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1980 Olympic Games Moscow - Men's 50 km walk



Host City: Moskva, Soviet Union
Date Started: July 30, 1980
Date Finished: July 30, 1980
(Competitors: 27; Countries: 14)
Venue(s): Grand Arena, Central Lenin Stadium Area, Moskva
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The attrition rate was high – with 12 of the 27 starters either failing to finish or disqualified. Hartwig Gauder and Yevgeniy Ivchenko set a fierce pace, passing 5Km in 22:45 with a group of eight walkers on their heels, but by 10Km the two leaders were 30 seconds up. European Champion Llopart, Mexicans Daniel Bautista and Raúl González, Boris Yakovlev (URS) and Dietmar Meisch (GDR) closed in at 20Km. González then shared the lead with Gauder, and by 30Km the two were leading from Yakovlev, with a gap of 1:26 to Llopart and Meisch. Bautista had already retired, and Yakovlev suffered the same fate soon after. González broke shortly after 30Km and eventually dropped out after 40Km by which time he was almost 20 minutes behind Gauder. Both Yakovlev and Meisch were disqualified, and Gauder came home the winner by two minutes from Llopart, breaking Kannenberg’s Olympic record by almost seven minutes.
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After not being contested at the Olympics in 1976, the 50 km. race was reinstated. The world record holder was Mexico’s Raúl González, and he led out the field for the first 20 km. But he would not finish, and all the Mexican walkers also failed to finish this race. Hartwig Gauder (GDR) walked with Gonzales for much of the race, but broke him shortly after 30 km. and eventually pulled away to win by two minutes over Spain’s Jorge Llopart. Bronze medalist Yevgeny Ivchenko was 42-years-old, one of the oldest athletics medalists ever.
50 km walk Men Final 30 July
Rank Mark Athlete Country NOC Birth Date Records
1 3.49.24 Hartwig Gauder East Germany GDR 10 Nov 54
2 3.51.25 Jorge Llopart Spain ESP 5 May 52
3 3.56.32 Yevgeniy Ivchenko Soviet Union URS 27 Jul 38
4 3.57.08 Bengt Simonsen Sweden SWE 23 Mar 58
5 3.58.32 Vyacheslav Fursov Soviet Union URS 19 Jul 54
6 4.03.08 José Marín Spain ESP 20 Jan 50
7 4.07.07 Stanislaw Rola Poland POL 28 Jan 57
8 4.08.25 Willi Sawall Australia AUS 7 Nov 41
9 4.10.53 László Sator Hungary HUN 9 May 53
10 4.16.26 Pavol Blazek Czechoslovakia TCH 9 Jul 58
11 4.22.57 Ian Richards Great Britain GBR 12 Apr 48
12 4.24.36 Hristos Karageorgios Greece GRE 3 May 53
13 4.27.39 Juraj Bencík Czechoslovakia TCH 15 Feb 45
14 4.29.27 Enrique Peña Colombia COL 21 Apr 42
15 4.46.28 Ernesto Alfaro Colombia COL 10 Mar 46
DNF Daniel Bautista Mexico MEX 4 Aug 52
DNF Martín Bermúdez Mexico MEX 19 Jul 58
DNF Raúl González Mexico MEX 29 Feb 52
DNF Reima Salonen Finland FIN 19 Nov 55
DNF Gérard Lelièvre France FRA 13 Nov 49
DQ Dietmar Meisch East Germany GDR 10 Feb 59
DQ Uwe Dünkel East Germany GDR 3 Nov 60
DNF Bogdan Bulakowski Poland POL 11 Jan 50
DNF Bo Gustafsson Sweden SWE 29 Sep 54
DQ Jaromir Vanous Czechoslovakia TCH 24 Sep 55
DQ Boris Yakovlev Soviet Union URS 16 Jul 45
DNF Dave Smith Australia AUS 24 Jul 55




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