1908  London Summer Olympics

1908 Summer Olympics - The Results (Field hockey)

Field hockey at the 1908 London Summer Games



Host City: London, Great Britain
Date Started: October 29, 1908
Date Finished: October 31, 1908
Events: 1

Participants: 68 (68 men and 0 women) from 3 countries
Youngest Participant: GER Mauricio Galvao (18 years, 281 days)
Oldest Participant: GBR Charles Foulkes (33 years, 270 days)
Most Medals (Athlete): 45 athletes with 1 medal
Most Medals (Country): GBR Great Britain (4 medals)



This was the debut for hockey (field) at the Olympic Games. It would not be held in 1912 but from 1920 would become a standard Olympic sport. Six teams took part in 1908, with teams from France, Germany, and four teams from Great Britain. The French team was made up of players from the Club Athlétique International, Racing Club de France and the Stade Français; while the German team players were all from the Uhlenhorster Hockey Club of Hamburg. Great Britain was represented by four different teams representing England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

A single-elimination tournament was held from 29-31 October on the infield of the [White City Stadium] in Shepherd's Bush, the main Olympic Stadium in 1908. The hockey tournament was the final competition contested at the 1908 Olympics, with the final official function of the 1908 Olympic Games held on the night of 31 October with a banquet at the Holborn Restaurant for Olympic officials and any remaining competitors.



First Round   Semi-finals   Final
29 October          
 England 10
30 October
 France 1  
 England 6
29 October
   Scotland 1  
 Scotland 4
  31 October
 Germany 0  
 England 8
   Ireland 1
30 October  
 Ireland 3
     Wales 1  


It was initially proposed by the English Hockey Association that a combined team from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales should represent Great Britain at the Games. The Irish did not take kindly to the suggestion, rejecting the proposal at an Emergency Committee Meeting on 21 November 1907, and after Scotland and Wales followed the Irish line, four seperate British teams took part. They were joined by a German team from the Uhlenhorster Hockey Club of Hamburg and a French team made up of players from Club Athletique International, Racing Club de France and the Stade Fran‡ais.

The first match of the tournament was between Germany and Scotland, who were unable to call on a number of their leading players because of injuries. A last minute inclusion in the Scottish team was [Ivan Laing], who opened the scoring against Germany and has the distinction of scoring the first-ever goal in Olympic hockey. But after playing in Scotland's second Olympic match against England, Laing never represented his country again. Scotland defeated Germany 4-0, France lost to England 10-1 and the following morning the first round losers met in a )friendly) with victory going to the Germans, who scored the only goal of the match. It is possible that this France/Germany match should probably not be considered as part of the Olympic tournament, but we have included it below for reference.

In the semi-finals played that afternoon Ireland beat Wales (3-1) and England enjoyed a comfortable victory over Scotland (6-1). The final was the sixth match to be played on the same pitch within three days and, understandably, the playing surface was not in the best of condition. Accurate passing and related skills became something of a lottery but England was clearly the better team and won, 8-1.

In view of their clear superiority it came as no surprise that England provided the outstanding player of the tournament. [Reggie Pridmore] individually scored 10 goals in three games, just one short of the combined total of 11 goals scored by all the other five competing nations.

When the England versus Ireland match ended, late in the afternoon of 31 October, the Games of the IVth Olympiad also ended, with virtually no fanfare. The "closing ceremony" had taken place months earlier, on 25 July, at the end of the Stadium events. There is no record of any ceremony on 31 October denoting the closing of the 1908 Olympic Games at the end of the match. However, The Times did note that this marked the end of the Olympics and the final official function of the 1908 Olympic Games came that night with a banquet at the Holborn Restaurant for Olympic officials and any remaining competitors. We give further details of this function in the opening chapter on "Background to the Olympic Games."



The official report ceases its description of the game after England took the lead 5–1, saying only that "by this time England had taken control of the game and won with eight goals to one".[2]

31 October 1908
England 8 – 1 Ireland
Pridmore (4)
Shoveller (2)
Logan (2)
  (1) Robinson


There were no playoffs for third place, so the losers of the semi-finals received bronze medals.

30 October 1908
Scotland 1–6 England
Walker (1)   (3) Pridmore
(2) Shoveller
(1) Logan

30 October 1908
Ireland 3–1 Wales
Robinson (1)
Gregg (1)
Power (1)
  (1) Williams

Extra match

A match between the two continental teams took place between the semifinals and the final. Both France and Germany had lost in the first round, and thus the extra match could be considered to be a fifth and sixth place playoff match, though the official report makes no mention of that.

30 October 1908
Germany 1–0 France
Möding (1)    

First round

29 October 1908
 England10–1 France
Green (1)
Pridmore (3)
Shoveller (3)
Logan (2)
Rees (1)
  (1) Poupon

29 October 1908
Scotland 4–0 Germany
Burt (2)
Laing (1)
Walker (1)




  • R. P. Aublin
  • David Baidet
  • Raoul Benoist
  • André Bonnal
  • Louis Gautier
  • Daniel Maurice Girard
  • Charles Pattin
  • Louis Poupon
  • Frédéric Roux
  • René Salarnier (GK)
  • Louis Saulnier


  • Alfons Brehm
  • Elard Dauelsberg
  • Franz Diederichsen
  • Carl Ebert (GK)
  • Jules Fehr
  • Mauricio Galvao
  • Raulino Galvao
  • Fritz Möding
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Rahe
  • Albert Studemann
  • Friedrich Uhl

United Kingdom Great Britain


  • Louis Baillon
  • Harry Freeman
  • Eric Green
  • Gerald Logan
  • Alan Noble
  • Edgar Page
  • Reggie Pridmore
  • Percy Rees
  • John Yate Robinson
  • Stanley Shoveller
  • Harvey Wood (GK)

United Kingdom Great Britain


  • Alexander Burt (GK)
  • John Burt
  • Alastair Denniston
  • Charles Foulkes
  • Hew Fraser
  • James Harper-Orr
  • Ivan Laing
  • Hugh Neilson
  • William Orchardson
  • Norman Stevenson
  • Hugh Walker

United Kingdom Great Britain


  • Edward Allman-Smith
  • Henry Brown
  • Walter Campbell
  • William Graham
  • Richard Gregg
  • Edward Holmes (GK)
  • Robert Kennedy
  • Henry Murphy
  • Walter Peterson
  • Charles Power
  • Franks Robinson

United Kingdom Great Britain


  • Frank Connah
  • Llewellyn Evans
  • Arthur Law
  • Richard Lyne
  • Wilfred Pallott
  • Frederick Phillips
  • Edward Richards
  • Charles Shephard
  • Bertrand Turnbull (GK)
  • Philip Turnbull
  • James Williams



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