edward O'Brien 46.7, Alfred Fitch 48.0 United States USA    
3 3.11.8     Helmut Hamann 49.3, Friedrich von Stülpnagel 48.3, Harry Voigt 46.6, Rudolf Harbig 47.6 Germany GER    
4 3.11.8     Marshall Limon 47.9, Phil Edwards 48.5, William Fritz 48.3, John Loaring 47.1 Canada CAN    
5 3.13.0     Sven Strömberg, 49.5 Per Edfeldt 48.0, Olle Danielsson 48.0, Bertil von Wachenfeldt 47.5 Sweden SWE    
6 3.14.8     Tibor Ribényi 49.8, Zoltán Zsitvai 48.6, József Vadas 48.5, József Kovacs 47.9 Hungary HUN    
4 x 400 m Men     Round One Heat One 8 August      
Rank Mark     Team Country NOC Records Notes
1 3.13.0   Q Harold Cagle, Robert Young, Edward O'Brien, Alfred Fitch United States USA    
2 3.17.0   Q Tibor Ribényi, Zoltán Zsitvai, József Vadas, József Kovacs Hungary HUN    
3 3.17.6     Tadeusz Śliwak, Antoni Maszewski, Kazimierz Kucharski, Klemens Biniakowski Poland POL    
4 3.18.4     Toyoyi Aihara, Masao Ichihara, Seiken Cho, Hiroyoshi Kubota Japan JPN    
4 x 400 m Men     Round One Heat Two 8 August      
Rank Mark     Team Country NOC Records Notes
1 3.14.4   Q Freddie Wolff, Godfrey Rampling, Bill Roberts, Godfrey Brown Great Britain GBR    
2 3.14.6   Q Sven Strömberg, Per Edfeldt, Olle Danielsson, Bertil von Wachenfeldt Sweden SWE    
3 3.15.2     Raymond Boisset, Georges Guillez, Georges Henry, Prudent Joye France FRA    
4 x 400 m Men     Round One Heat Three 8 August      
Rank Mark     Team Country NOC Records Notes
1 3.15.0   Q Helmut Hamann, Friedrich von Stülpnagel, Harry Voigt, Rudolf Harbig Germany GER    
2 3.15.0   Q Marshall Limon, Phil Edwards, William Fritz, John Loaring Canada CAN    
3 3.16.6     Angelo Ferrario, Marsilio Rossi, Otello Spampani, Mario Lanzi Italy ITA    
4 3.17.8     Willie Botha, Frank Rushton, William Lindeque, Dennis Shore South Africa RSA    
5 3.22.0     Heinz Lorenz, Evžen Rošický, Břetislav Krátký, Karel Kněnický Czechoslovakia TCH    




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