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2008 Olympic Games Beijing - Women's 4 x 100 m



Host City: Beijing, China Format: Top three in each heat and next two fastest advanced to the final.
Date Started: August 21, 2008  
Date Finished: August 22, 2008  
(Competitors: 68, Countries: 16; Finalists: 32/8)  
    Venue(s): Beijing National Stadium, Beijing
Overview by IAAF   2008_olympic_stadium.jpg 
After winning five of the six available individual sprint medals, Jamaica were the team to beat especially after the USA failed to finish their heat. Only 11 of the 16 teams legitimately finished the heats. Jamaica with 42.24, the fastest time of 2008, were comfortably faster than the next best team (Russia 42.87). In the final Fraser gave Jamaica a metre lead, which Simpson extended to almost two metres going into the second exchange, but Stewart started too slowly, and the exchange was not completed. Next to them Britain also failed to make their baton change. This left Russia free and clear, and they won by two metres with Chermoshanskaya holding off European Champion Gevaert. Nigeria edged Brazil by a metre for the bronze medal.
Summary by      
Jamaica had swept the medals in the 100 metres so the only question was “by how much,” not if they would win. That assumed, of course, they had no problem getting the stick around. As always, the United States was thought to have a solid team, but was not expected to beat the Jamaicans. And in heat one, they lost all chances when the final exchange between Torri Edwards and Lauryn Williams was botched and they dropped the baton. Jamaica won the second heat easily and was thought to have a virtual walkover for the final, especially with the US out. The East German world record of 41.37 from 1985 was thought to be threatened. But in the final, on the second exchange, Kerron Stewart took off early, and the incoming runner, Sherone Simpson, could not get the baton to her and they were out of the race. With the Jamaicans out, the Russians scored a huge upset victory over Belgium, with Nigeria third. The final also saw Great Britain not finish because of difficulty with the baton, and Poland was disqualified for an exchange out of zone. Thus only five teams finished the final, after five teams had not finished in the heats.


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

No new world or Olympic records were set for this event.Qualification summary
World record  East Germany (GDR)
(Silke Gladisch, Sabine Rieger, Ingrid Auerswald, Marlies Göhr)
41.37 Canberra, Australia 6 October 1985
Olympic record  East Germany (GDR)
(Romy Müller, Bärbel Wöckel, Ingrid Auerswald, Marlies Göhr)
41.60 Moscow, Soviet Union 1 August 1980
Pos NOC 2 races 1 2
Total Average
1 United States 84.22 42.11 41.98 42.24
2 Jamaica 84.71 42.36 42.01 42.70
3 Russia 85.58 42.79 42.78 42.80
4 Belgium 85.60 42.80 42.75 42.85
5 Great Britain 85.69 42.85 42.82 42.87
6 Germany 86.25 43.13 43.08 43.17
7 Ukraine 86.43 43.22 43.03 43.40
8 Belarus 86.46 43.23 43.16 43.30
9 Italy 86.48 43.24 43.04 43.44
10 France 86.58 43.29 43.09 43.49
11 China 86.65 43.33 43.26 43.39
12 Poland 86.78 43.39 43.25 43.53
Finland 86.89 43.45 43.41 43.48
13 Brazil 86.90 43.45 43.36 43.54
14 Trinidad and Tobago 87.19 43.60 43.43 43.76
Cuba 87.26 43.63 43.46 43.80
15 Thailand 87.30 43.65 43.38 43.92
16 Nigeria 87.37 43.69 43.58 43.79
17 Australia 87.53 43.77 43.62 43.91
18 Japan 87.60 43.80 43.67 43.93
18 Ghana 87.60 43.80 43.76 43.84

The women's 4 × 100 metres relay event at the 2008 Olympic Games took place on 21 and 22 August at the Beijing Olympic Stadium.

There were 16 NOCs competing at this event. These 16 NOCs were selected by the average of the two best marks at the qualifying period. Finland and Cuba were qualified but withdrew and were replaced by Thailand and Nigeria

Women's 4x100m Relay - FINAL


It is probably best not to make too many predictions, certainly not when it come to the 4x100m relay.

Jamaica were expected to land a sixth track and field sprint gold medal of a track and field programme. Some even speculated that this crack squad - which included the 1-2-3 from the 100m final as well as Olympic 200m champion Veronica Campbell-Brown - could threaten the 23-year-old World record of 41.37 held by East Germany.

Yet as was shown by yesterday's heats - in which the US dropped the baton and crashed out of the competition - the relay is a precarious event and so it proved, again.

Jamaica appeared to be in control but third leg runner Kerron Stewart set off too quickly, Sherone Simpson could not find Stewart's outstretched hand and their hopes floundered.

To add more drama, the British team, who were also threatening a medal, also got in a right muddle on the second exchange. Emily Freeman reached for the baton from Montell Douglas but failed to collect as they, too, DNFd.

Taking full advantage of the mishaps around them was the Russian quartet - Yevgeniya Polyakova, Aleksandra Fedoriva, Yulia Guschina and Yuliya Chermoshanskaya - who crossed the line to win gold in 42.31, the slowest winning time for 32 years.

Belgium, who surprised everyone by winning a bronze medal at last year's World Championships, went one better to take Olympic silver in a national record of 42.53.

Nigeria followed up their bronze medal in the women's Long Jump earlier this evening by securing a second bronze in 43.04.

Fedoriva perhaps best summed Russia's medal by adding: "We would have been happy with silver medal but we got gold."

Fraser blasted Jamaica into a slight lead after the first leg, although Jeanette Kwakye the opening leg runner for Great Britain also made an impressive start.

Down the back straight Simpson piled on the pressure and opened up a clear advantage but their challenge, as well as that of Great Britain in the adjoining lane seven, was to end abruptly.

Russia were now clear and when Guschina, who had finished fourth in the women's 400m, handed the baton safely to Chermoshanskaya victory was never in doubt.

Gevaert slightly closed the gap on the Russians on the fourth leg, but she, and her team had to settle for silver. Oludamola Osayomi anchored Nigeria to the bronze - to match their best ever previous performance in the event at the 1992 Barcelona Games.

Brazil were edged out of the medals in fourth (43.14). The fifth and last team to legitmately complete was Germany in 43.28. Poland were also disqualified.

Steve Landells for the IAAF

4 x 100 m Women     Final 22 August      
Rank Mark     Team Country NOC   Records
1 42.31     Yevgeniya Polyakova, Aleksandra Fedoriva-Shpayer, Yuliya Gushchina, Yuliya Chermoshanskaya Russia RUS    
2 42.54     Olivia Borlée, Hanna Mariën, Elodie Ouédraogo, Kim Gevaert Belgium BEL   NR
3 43.04     Franca Idoko, Gloria Kemasuode, Halimat Ismaila, Damola Osayomi Nigeria NGR    
4 43.14     Rosemar Coelho Neto, Lucimar de Moura, Thaíssa Presti, Rosângela Santos Brazil BRA    
5 43.28     Anne Cibis, Verena Sailer, Cathleen Tschirch, Marion Wagner Germany GER    
  DNF     Jeanette Kwakye, Montell Douglas, Emily Freeman, Emma Ania Great Britain GBR    
  DNF     Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Sherone Simpson, Kerron Stewart, Veronica Campbell-Brown Jamaica JAM    
  DQ     Ewelina Ptak, Daria Korczyńska, Dorota Jędrusińska, Joanna Kocielnik Poland POL    

Women's 4x100m Relay - Round 1


You couldn't make it up. Just 30 minutes after the USA's men's 4x100m relay hopes imploded their women's hopes nosedived in exactly the same fashion.

Running on the inside lane two the US appeared to be cantering to a heat win but Lauryn Williams fumbled the third baton take from the incoming Torri Edwards leaving their hopes in tatters.

Perhaps, though, we shouldn't have been so surprised. It is the third successive Olympic Games that the USA women's 4x100m team have suffered a disqualification.

Williams said she was at a loss to explain what happened on the final exchange.

"We're not sure what happened," she said. "The stick was there, I really don't know what happened. It seemed like it was right there and it (the baton) jumped right out (of my hand)."

It left the way open for Belgium, the surprise 2007 World bronze medallists, anchored by European champion Kim Gevaert to take the heat win 42.92 and once again show their medal credentials on the global stage.

Great Britain bagged second place in 43.02 with Brazil booking their spot in tomorrow night's final in 43.38. The heat also provided the two next fastest as Nigeria (43.43) and Poland (43.47), in fourth and fifth, both progressed.

Italy also had the dreaded DNF to their name.

By contrast to the blundering US team, the pre-event favourites Jamaica had no such problems in heat two.

Anchored by Veronica Campbell-Brown, who had won the 200m Olympic final just 90 minutes earlier, the quartet which also included the Olympic 100m champion Shelly-Ann Fraser, blasted to the fastest time in the world this year 42.24.

Russia qualified second in 42.87 with Germany securing the third automatic spot in 43.59. This was also not the greatest example of baton exchanging as Trinidad and France did not finish and the Ukraine were disqualified.

Jamaica appear untouchable, providing they can successfully exchange the baton, although the battle for the minor medals is wide open with Russia, Great Britain and Belgium all fancying their chances.

Steve Landells for the IAAF

4 x 100 m Women     Heat 1 21 August      
Rank Mark     Team Country NOC   Records
1 42.92   Q Olivia Borlée, Hanna Mariën, Elodie Ouédraogo, Kim Gevaert Belgium BEL    
2 43.02   Q Jeanette Kwakye, Montell Douglas, Emily Freeman, Emma Ania Great Britain GBR    
3 43.38   Q Rosemar Coelho Neto, Lucimar de Moura, Thaíssa Presti, Rosângela Santos Brazil BRA    
4 43.43   Q Franca Idoko, Gloria Kemasuode, Agnes Osazuwa, Damola Osayomi Nigeria NGR    
5 43.47   Q Ewelina Ptak, Daria Korczyńska, Dorota Jędrusińska, Marta Jeschke Poland POL    
6 43.69     Yulia Nestsiarenka, Aksana Drahun, Nastassia Naumchyk, Anna Bahdanovich Belarus BLR    
  DQ     Anita Pistone, Vincenza Calì, Giulia Arcioni, Audrey Alloh Italy ITA    
  DQ     Angela Williams, Mechelle Lewis, Torri Edwards, Lauryn Williams United States USA    
4 x 100 m Women     Heat 2 21 August      
Rank Mark     Team Country NOC   Records
1 42.24   Q Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Sheri-Ann Brooks, Aleen Bailey, Veronica Campbell-Brown Jamaica JAM    
2 42.87   Q Yevgeniya Polyakova, Aleksandra Fedoriva-Shpayer, Yuliya Gushchina, Yuliya Chermoshanskaya Russia RUS    
3 43.59   Q Anne Cibis, Verena Sailer, Cathleen Tschirch, Marion Wagner Germany GER    
4 43.78     Tao Yujia, Wang Jing, Jiang Lan, Qin Wangping China CHN    
5 44.38     Phatsron Jaksunnikorn, Oranut Klomdee, Juthamas Thavoncharoen, Nongnuch Saenrat Thailand THA    
  DNF     Myriam Soumaré, Muriel Hurtis, Lina Jacques-Sébastien, Carima Louami France FRA    
  DNF     Wanda Hutson, Kelly-Ann Baptiste, Ayanna Hutchinson, Semoy Hackett Trinidad and Tobago TTO    
  DQ     Nataliya Pyhyda, Nataliya Pohrebnyak, Iryna Shepetyuk, Oksana Shcherbak Ukraine UKR    




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