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1952 Olympic Games Helsinki, Finland - Men's 10000 m



Host City: Helsinki, Finland Format: Final only.
Date Started: July 20, 1952
Date Finished: July 20, 1952
(Competitors: 33; Countries: 21)
Venue(s): Helsinki Olympic Stadium, Helsinki
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Anufriyev led the pack for two kilometres (5:51), but was superseded by Zátopek at 2400m, and the Czech was in front for good. Running the straights steadily and accelerating on each curve Zátopek quickly made it painful for the rest. By halfway (14:43.4) only Mimoun, Pirie, Anufriyev, Sando and Posti were in contact, and by 6Km only Mimoun was in touch. The Frenchman stayed with Zátopek until 8Km, then a gap slowly built up. Zátopek’s fastest kilometre of the race was his last (2:49), and he finished off with a lap of 64 to take his second Olympic title. Mimoun was a clear second, and Anufriyev came through from seventh place in the last 2Km to take third. Sando did well to take fifth after losing a shoe on the third lap. For Zátopek it was the 30th win in 30 races at the distance. He eventually won 38 in a row, and finished his career in 1957 with 53 wins in 61 races over m.
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By 1952 the prohibitive favorite in the 10K was the defending champion, Emil Zátopek. He was the world record holder whose best time was 20 seconds better than the next best time, and he had also won the 1950 European Championships. In the race he took the lead after six laps and pushed the pace, dropping all but five other runners quickly. By 6 km. only Alain Mimoun (FRA/ALG) was still with him but he was dropped by 8K. Zátopek won easily, by 15 seconds over Mimoun, who won his second consecutive silver in the event. This began Zátopek’s miracle distance triple at the 1952 Olympics, winning the 5K, 10K, and marathon. This was his 30th consecutive win over 10,000 metres, and he would eventually win 38 in a row from 1948-54.


 Zatopek pushes the pace. 
Mimoun and Pirie follow.

Former Finnish Olympic champions Nurmi and Kohelmainen were in the stands as 32 runners set off behind Perry of Australia and Anufriev of Russia. Very few had thoughts of beating the amazing Zatopek, who was the reigning Olympic champion and the current WR holder.  But Anufriev had given Zatopek a strong challenge over 10,000 earlier in the year in Kiev, and he must have thought the Czech beatable. After lingering at the back for six laps, Zatopek went into the lead. Through 3,000 (8:48) and 5,000 (14:43) he was closely followed by Frenchman Mimoun and a youthful Gordon Pirie of Great Britain. After leading briefly, Pirie dropped back at 6,500. Mimoun was still with Zatopek at 8K. Behind them Anufriev, Pirie and Sando were in a private battle. Sensing a weakness in Mimoun round 8K, Zatopek surged and ran alone for the rest of the race to win from Mimoun with almost 16 seconds in hand. Anufriev, who had fallen back to sixth mid-race, worked his way back to third and held off Posti and Sando for the bronze. The gallant Sando ran 22 laps with only one shoe. What would he have done with both shoes? 

I. Emil Zatopek CZE 29:17.0; 2. Alain Mimoun FRA 29:32.8; 3. Aleksandr Anufriev URS 29:48.2; 4. Hannu Posti FIN 29:51.4; 5. Frank Sando GBR 29:51.8; 6. Walter Nystrom SWE 29:54.8.







10000 m Men Final 20 July
Rank Mark Athlete Country NOC Age Records Notes
1 29.17.0 Emil Zátopek Czechoslovakia TCH 29 OR
2 29.32.8 Alain Mimoun France FRA 31
3 29.48.2 Aleksandr Anufriyev Soviet Union URS 26
4 29.51.4 Hannu Posti Finland FIN 26
5 29.51.8 Frank Sando Great Britain GBR 21
6 29.54.8 Valter Nyström Sweden SWE 36
7 30.04.2 Gordon Pirie Great Britain GBR 21
8 30.09.8 Fred Norris Great Britain GBR 30
9 30.13.4 Ivan Pozhidayev Soviet Union URS 34
10 30.22.2 Martin Stokken Norway NOR 29
11 30.24.2 Nikifor Popov Soviet Union URS 41
12 30.34.6 Bertil Albertsson Sweden SWE 30
13 30.35.8 Bertil Karlsson Sweden SWE 32
14 30.39.6 Béla Juhász Hungary HUN 31
15 30.42.4 Osman Coşgül Turkey TUR 24
16 30.43.0 Väinö Koskela Finland FIN 31
17 30.53.0 Ould Lamine Abdallah France FRA
18 30.53.2 Franjo Mihalić Yugoslavia YUG 32
19 30.59.6 Hugo Niskanen Finland FIN 31
20 31.02.6 Curt Stone United States USA 29
21 31.04.0 Fred Wilt United States USA 31
22 31.15.8 Marcel Vandewattyne Belgium BEL 28
23 31.28.6 Raúl Inostroza Chile CHI 30
24 31.47.8 Thyge Thøgersen Denmark DEN 25
25 31.52.2 Ahmed Ben Labidi France FRA 29
26 32.00.0 Kristján Jóhannsson Iceland ISL 22
27 32.13.2 Helmuth Perz Austria AUT 28
28 32.32.4 Bill Keith South Africa RSA 26
29 33.13.4 Alphonse Vandenrydt Belgium BEL 25
30 33.50.4 Abdul Rashid Pakistan PAK 24
31 35.34.0 Luis Velásquez Guatemala GUA 32
32 37.33.0 Trần Văn Lý South Vietnam VNM 25
AC DNF Les Perry Australia AUS 29




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