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1988 Olympic Games Seoul - Women's Marathon



Host City: Seoul, South Korea Format: 42,195 metres (26 miles, 385 yards) out-and-back.
Date Started: September 23, 1988
Date Finished: September 23, 1988
(Competitors: 69; Countries: 39)
Venue(s): Olympic Stadium, Seoul Sports Complex, Seoul
Overview by IAAF  1988_olympic_stadium.jpg
This was expected to be a four-way battle between Mota, Waitz, Dörre and Martin. A pack of nine runners were together past halfway (1:12:20), and the biggest shock of the race came when Waitz retired at 30Km, due to slow recovery from knee surgery the previous month. By 35Km the top three were accompanied only by Polovinskaya, and the Ukrainian started to drop back just after 36Km. Mota made her break with 4Km to go, and won by 60m from Martin, with Dörre 150m further back.
Summary by
The top women marathoners between 1984 and 1988 were Norway’s Grete Waitz and Ingrid Kristiansen and Portugal’s Rosa Mota. Kristiansen elected not to run the marathon at Seoul, choosing the 10,000 instead. Mota was not as heralded as Waitz, the first great female marathoner, but her overall marathon record in major championships is unsurpassed. She won the first World Championship in 1983 in Helsinki, won the European Championships in 1982, 1986, and 1990, and she eventually won every major city marathon except New York, at which she never competed.
During the Seoul race, Mota ran in the lead group throughout and never really trailed. Running with her for most of the race were two well-considered runners, Australia’s Lisa Martin and the GDR’s Katrin Dörre. The three were still together as they approache 40 km., but Mota surged slightly and opened a narrow gap. She was able to hold the lead, eventually defeating Martin by 13 seconds, with Dörre winning a bronze medal.


Standing records prior to the 1988 Summer Olympics
World Record  Ingrid Kristiansen (NOR) 2:21:06 April 21, 1985 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
Olympic Record  Joan Benoit (USA) 2:24:52 August 5, 1984 United States Los Angeles, United States
Season Best  Lisa Ondieki (AUS) 2:23:51 January 31, 1988 Japan Osaka, Japan
Marathon Women Final 23 September
Rank Mark Athlete Country NOC Birth Date Records
1 2.25.40 Rosa Mota Portugal POR 29 Jun 58
2 2.25.53 Lisa Ondieki Australia AUS 12 May 60
3 2.26.21 Katrin Dörre-Heinig East Germany GDR 6 Oct 61
4 2.27.05 Tatyana Dzhabraylova Soviet Union URS 14 Mar 65
5 2.27.06 Zhao Youfeng China CHN 5 May 65
6 2.27.49 Laura Fogli Italy ITA 5 Oct 59
7 2.29.23 Danièle Kaber Luxembourg LUX 20 Apr 60 NR
8 2.30.14 Maria Curatolo Italy ITA 12 Oct 63
9 2.30.25 Zoya Ivanova Soviet Union URS 14 Mar 52
10 2.30.51 Angie Hulley Great Britain GBR 8 Feb 62
11 2.30.56 Odette Lapierre Canada CAN 28 Jan 55
12 2.31.33 Susan Tooby Great Britain GBR 24 Oct 60
13 2.32.26 Karolina Szabó Hungary HUN 17 Nov 61
14 2.32.36 Françoise Bonnet France FRA 8 Apr 57
15 2.32.51 Lee Mi-Ok South Korea KOR 10 Mar 68
16 2.33.19 Raisa Smekhnova Soviet Union URS 16 Sep 50
17 2.33.42 Nancy Ditz United States USA 25 Jun 54
18 2.33.47 Maria Lelut-Rebelo France FRA 29 Jan 56
19 2.34.02 Jocelyn Villeton France FRA 17 Sep 54
20 2.34.23 Maria Conceição Ferreira Portugal POR 13 Mar 62
21 2.34.26 Kerstin Preßler West Germany FRG 2 Feb 62
22 2.34.35 Wanda Panfil Poland POL 26 Jan 59
23 2.34.38 Antonella Bizioli Italy ITA 29 Mar 57
24 2.34.41 Eriko Asai Japan JPN 20 Oct 59
25 2.34.41 Evy Palm Sweden SWE 31 Jan 42
26 2.35.03 Lizanne Bussières-Chafe Canada CAN 20 Aug 61
27 2.35.11 Gabriela Wolf West Germany FRG 28 Oct 60
28 2.35.15 Kumi Araki Japan JPN 11 Oct 65
29 2.35.26 Misako Miyahara Japan JPN 29 May 62
30 2.36.02 Zhong Huandi China CHN 17 Jan 68
31 2.36.44 Ellen Rochefort Canada CAN 22 Nov 54
32 2.36.57 Susan Crehan Great Britain GBR 12 Sep 56
33 2.37.52 Lorraine Moller New Zealand NZL 1 Jun 55
34 2.37.52 Carla Beurskens Netherlands NED 10 Feb 52
35 2.38.02 Magda Ilands Belgium BEL 16 Jan 50
36 2.38.17 Sissel Grottenberg Norway NOR 17 Aug 56
37 2.38.21 Lim Eun-Yoo South Korea KOR 5 Mar 61
38 2.40.12 Marcianne Mukamurenzi Rwanda RWA 11 Nov 59
39 2.40.59 Margaret Groos United States USA 27 Sep 59
40 2.41.04 Cathy O'Brien United States USA 19 Jul 67
41 2.43.00 Sinikka Keskitalo Finland FIN 29 Jan 51
41 2.43.00 Tuija Toivonen Finland FIN 1 Mar 58
43 2.43.00 Blanca Jaime Mexico MEX 3 Nov 65
44 2.43.40 Angélica de Almeida Brazil BRA 25 Mar 65
45 2.43.56 Ludmila Melicherová Czechoslovakia TCH 6 Jun 64
46 2.44.17 Ailish Smyth Ireland IRL 18 Sep 58
47 2.44.37 Genoveva Eichenmann Switzerland SUI 12 Sep 57
48 2.47.31 Rosmarie Müller Switzerland SUI 27 Mar 58
49 2.47.42 Pascaline Wangui Kenya KEN
50 2.49.18 Apollinarie Nyinawabera Rwanda RWA 62
51 2.50.00 Maryse Justin Mauritius MRI 25 Aug 59
52 2.51.30 Michelle Bush Cayman Islands CAY 3 Oct 61
53 2.51.33 Maria del Pilar Menendez Guatemala GUA 12 Oct 54 NR
54 2.53.08 Li Yuan China CHN 3 Feb 71
55 2.53.17 Liesl Hunter Zimbabwe ZIM 10 Dec 63
56 2.53.24 Lia Melis Aruba ARU 23 Feb 60
57 2.54.37 Marie Rollins Ireland IRL 23 Mar 59
58 3.04.21 Krisia García El Salvador ESA 20 Sep 63
59 3.06.05 Julie Ogbourn Guam GUM 1 Aug 58
60 3.10.31 Raj Kumari Pandey Nepal NEP 13 Dec 69
61 3.11.17 Menuka Ravat Nepal NEP 72
62 3.23.56 Arlene Vincent Mark Grenada GRN 6 Oct 54
63 3.25.32 Lourdes Klitzkie Guam GUM 2 Feb 40
64 3.42.23 Mariana Ysrael Guam GUM
DNF Kim My-Kyong South Korea KOR 19 Feb 67
DNF Aurora Cunha Portugal POR 31 May 59
DNF Agnes Pardaens Belgium BEL 9 Oct 56
DNF Bente Moe Norway NOR 2 Dec 60
DNF Grete Waitz Norway NOR 1 Oct 53
DNF Mar Mar Min Myanmar MYA 18 Jul 58
More Details by Marathoninfo
 1988 SEOUL: Dorando Pietri finally avenged Rosa Mota or the crowning of a great.
Friday, September 23 at 9:30 am Rosa Mota (Portugal) 30 years 69 from 39 countries 5 (7.24%)
Rosa Mota, the Portuguese winner of this Olympiad, is probably the most marathon titled, with victories in the prestigious marathons in Chicago, Rotterdam, London, Boston, Osaka, plus three European titles gleaned in Athens (in his first race on the distance in 1982), Stuttgart (1986) and Split (1990), no one has done better level the winners. Yet his personal record of 2h23'29 "(Chicago 1985) never allowed him to hold the best world performance that the Norwegian Ingrid Kristiansen has a long held in 2:21:06. Never mind, the Portuguese , daughter of a mechanic of a popular district of Porto and started to running to escape his destiny servant, will remain in the history of women's marathon as one of its first events.

For the Seoul Olympics, the race will start at 9:30 in difficult conditions, already twenty degrees to and a humidity of 92% !! Despite these conditions alone 5 girls abandon the race. The race will be run completely different from four years ago, when Joan Benoit had dominated the head and shoulders leading the race from start to finish. Here the race will be more tactical and will proceed by elimination, wear shall we say !! Thus the 25th kilometer timed in 1h25'55 ", they are still twelve to compete for medals, but a favorite of the Norwegian Grete Waitz, actually no longer part. Really, that champion has never managed its Olympics , this is explained by health problems, she had to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery and was going to give up. the other Norwegian Ingrid Kristiansen, preferred to book strangely for the 10000m, while she held the record of world marathon. the height of bad choices, she will give up to 10,000 m final.

The thirtieth kilometer past in 1h43'13 ", selection begins to operate, there are top Rosa Mota, Australian Lisa Martin, Soviet Tatiana Polovinskaïa, and the East German Katrin Doerre, conspicuously absent from the last Olympics Soviet Polovinskaïa young 23 year old was already champion of USSR. Australian Lisa Martin who was 28 weighed only 47 kg for 1m66, double Commonwealth champion in 1986 and 1990 and won the start season of the Osaka marathon in 2:23:51, the seventh world performance of all time. Finally the German Eastern Katrin Doerre like many of his compatriots of his time was suspected of doping at these games even if the kidney has not been officially proven and has never confessed. on April 30, we learned that she was pregnant, which would of course deprive the Olympics, yet it is there, how explain the case is particularly distressing, but at that time there was a practice among the runners is: intentional pregnancies in order to cause an increase in blood volume and plasma causing transporting more amount of oxygen. A sort of EPO in a way, but this practice ended by abortion course after a few months of pregnancy is particularly revolting !! One wonders how doping whatsoever can then hearth tolerated when we see how it can get !! Several testimonies of Soviet athletes and German have confirmed since this form of doping. Katrin Doerre, who gave birth to a daughter in 1989, is for its part never went to confession, even if the circumstances of his performance in Seoul are quite disturbing. His prize list will then be provided with enough 3rd place in world in Tokyo in 1991, a 5th place at the Olympics in Barcelona, ​​and a 4th place with those of Atlanta in 1996. On 25 April she won at the age of 35 years Hamburg marathon in 2h24'35 ", his 24th victory. All these victories they wash the suspicion? We will not know probably never and thus leave him the benefit of the doubt.

Still, at 39th kilometer, Rosa Mota will escape one and win the first Olympic medal for his country in 2:25:40, which she had already finished third in Los Angeles, she already reached the heights of his progress that we have seen will continue with other medals even if it does not defend his title in Barcelona in 1992.

As for the French, the results obtained have not been yet equivalent to the 14th place in 2:32:36 Françoise Bonnet, best place ever achieved by a French far, we add the 18th place Maria Lelut and 19th Jocelyne Villeton, a beautiful tripled in the top 20 !!





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