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1980 Olympic Games Moscow - Women's 4 x 100 m



Host City: Moskva, Soviet Union Format: Final only.
Date Started: August 1, 1980
Date Finished: August 1, 1980
(Competitors: 32; Countries: 8; Finalists: 32/8)
Venue(s): Grand Arena, Central Lenin Stadium Area, Moskva
Overview by IAAF  1980_olympic_stadium.jpg
Heats were not required with only eight entries in the boycott-hit event. Even with the USA present, the GDR would have been hot favourites, and by the first changeover they were well clear. The first two passes by the GDR team were very poor, with Müller passing the baton backwards (!) to Wöckel. Nevertheless, they won by a full 5m from the USSR team, which might have been much closer had Kondratyeva been healthy. Maslakova, running the second leg, had won relay bronze in 1968 and 1976. Other features of the race included Moller (SWE) failing to finish because of a leg cramp, and Ottey’s lightning-fast leg in sixth place.
Summary by
The USA and West Germany were not present because of the American inspired boycott. But the best team in the world was still probably the East Germans, which had twice broken the world record within the past month. They were led by Marlies Göhr, silver medalist in the 100, and Bärbel Wöckel, who won the 200 metres in Moskva, as she had in Montréal. The next best team in 1980 was the hometown Soviets, to be led by 100 champion Lyudmila Kondratyeva, but she had pulled a hamstring and could not run the relay. Because of the boycott only eight teams were present and only a final was conducted. The GDR team won easily despite poor baton passes, and lowered their own world record with 41.60.
4 x 100 m Women Final 1 August
Rank Mark Team Country NOC Records
1 41.60 Romy Muller, Barbel Wockel, Ingrid Auerswald, Marlies Göhr , East Germany GDR
2 42.10 Vera Komisova, Lyudmila Maslakova, Vera Anisimova, Natalya Bochina , Soviet Union URS
3 42,43 Heather Hunte, Kathy Smallwood-Cook, Beverley Goddard, Sonia Lannaman , Great Britain GBR
4 42,67 Sofka Popova, Liliana Panaiotova, Maria Shishkova, Galina Encheva , Bulgaria BUL
5 42,84 Veronique Grandrieux, Chantal Réga, Raymonde Naigre, Emma Sulter , France FRA
6 43,19 Leleith Hodges, Jacqueline Pusey, Rose Allwood, Merlene Ottey , Jamaica JAM
7 44,49 Lucyna Langer, Elzbieta Stachurska, Zofia Bielczyk, Grażyna Rabsztyn , Poland POL
DNF Linda Haglund, Lena Moller, Ann-Louise Skoglund, Helena Pihl, Sweden SWE




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