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2012 Olympic Games London - Women's Triple jump



Host City: London, Great Britain Format: Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 14.40 metres advanced to the final.
Date Started: August 3, 2012  
Date Finished: August 5, 2012  
    Venue(s): Olympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
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The 2011 World Champion had been Ukrainian Olha Saladukha, who was world ranked #1 for the year. She followed Kazakh jumper Olga Rypakova, ranked #1 in 2010 after winning the 2010 World Indoors, who had placed second at the 2011 Daegu Worlds. The bronze medalist at Daegu had been Colombian Caterine Ibargüén, and the three came to London as the medal favorites along with Cuban Yargelis Savigne, ranked #2 in the world in 2010 and 2011.
Rypakova opened the final with 14.54 to take the early lead. In round two, Ukrainian Hanna Kniazeva moved ahead with 14.56. But Rypakova bounded 14.98 in round three, a mark that would bring her the gold medal, as Ibargüén improved in that round to 14.67 and second place. Saladukha was only fifth after the first three rounds, by virtue of her 14.48 in round two. No changes in medal positions occurred in the fourth or fifth rounds, with Ibargüén and Knyazyeva holding second and third. Saladukha improved to 14.53 in round four and 14.51 in round five, but only moved up to fourth. But on her final jump, she burst out to 14.79 to move into second, albeit briefly, as three jumpers later Ibargüén responded nicely with 14.80 to win the silver medal, Saladukha taking silver. Rypakova's winning mark of 14.98 was the shortest ever to win Olympic gold, the previous shortest being Tereza Marinova's (BUL) 15.20 to win at Sydney in 2000. The London medalists were the same as at the Daegu World Championships, but the order was changed.
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The Women's triple jump competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom. The event was held at the Olympic Stadium on 3–5 August.

Greece's Paraskevi Papachristou was sent home by the national delegation for comments she made on Twitter.

Four athletes achieved the automatic qualifier, Kimberly Williams and home team favorite Yamilé Aldama, just two weeks short of her 40th birthday, hit the mark in their first attempt. Olga Rypakova's third round jump of 14.79 led the way, while it took 14.16 to make the final.

The only returning medalist from 2008 was Tatyana Lebedeva, but at 36, she was jumping more than 1.20 m less than four years ago. Fourth place from that competition Olga Rypakova took the lead in the first round. Hanna Knyazyeva edged ahead in the second round. In the third round Caterine Ibargüen took the lead briefly, but then Rypakova hit the winner at 14.98 on the next jump. In the final round, Olha Saladuha nailed her best jump to move into silver medal position. Two jumps later, Ibargüen bested that by a mere centimeter to push Saladukha back to bronze. Rypakova's winning jump was 13 cm less than her 4th place jump, even less than the 6th place jump in 2008.



Prior to the competition, the existing World and Olympic records were as follows.

World record  Inessa Kravets (UKR) 15.50 m Göteborg, Sweden 10 August 1995
Olympic record  Françoise Mbango Etone (CMR) 15.39 m Beijing, China 17 August 2008
2012 World leading  Olha Saladuha (UKR) 14.99 m Helsinki, Finland 29 June 2012
Triple jump Women     Final 5 August      
05 AUG 2012 Report

London 2012 - Event Report - Women's Triple Jump Final

The Triple Jump four years ago in Beijing proved to be one of the Games highlights where the top five jumpers all cleared over 15 metres but on this occasion it never hit those exciting heights.

Only 2011 World Championships silver medallist Olga Rypakova came close to hitting the milestone marker and the Kazakhstan athlete found that third round effort and season's best of 14.98m good enough to take home the gold medal.

Rypakova who as a rookie brilliantly set four National records with her fourth finish and 15.11m clearance in Beijing, won ahead of last year's World bronze medallist Caterine Ibarguen and Olha Saladuha, the champion in Daegu 12 months ago.

Saladuha in fourth place went into second position in the final round clearing 14.79m but her Colombian opponent who had been lying runner up, immediately responded with a silver lining clearance of 14.80m.

Thus for the first time since the discipline was introduced to the Olympic programme in 1996 there wasn't a 15m jump, although Rypakova's winning performance would have been if her lead foot had not been just off the jump board.

"I thought that to have a chance of winning I would have to jump more than 15 metres and I did my best," said Rypakova. "I did not expect to win, but deep in my heart I had a secret hope of winning."

Ibarguen competing with a strapped left thigh, said: "I could not compete as I wanted because I was not making a good take-off. I was just thinking I needed to get better with every jump."

The last gasp effort from World leader Saladuha saw her fellow Ukrainian Hanna Knyazeva who led briefly in the second round with her furthest effort of 14.56m, pushed out of a podium placing.

Saladuha also bandaged below her right knee, said: "Before the competition I hurt my right leg and at first I did not want to come to the Olympic Games but in the end I have it a go.

"After the qualification I was hoping my leg would hold up enough to do well in the final. My leg was hurting and in the end I am very happy with this result.

The 2012 World leader added: "I wanted to take gold. It was my big dream." The 29-year-old, insisted: "I will win gold at the next Games in Rio.

Tatyana Lebedeva the 36-year-old legendary Russian performer after claiming two silver and one bronze medals at past Games failed in her bid to finally lift a gold, producing a best effort of just 14.11m.

Lebedeva of her future and her last ever Olympic Games appearance, revealed: "I have decided to retire. Yesterday, in qualifying, I felt a little pain in my left calf. I saw the physio and massage, but today, warming up, I felt pain again.

"I decided to focus on my first attempt, but after jumping I felt more pain. I was worried, I found it hard to concentrate on my jumps.

The superstar admitted: "Every Olympic Games I have more and more experience and wisdom, but my health is down and down. I've decided I want to help younger athletes and pass on my experience to them."

Another veteran 39-year-old Yamile Aldama also failed to add to the World Championships Indoor title she gained in March finishing fifth with a final round clearance of 14.48m.

David Martin for IAAF
Rank Mark Wind   Athlete Country NOC Birth Date Records
1 14.98 -0.4   Olga Rypakova Kazakhstan KAZ 30 Nov 84  
2 14.80 0.4   Caterine Ibargüen Colombia COL 12 Feb 84  
3 14.79 0.5   Olha Saladukha Ukraine UKR 4 Jun 83  
4 14.56 -0.1   Hanna Minenko Ukraine UKR 25 Sep 89  
5 14.48 -0.6   Yamilé Aldama Great Britain GBR 14 Aug 72  
6 14.48 0.3   Kimberly Williams Jamaica JAM 3 Nov 88  
7 14.35 -0.2   Trecia Smith Jamaica JAM 5 Nov 75  
8 14.24 -0.7   Viktoriya Valyukevich Russia RUS 22 May 82  
9 14.12 -0.2   Yargelis Savigne Cuba CUB 13 Nov 84  
10 14.11 -0.7   Tatyana Lebedeva Russia RUS 21 Jul 76  
11 13.98 -0.7   Marija Šestak Slovenia SLO 17 Apr 79  
12 11.92 -0.5   Dana Velďáková Slovakia SVK 3 Jun 81  

03 AUG 2012 Report

London 2012 - Event Report - Women's Triple Jump Qualification Round

World Indoor champion Yamile Aldama now recovered from the early season shoulder injury which she picked up at May's Samsung Diamond League meeting in Rome, was the first athlete to automatically clear the 14.40m qualifying distance.

Cuban-born Aldama who finished fourth for the country of her birth at the 2000 Sydney Games then transferring nationality to Sudan was fifth in Athens four years later and now represents Great Britain, cleared 14.45m in the first round with a following wind of +1.8m/s.

Aldama who has lived in the UK since 2001 and became a citizen in February 2010, thrilled to be wearing a Team GB vest in front of a massive home crowd, said: "I have waited a long time for this. I have never known anything like it."

The 39-year-old veteran who can see the Olympic stadium from her home added, "It was amazing, especially for qualifying. We are normally used to jumping in an empty stadium but it is full."

Kimberly Williams in the same 'A' group and fifth when Aldama won her World Indoor gold medal in March was the only other competitor to hit the qualifier with her first attempt - and she did it in a very positive style.

The 23-year-old Jamaican champion thrust her frame out to a distance of 14.53m - an improvement of one centimetre on the personal best she set when fifth at the SDL meet in Rome's Olympic Stadium where Aldama suffered her injury setback.

In windy conditions the best leap of the day came from last year's World silver medallist Olga Rypakova of Kazakhstan who on the verge of elimination kept her nerve and cleared a season's best of 14.79m with her final attempt.

All of the other big names went into Sunday's final although not achieving the automatic distance including reigning World champion Olga Saladukha of the Ukraine and the stalwart Tatyana Lebedeva of Russia - already holder of two silver and a bronze medal - who produced best efforts of 14.35m and 14.30m.

A noteworthy was produced by Trecia Smith a former World champion and fourth at the Athens Games eight years ago. She joined Aldama her former London flat-mate and training partner in the final with an encouraging season's best of 14.31m in round two.

The 36-year-old Jamaican record holder injury free for the first time in over a year after damaging her Achilles in a freak supermarket accident when a fellow customer pushed a trolley into her heel, improved on her season's best of 14.05m.

Colombia's World bronze medallist Caterine Ibarguen had a best effort of 14.42m while two-time World champion Yargelis Savigne fifth in Beijing four years ago also went through clearing 14.28m.

David Martin for IAAF

Triple jump Women     Qualification 3 August      
Rank Mark Wind   Athlete Country NOC Birth Date Records
1 14.79 0.5 Q Olga Rypakova Kazakhstan KAZ 30 Nov 84  
2 14.53 0.0 Q Kimberly Williams Jamaica JAM 3 Nov 88  
3 14.45 1.8 Q Yamilé Aldama Great Britain GBR 14 Aug 72  
4 14.42 2.0 Q Caterine Ibargüen Colombia COL 12 Feb 84  
5 14.35 -0.2 Q Olha Saladukha Ukraine UKR 4 Jun 83  
6 14.33 -1.4 Q Hanna Minenko Ukraine UKR 25 Sep 89  
7 14.31 0.0 Q Trecia Smith Jamaica JAM 5 Nov 75  
8 14.30 -1.5 Q Tatyana Lebedeva Russia RUS 21 Jul 76  
9 14.28 -0.1 Q Yargelis Savigne Cuba CUB 13 Nov 84  
10 14.22 0.8 Q Dana Velďáková Slovakia SVK 3 Jun 81  
11 14.19 -0.4 Q Viktoriya Valyukevich Russia RUS 22 May 82  
12 14.16 0.0 Q Marija Šestak Slovenia SLO 17 Apr 79  
13 14.11 0.2   Patrícia Mamona Portugal POR 21 Nov 88  
14 14.09 -0.2   Ayanna Alexander Trinidad and Tobago TTO 20 Jul 82  
15 13.97 -0.9   Hanna Demydova Ukraine UKR 8 Apr 87  
16 13.97 1.6   Dailenis Alcántara Cuba CUB 10 Aug 91  
17 13.96 0.2   Veronika Semashko Russia RUS 17 Oct 90  
18 13.92 0.6   Simona La Mantia Italy ITA 14 Apr 83  
19 13.88 -1.0   Yosleivis Ribalta Cuba CUB 2 May 90  
20 13.84 -0.5   Keila Costa Brazil BRA 6 Feb 83  
21 13.84 1.1   Svetlana Bolshakova Belgium BEL 14 Oct 84  
22 13.77 -1.6   Mayookha Johny India IND 9 Apr 88  
23 13.69 -3.2   Xie Limei China CHN 27 Jun 86  
24 13.66 0.5   Níki Panétta Greece GRE 21 Apr 86  
25 13.66 0.0   Biljana Topić Serbia SRB 17 Oct 77  
26 13.64 1.1   Patricia Sarrapio Spain ESP 16 Nov 82  
27 13.61 -1.2   Amanda Smock United States USA 27 Jul 82  
28 13.55 -0.2   Aleksandra Kotlyarova Uzbekistan UZB 10 Oct 88  
29 13.54 0.0   Anastasiya Juravlyeva Uzbekistan UZB 9 Oct 81  
30 13.43 -1.2   Li Yanmei China CHN 6 Feb 90  
31 13.39 0.5   Irina Ektova Kazakhstan KAZ 8 Jan 87  
32 13.33 -1.9   Andriana Bânova Bulgaria BUL 1 May 87  
33 11.93 0.7   Athanasía Pérra Greece GRE 2 Feb 83  
  NM     Ksenia Dziatsuk Belarus BLR 23 Apr 86  
  NM     Cristina Bujin Romania ROU 12 Apr 88  

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Qualifying round

Qual. rule: qualification standard 14.40m (Q) or at least best 12 qualified (q)

Rank Group Name Nationality #1 #2 #3 Result Notes[3]
1 B Olga Rypakova Kazakhstan X 13.99 14.79 14.79 Q
2 A Kimberly Williams Jamaica 14.53 14.53 Q, PB
3 A Yamilé Aldama Great Britain 14.45 14.45 Q
4 B Caterine Ibargüen Colombia 14.24 14.42 14.42 Q
5 A Olha Saladuha Ukraine 14.26 14.35 X 14.35 q
6 B Hanna Knyazyeva Ukraine 14.33 X X 14.33 q
7 B Trecia-Kaye Smith Jamaica X 14.31 X 14.31 q, SB
8 A Tatyana Lebedeva Russia 14.17 14.30 14.30 q
9 B Yargeris Savigne Cuba 14.22 14.28 14.02 14.28 q
10 A Dana Velďáková Slovakia X 14.22 13.84 14.22 q
11 A Victoria Valyukevich Russia 14.09 14.19 13.86 14.19 q
12 A Marija Šestak Slovenia X 14.16 14.12 14.16 q
13 B Patrícia Mamona Portugal 14.11 13.97 13.96 14.11  
14 B Ayanna Alexander Trinidad and Tobago 13.98 13.92 14.09 14.09  
15 A Hanna Demydova Ukraine 13.97 13.60 X 13.97  
15 B Dailenys Alcántara Cuba 13.97 X X 13.97  
17 B Veronika Mosina Russia 13.72 13.56 13.96 13.96  
18 B Simona La Mantia Italy 13.77 13.92 13.73 13.92  
19 A Josleidy Ribalta Cuba 13.71 13.12 13.88 13.88  
20 B Keila Costa Brazil X 13.69 13.84 13.84  
21 B Svetlana Bolshakova Belgium 13.84 13.42 13.45 13.84  
22 B Mayookha Johny India 13.77 13.68 13.62 13.77  
23 B Xie Limei China 13.63 X 13.69 13.69  
24 A Niki Panetta Greece X 13.66 13.63 13.66  
25 B Biljana Topić Serbia X X 13.66 13.66  
26 B Patricia Sarrapio Spain X 13.64 X 13.64  
27 A Amanda Smock United States X 13.43 13.61 13.61  
28 A Aleksandra Kotlyarova Uzbekistan 13.33 X 13.55 13.55  
29 B Anastasiya Juravleva Uzbekistan 13.54 X X 13.54  
30 A Li Yanmei China 13.43 12.78 13.15 13.43  
31 A Irina Litvinenko Ektova Kazakhstan 13.39 X X 13.39  
32 A Andriana Banova Bulgaria X 12.88 13.33 13.33  
33 B Athanasia Perra Greece X X 11.93 11.93  
A Cristina Bujin Romania X X X NM  
A Kseniya Dziatsuk Belarus X X X NM


The final was held on August, 5, 19:35.

Rank Name Nationality #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Result Notes
1st Olga Rypakova Kazakhstan 14.54 X 14.98 X 14.89 14.40 14.98  
2nd Caterine Ibargüen Colombia 14.45 13.99 14.67 14.37 14.35 14.80 14.80  
3rd Olha Saladuha Ukraine 13.92 14.48 X 14.53 14.51 14.79 14.79  
4 Hanna Knyazyeva Ukraine X 14.56 14.16 14.14 14.16 X 14.56  
5 Yamilé Aldama Great Britain 14.10 14.09 14.39 14.32 14.43 14.48 14.48  
6 Kimberly Williams Jamaica 14.35 X 14.48 14.19 X 14.20 14.48  
7 Trecia-Kaye Smith Jamaica X X 14.35 14.34 13.74 X 14.35  
8 Victoria Valyukevich Russia 14.24 13.75 14.18 13.75 14.15 X 14.24  
9 Yargeris Savigne Cuba 14.12 12.13 13.91 N/A N/A N/A 14.12  
10 Tatyana Lebedeva Russia 14.11 14.03 14.01 N/A N/A N/A 14.11  
11 Marija Šestak Slovenia 13.84 13.98 13.98 N/A N/A N/A 13.98  
12 Dana Velďáková Slovakia X X 11.92 N/A N/A N/A 11.92




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